Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals Level 7-28 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals level 7-28 is to send Terence directly into the northwest planet. Aim the Black bird for the gem in the extreme northeast of the level, catching the slope and settling below the stone piles. The explosion should send debris hurdling across the galaxy… or at least the level screen. The score in the video below is 165,250.

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Comments (38)

surfcow says:

Eureka! Thar’s gold in them thar hills!
Seems this might be another one of those howcanyouhaveanypuddingifyoudonteatyourmeat levels. Translation: don’t stop flinging ’til there’s nothin’ left. Whenever a Bomb is the last bird there’s a very good chance it’s there for a reason. Give it a try, you might be surprised. Hint: toss last Bomb south to mine stubborn nuggets on nearest planet. Aloha.

Rat says:

Sho nuff @surfcow. Thar be BIG nuggets in dem hills and Mr. B. Bird is good at mining.

Sumit says:

What do you mean by that? Big nuggets In them hills??

Sumit says:

I dont understand the hint south to mine stubborn nuggets on nearest planet.?

Rat says:

@Sumit In plain English, even if there are no pigs left alive, shoot the bomb bird south of the planet. He will score more than the 10k he’s worth unused. Higher scores are attained on this one by using ALL birds.

surfcow says:

@Rat9 – thank you, kind sir, for interpreting my puzzling-pig-slop of a statement. I often forget that people actually read my drivel, and sometimes they actually believe it. Glad you were able to confirm that my idea wasn’t complete hogwash, as I’ve been accused fairly often of sending Nesters on wild goose chases by sharing random, fake strategies. Oh, ye of little faith. Mucho congrats on the impressive Top Score; might have to “mine my own business” a little later. Aloha.

f91jsw says:

To elaborate a little: fling the last TWO birds even if you pop all pigs with the first bomb bird. There’s almost always more than 20k points worth of destruction left. Fling the orange bird into the rubble that floats around and the bomb bird around the nearest planet.

Maiasatara says:

My question relates to the orange bird. Where are you sending it (which gravitational circles is he traveling) so that he does his 10k worth of damage? Going up top does nothing and around the bottom only the fourth bomb bird does any good and with every pig dead, the orange uses up time that starts the level adding up points before I can get the fourth bird out to what’s left on the lower planet. I’ve gone from 169k with 2 birds to 159k with 4. If I knew where to send orange, I could fling faster and guarantee #4 makes it out of the slingshot for a nice 180k. Thanks in advance!

HunnyBunny says:

@maiasatara I got 178k using this method. I found it all depended on the second bird. If it takes out the bottom half of the craft between the planets, and hopefully most of the top half, you can shoot the third bird just, and I mean just, over the crystals on the western planet and inflate as it gets to what remains of the craft. This should push it into the debris on the eastern planet. Fourth bird towards the outer edge of the gravity field on the western planet, anticlockwise.
However, I fear all the big guns are using the three bird method described below, and I can’t get to grips with that at all!
Good luck

Maiasatara says:

Thanks @hunnybunny, I’ll try going above when appropriate with the few hours left. I squeezed 1k out of the video method (150k with 2 birds) but was too scared to fling 3 or 4 with an already guaranteed increase, albeit tiny. Wish me luck!

@surfcow was right, and “Thar ‘s gold in them thar hills!”
I acquired all it in birds! Thank you!

iBird says:

Nice one @surcow, I used all the birds and got 176k! Thanks!

MVNLA2 says:

Thanks@surfcow! But not sure how the scoring works on this level — Several times I had less debris left over and low 160K than for my highest score of 172K.

SweetP says:

Love your Pink Floyd reference @surfcow. LOL One of my favorite bands!

Lulu2all says:

I was able to get my very temporary high score with two birds following the walkthrough. Terence detonated the crystal planet, and then dropped, destroying the blue gem and leveling both structures below. I then aimed Black Bird at the gold gem, following the same aiming line as I used for the shot with Terence. When the Black Bird dropped and rolled into the structure below, I manually detonated it.

I hadn’t read the excellent comments posted by @surfcow before playing this level, so there are definitely higher scores to be had.

smonard88 says:

My score came from a three birder. On the first shot the Terrence went through the crystal and did not fall down into the tower (about 1 in 5?). The second shot was similiar to the video but no damage to that left tower yet (and some decent destruction of the rocket). I then sent the OB south around the planet and blew it to bits. Temporary High Score.

smonard88 says:

In case it wwasn’t obvious, the OB blew the intact left tower to bits.

HappyShake says:

thanks for that idea @smonard88.
The shot is pretty consistant. I’d say 4 out of 5 I can get Terence not to fall down to the blue crystal after smashing the planet.

Various outcomes are possible.

1. Terence can continue into outer space – not good
2. T continues and follows the trajectory Bombbird normaly goes and collects the yellow diamond – not good
3. T continues and hits the space ship in the front – I call that a Anna Kournikowa – looks good (I had up to 90k points that way) bit rarely wins
4. T hits the ship in the tail lights – not good
5. T hits the ship in the rear and drops some debris onto big planet – possibly good
6. T scratches the triangle on the lower first tower and destroys the other one – possibly good if more than 35k points

I could go on and on – important is that no damage is done to the tray where all the small stones are on. If that collapses – reload

This level is pretty challenging as it confronts you with various situations. Aiming points and tactics have to be adjusted. I had dozens of 170s with two, three and four birds. The highscore was done with 3, although I had 182.5 with 2 and got greedy and shot a 3. for another 300 points net.

smonard88 says:

@happyshake – the Anna Kournikowa – love it! Nice score.

Stocktoad says:

I haven’t yet gotten the three birder to work particularly well yet, so maybe I don’t know what I am talking about, but when I am trying NOT to have Terrence fall onto the blue crystal on the first shot, I like to aim over the top of the crystal planet, about half way to the gravity line. Planet shards seem to do some useful damage, and don’t fly off into space as much.

Rat says:

Better strategy than my original @smonard88. Thanks

burpie says:

2 birds for 182k. The first shot continued through the crystal planet and clipped the crane on the spaceship. Bomb bird to the usual location to clean up on both stone planets.

Tonya Cannillo says:

The L-shaped pile of grey bricks at the top right side (where you need to detonate, according to walkthrough) falls down by itself before I can get the bomb bird over there. Is there any way to ‘fix’ that glitch?
It just started doing that after the update for bug fixes the other day… Haha
Thanks for any advice!

Further to Tonya’s comment above, this strategy is no longer viable, as the rocks needed for most of the destruction fall down immediately when the level starts.

I agree–I have some destruction that occurs before I shoot my first bird. It consistently happens. I can’t seem to get the three stars :( but I’m stubborn enough to keep trying!

LTCStanley says:

Wow this is not right. Mine too falls down before I start. Can’t get 3 stars.

LTCStanley says:

Is there anything being done with this glitch?

Okay. Finally have three stars post-glitch:

1st bird into the north planet, but play with your aim here and try not to have him rebound directly to the south. Sometimes he will continue into the rocket like structure, other times he will head more southeast, and do more damage on the close brown planet. This southeast outcome allowed me to gain three stars.

2nd bird must wait until the dynamite on the right of the level has exploded and removed the small planet with the pig inside. After that has occurred, fling the bomb bird low, so that it just catches the gravity of the big brown planet, swings around and comes quite close to the rocket-like structure. Detonate when it is close. The resulting damage varies.

Last two birds can be deployed to gain damage points/clean up any pigs, particularly if either of the two jewels are still in play.

This took me a long time. Good luck to those who are playing this level post-glitch. The score sucks (164k-ish) but at least it’s three stars.

Figsy72 says:

Thank you for posting this. I too have the glitch – I get exactly 26820 points without doing anything and have been trying for days to get three stars using the strategy in the video. I haven’t got three stats yet with your strategy but I will keep trying.

LTCStanley says:

Thanks for the help. I was finally able to get enough destruction for three stars, but it definitely was tougher. Interested to see if the glitch gets fixed.

MVNLA2 says:

@ornithologist, @ltcstanley, @figsy72 and all — Not many levels in AB Space have been reported to have self-destruction. Please report any you find, or see mention of in the forum on self-destroying levels:
@AMSlimfordy Has this been reported to Rovio? It makes a huge difference in how easy it is to get 3*, let alone a high score.
@spacemaster — If you read above there is a strat for getting 3*, but I suppose you are probably trying to catch @Rat, which may now be impossible.

MVNLA2 says:

Happy flinging! This bug mentioned above seems to have been fixed in the latest update for IOS, v1.6.9.

LTCStanley says:

Yay. I’ll give it a try.

The bug had been fixed as of 1.6.9.

Katydid says:

I did this level for three days. Everytime I started the level the pan with the blocks dumped. No matter how many time I did it. I couldn’t get over 155K until the update today. It fixed the stones. They now stay upright until I roll the bomb down from the gem ad it blows them up. 3 stars on the 4 attempt!


Katydid says:

Forgot to say ended up with 172,900 and happy to take it and run!

Kelani says:

Is there any way to get Bomby to that pile of stones on the far right planet that’s left after doing the usual strat? Sometimes, there’s nothing worthwhile of the spaceship to sent Orange to hit, so it’d seem using him on far left planet debris and getting that rock pile with black would be better. Highest score I ever got, I *somehow* landed him there, but I can’t remember how I did it, and haven’t been able to do it again. The closest I came was sending him on the same trajectory as bird #2, but he doesn’t bounce far enough to land there.

Sglouk says:

Top score proof and vid:

In order to simplify my play, I chose an aiming point that was suitable for both first two shots (no mouse move between shots). Although it is not obvious here, the timing between first and 2nd shot is chosen to be as late as possible while Terrence still being there after BB ignition. The reason is that having Terrence as far left as possible increases the odds to make it hit by some debris and transform into a wrecking ball falling on rock planet. My previous best (already top score) at 185k was made that way. However, an efficient third shot can also give you more than 182k.

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