Bad Piggies Weekend Challenge – Earthmover!

Bad Piggies Earthmover Weekend Challenge 15 Nov 2014

Bacon Construction Vehicles – Roll Out!

The King Pig is not pleased at the recent delays in “redeveloping” Golden Island. He has commissioned a new series of pigger and better construction machinery. The Bad Piggies community immediately swung into action (link) but the Pigineering Department held back until the last minute to reveal their greatest example of bacon-industrial superiority yet – the Air-Mobile Engineering Vehicle!

The AMEV is part excavator, part bulldozer and part aircraft.¬†Watch the video below for a demonstration of Piggy Island’s first functional heavy duty earthmoving equipment!

Engineer’s Note:

The Bad Piggies have asked for an Excavator before. View our entry here.

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By Matthew

How did King Pig establish diplomatic relations with ‘self-proclaimed’ Princess Gale so fast?

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By Kelani (@kelani)

When moving earth, never underestimate brute force. :o) It’s impossible to get enough weight on these guys to keep them grounded, so I struggled to find something that would prevent the mover from driving onto the pile. The propeller and spring work, but tend to break off too easily. In desperation, I tried the venerable Yellow Umbrella. Ah, now *that* worked beautifully. In addition to the much-needed downforce, it also provides a neat street-sweeper effect, keeping debris right where it should be: in front of the mover.

Yes, I know my earth was a bit “clumpy” at the beginning, but that was soon resolved through lots of tumbling. I almost lost a piece right at the end, but thankfully the last wheel saved me. Hooray for earth-moving efficiency.!

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Great design kelani!! Appeared to work great to move the load and stay on the great.

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By Uncle B (@uncle-b)

Happy New Years to the Pigineers !!! It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by to marvel at your amazing creations but as I did, it seems you may also have taken a break over the Holiday Season. Looking forward to seeing new Pigineering creations sometime soon.

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