Bad Piggies Sandbox S-4 Walkthrough Guide -

Welcome to our guide for Bad Piggies Sandbox Level S-3. We believe this level is unlocked by passing Level 2-24 of When Pigs Fly. After that, you can unlock additional parts and pieces by earning more stars throughout the game.

The goal here is to obtain all twenty boxes scattered around the massive level. To do so requires many contraptions and many runs. Don’t worry too much about trying to grab a lot of boxes in any given run with all the TNT scattered about. Most of these boxes are easy to obtain with a small heli-plane. Surprisingly, Boxes 1, 5, and 6 maybe be the most challenging, since they will require very specific contraption crashing.

We’ve included a very large, numbered panorama of the entire level above. Note, this image is HUGE! It will open in a new tab so you can scroll around (in most newer browsers click the image again after it opens to zoom in). If you get really stuck, please leave a comment below, and include the box number for easy reference.

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By cedrick

stars 5 & 6 were the hardest for me.the technique I used to collect them is to make a small vehicle then at the right time,turn off any electronics that are switched on(make sure the location of the pig is the nearest to the star).The pig should be able to fit in the hole then roll down to the star.

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By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

5, 6, & 17 were hardest for me. Used 3 wood boxes with TNT in middle, pig on end closest to star box on approach; propeller on left end; balloons and ballast as needed for control / lift.

By cedrick

use the same technique I used but the pig should be on the left.when the vehicle is in between box 16 and 17,turn off any electronics.the box of the pig should be a wooden one.this is my vehicle: Top:Top Propeller,Empty,Top Propeller Bottom:Wooden box with gray turbo engine,metal box,wooden box with pig I did not use any wheels to get box 17.The pig should DIRECTLY crash in the hole on the upper-left of star 17 and just watch the pig roll to the star.

By cedrick

I used 2 propellers on the empty side of the boxes at the side of the vehicle.

By Corey

19 box was hard for me I used 10 tnts the airoplane crashed I need to make aBETTER one

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By TheInsanePiggy (@nigel)

i have only 17 stars except 1, 5 and 6. i need assistance!

By Corey

I got them all exept 5 and 6

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By cosmo2503 (@cosmo2503)

I used simple plane to get stars on right hand side and lots of TNTs to get stars on left side stuck into narrow gaps.
Actually all Sand Boxes were fun to play and I didn’t check any walkthroughs as long as I hadn’t cleared all by myself.

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