Angry Birds Under Pigstruction Soft Launch Out of cards

Out of Cards

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By Superjustinbros (@superjustinbros)

This image sums up how I feel about Angry Birds 2.
Candy Crush wannabe out to compete with Cut the Rope 2, Where’s my Water? 2, and all the other “2” games made as sequels to the originals that want to capitalize on the limited lives.
First the Smurfs’ Village brings in sheer amounts of in-app purchases via premium currency, Temple Run further revolutionized it by making it normal currency earned in very little amounts in game but a massive number via in-app purchases, and then Candy Crush Saga ran it further down with it’s stupid limited lives system. Sure there’s watching adds but I got the game to play Birds, not watch advertisements just because I wanted to restart a level.

I’d rather just buy the game initially for one price just like the original. Seriously is it that hard to gave us one game at one price and enjoy it than make us spend $20?

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