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Welcome to our guide for Bad Piggies Sandbox Level S-3. This level is unlocked by passing Level 2-12 of When Pigs Fly. After that, you can unlock additional parts and pieces by earning more stars throughout the game. We’ve included a video walkthrough above and a very large, numbered panorama of the entire level below. Note, the image is HUGE and the video is long (out of necessity)! The image will open in a new tab so you can scroll around (in most newer browsers click the image again after it opens to zoom in).

The goal here is to obtain all twenty boxes scattered around the massive level. To do so requires many contraptions and many runs. Don’t worry too much about trying to grab a lot of boxes in any given run. Grabbing most of the star boxes will required crashing small floating contraptions that can be controlled by fans, bellows, and boosted by soda bottles. Box 14 was definitely the most difficult in my opinion. If you get really stuck, please leave a comment below, and include the box number for easy reference.

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Rank: Avian Overlord with 16460 points
By PJng (@pjng)

No1 and 19 i just use 2 TNT and piggies.

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)

Personally, I thought #5 was much harder. I also got most of them using the same contraption:
3 metal boxes with pig in middle, one hot rod engine and one of the grey engine on either end. Also had small propellors and powered wheels on each end. 3 sandbags below. 3 +2 balloons on top of each.
For #5 I stretched vehicle to add TNT in main row with pig in box above TNT (TNT and pig 3rd from right counting propellor. Balloons rearranged (from left) 3+2, 3+1, 2, 3+2); sandbags 2, 1. TNT used to get pig to box.

By martyn

i found box 6 the only difficult one on this level

By martyn

i cleared most of the level with a helicopter style vehicle 2 metal boxes stacked vertically with a a big engine in the top box. a helicopter blade on top and a fan on either side of the top box to steer.

although i hardly used them to steer i added 2 plane props to the bottom box where i put my piggie. the extra weight made the vehicle easier to controll as it moves slower and with more stability.

this method got me all boxes except 4,5,6 and 20

By alma

I used your contraption but added a “red punch box” on the bottom and finally got this last one. Thanks

By cedrick

use the same vehicle I posted in S-4 Walkthrough but change the wood boxes into metal ones.

Rank: Explosive with 2275 points
By rona (@rona)

I got box 6 (last one to get on the level) using almost the same vehicle as martyn but I exchanged the left fan with two springs . After a couple of tries I managed to push the springs into the grotto with the box.Thankyou martyn! A very useful vehicle

By Les Toreadors

For both When Pigs Fly sandboxes I typically like to create enormous helicopters for lulz. The objective is to add more challenge by creating the largest possible helicopter out of a limited selection of parts and to bring the King Pig along for the star-collecting ride.

Some of the terrain can only -just- fit a vehicle of maximum size which makes vehicle balancing and precise control a necessity. I also use sprung rotors to smoothen out the vehicle’s trajectory during precision maneuvers (and ‘blipping’ the main rotor to change vehicle attitude rapidly.

This is a picture of one of my two “ROFLcopter” designs. The wing is functional and aids stability in high speed level flight (obviously from right to left in this configuration), and is ‘inspired’ by the real world UH-60 Black Hawk’s tailplane.

Rank: Flinger with 50 points
By TheInsanePiggy (@nigel)

need some help on #14? my fighter replica i mentioned earlier in S-2 can do the trick.but another 3 box+rotor+med. motor+propellers should get #4.

by the way, i got #20 while i was just playing “nuclear missile”. on one explosion on the starting point, the underground glitch happened and the pig zoomed towards the star

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