Angry Birds Short Fuse Level 28-11 Walkthrough

One strategy for Angry Birds Short Fuse level 28-11 is to fling the Shockwave Black bird into the rubber bumper in the middle of the level. He will bounce straight up, allowing the shockwave to push the tripling potion onto the right pig and the stone tower leftward. Finish off with a well-placed Blue bird. The score in the video below is 118,120.

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113 is three stars.

As per the video, BB in medium arch onto pink rubber cushion, explode manually about halfway up: hight structure should come down to the left, medicine onto the rightmost pig. BlueB mops up.

erratum: hight structure should read concrete structure

bernersenn says:

Little bit extra points: blue ones so that one goes over that wall and destructs a bit of the glass in the bottom of the right column

I fling first. bird as low as possible, hitting the left end of the number. This puts the bomb bird close to the structure. I activate slightly more than half way up. This will usually dump all stones except one or two.

Second bird on a slightly flatter arc than the first. I aim so top bird also hits the left side of the bumber. This will almost always send that top bird over the wall.

yes, that’s the way i had been playing it before (for 122k; but hadn’t continued playing since there’s only a few k more in it), and just now got 123.5k with it for the daily challenge. was playing for around 80k (with two pigs still alive) after the 1st, and the lower of the three birds of the 2nd going just over the top of the rightmost of the two pipes (if still there; it should be upright i think, it falling to the right without being destroyed is no good). i was aiming the 2nd relative to the white dot left by the 1st, the bird almost covering it, activating it fairly early.

windwalker says:

have been using this method too @bonneypattycat Have just had a one birder, everything proceeded as normal from the first shot then the box and the two brown vertical poles leaned to the right and collapsed the structure closest to the pink bouncer. Not a very big score but I must admit I was surprised at the one birder.

Kayreen says:

This is my second one-birder today, the first was for 122,690. I have been following your strat @bonneypattycat — but twice now the pig atop the two brown vertical poles rolled to the right and along with the horizontal glass bar it was sitting on, collapsed the structure to its right.


Cc @amslimfordy @sunshine

bernersenn says:

@kareen well done, congrats to it

Kayreen says:

Thanks @bernerseen, congrats on your puppy as well, especially since yours resulted from two skill shots.

Congratulations @bernersenn @kareen!

I wasn’t going to play today, but seeing the scores posted for the challenge, maybe I will give it a little time after all ;)

bernersenn says:

@bonneypattycat why not? Just follow your own strat – worked for me as for @kareen . Again thanks for the strat

Kathy says:

Woot Thanks @bonneypattycat I actually made average with my second fling following your strat! of course it was actually my 100 some odd flings before sucking it up and looking here for help đŸ˜‚ as we all do try!
If at first you don’t succeed, check the Nest ,heehee!

Kathy says:

And it looks like that’s about all I’m gonna get! đŸ˜•
Oh well Rovio strikes again, they just can’t leave well enough alone, can’t add one episode without screwing up another! Gawd it’s fools like Us that kept them in business for years! But without them, None of us would have ever met, so for that I am grateful, and grateful to @BirdLeader for having the intuity to connect the two!

bernersenn says:

Now a screen with the new score in it. The picture above shows the score during the game, just before the bonusbirds are supplied

Cc @sunshine

crash says:

Well, here is a completely new strategy for anyone wanting to forrint it to fruition… the first time it happened by accident. but then I found I could sort of repeat it. It’s possible to balance the potion of the far wall and back over into the field where the trampoline is I haven’t hit two gigs yet but I hit one just about every time that’s an extra 10 grand if you can get the second pig I don’t know if it’s enough to make up for using the Third bird… so far I havent busted 100k, but ive only tried for a few minutes… got some cool screenshots I.ll posts stay tuned…

crash says:

speech to text has its advantages and disadvantages

Dawn says:

I posted a picture of my score of 121,500. In my album. My iPad flipped out after the latest update and the backup went back to my original score. I was able to get the score up to 120,170—but not the 121,500. Just wanted to let you know why the score was being lowered.

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