Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day Level 1-6 Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day Level 1-6 can be three starred with one contraption. Build a three box cart using all the parts but the fan, as it is a forbidden part. Let gravity do it’s job by pulling the vehicle down the hill, through the star box, all the way to the finish line.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

Hidden Skull Alert!

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    Comments (7)

    Rank: Hardened with 710 points
    By Iratus Avis (@iratus-avis)

    The 3 box method didn’t work for me, it always jumped over the starbox. A 2 box cart did work however.

    Rank: Shooter with 850 points
    By danielnky (@danielnky)

    2 box worked better :D

    By LazyOne

    I have tried 100 times and it always just skips over the star…so frustrating.

    Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
    By sal9 (@sal9)

    Persistance will payoff.

    By reevesteve

    better strategy :

    move the pig to the left most box. Cause the weight of the pig is pushing to the left, you will get the star box and reach the finish line

    Rank: Well Traveled with 1875 points
    By SuicideSolution (@suicidesolution)

    Just started playing this game. Not sure how much fun it is compared to flinging birds. I did a 1-box solution with a wheel on the bottom and one facing forward. The box falls forward (now tilted like a diamond) which gives it momentum down the hill and gets the star too.

    By Justin

    I CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT!! IT’S MADDENING!! Nothing is working for me. The lip in the ground on the slope always messes me up! It slows me down.

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