Angry Birds Seasons Fairy Hogmother Level 1-21 Walkthrough

Here is our walkthrough strategy for Angry Birds Seasons Fairy Hogmother Level 1-21. The score in the video below is 115,740. You can read more about the Fairy Hogmother update and find helpful links here.

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Note: This level does not have a 3-star minimum; it only has one star for passing it.


Pauliboy says:

Did this completely different from the video.
First shot through the butterflypig into the wooden structure beyond releasing the rocks. Everything on the right gets killed and extra WB won.
Second bird to top left of flowerpot.
This leaves a bit of rubbish at the bottom left and the flowerpig supported by nothing. Destroying the Grecian urn causes flowerpig to fall out of the sky, so aimed Remy to the left bit of wood low down without activating him. Urn destroyed so flowerpig dies and rest of the rubbish fell down the gap in the rocks.
WB for 10k bonus.

Pauliboy says:

Ok, so it’s not the urn. Something down there causes the flowerpig to fall. I’d welcome any clarification, fellow nesters.

Philsey says:

I can’t really say either. It seems that it only happens once all the other pigs are popped. However, it doesn’t always happen once all the other pigs are popped.

Kathy says:

@pauliboy , @philsey it’s the stem of the flower, it’ll only happen if you destroy All the green :)

Kathy says:

I got a one Birder, using @pauliboy first shot through the flying pig!! woot!

Kathy says:

Ooopsy i misread @pauliboy first shot, lol, this is my second time around so i didn’t look at the walkthrough and just flung Chuck through the flying pig!

wrw01 says:

Thank you @pauliboy for posting your strategy. Good destruction with first bird with a little damage on the left side. Got lucky with the second bird and it ended the level. Had two bonus birds.

Coffeeking says:

I got lucky with two birds. 1st one as described by @pauliboy This took out all the pigs. I had to quickly throw red to have all the debris fall below. For clarification I believe the key to having the flowered pig drop had to do with the vines. Otherwise first bird as described second bird hit the left corner of flower pot and third to wipe away the vines and the wooden structure to fall into the hole.

sparty83 says:

@posaune , any chance your top score is a typo? Almost 100k over second place seems a bit high.
cc: @admins

posaune says:

Opps yeah typo. I fixed. Thanks

posaune says:

@admins Opps yeah typo. I fixed. Thanks

sal9 says:

No worries @posaune That happens to the best of us :) – Thanks @sparty83

karen68 says:

3 birds using @pauliboy strat, thank you :)
1st bird over to the right through the butterfly pig to release the rocks,
2nd to the top left corner of the big flowerpot.
3rd low in front, making sure to break the long horizontal wood plank.

Thanks @jlz-666 for the tip to return to this level. :D

jlz-666 says:

Great score @karen68! I also should have mentioned that it was the @pauliboy strat that I used. You must have had near complete clearance so unless someone gets as good as this with 2 birds,I think your trophy is safe for a while :)

Pauliboy says: @karen68 @jlz-666 I came back and had another go at this level and managed a 2-birder after a very lucky first bird which only left one pig to be hit.

Kathy says:

@pauliboy Above i got a one birder, but Just now got top score, sorry about the sheriff, used your strat as described by @karen68
here’s the screenshot
i hope…

Kathy says:

lol @jlz-666 ya go figure that someone would be me 😮 but in all fairness i didn’t steal it from @karen68 , i stole it from @pauliboy who probably stole it Back from Karen, because it’s his strat after all! man that’s gotta be tough, beaten by your own strat twice! Pauliboy believe he it wasn’t intentional, i was just Flinging!! thanks for sharing 😎

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