Angry Birds Seasons Easter Eggs Golden Egg #18 Walkthrough

Golden Egg #18 is located in Level 1-10: Break the patch of grass beneath the slingshot (the one on the side of the hill). The egg will swing down from the top of the screen. (→ see image)

Note, this is a two part video. The first part shows how to find the Golden Egg and the second is a walkthrough on how to pass the actual Golden Egg level.

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Comments (23)

By hello

One of the pigs is wearing a Santa hat!

By Steuben

You are right. I see the Santa hat.

By neodayao

Which pig is wearing a santa hat? Please answer me! :/

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 119,320

In the golden egg level tje pig closest to the slingshot has a Santa hat on

By neodayao

Whoah! You’ve made a mistake! It must say the not tje! :P And thanks for telling me! The Angry Birds team must made a mistake!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7655 points
By Chicadee (@chicadee)Score: 120,190

If you make RB bounce off the wall behind the pig, he comes back and takes out some of the grass and earns you more points. On one fling, I missed the grass but the falling eggs broke one or two spokes on the wheels and I ended up with 120,190 points. This surprised me as I’d not seen any of the longer spokes break up until then. Breaking more spokes and taking out the grass must be how the higher scores are achieved.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7205 points
By TruckDriver (@truckdriver)Score: 119,450

Changing the trajectory of little red ever so slightly seems to make the difference in getting some extra points, but it most definitely isn’t easy to do while completing the level for the star. So far, I’ve managed to squeeze an extra 2k out of it, but the law of diminished returns makes me wonder just how much time I should spend on this, even though I’m only off the high by 710 points.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5510 points
By SeasonsKing (@theangrybird)Score: 120,270

Launch the bird towards the wooden plank holding the string and the pig to destroy it and you’ll get more points. I got 120,180 for that. (10 points behind yours… T.T)

By Denise

When I hit the grass the wooden triangle swings down but there’s no egg in it. It bounces a couple times & then the rope breaks. What am I doing wrong?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 119,320

Check the Golden egg page and see if you already obtained it

Rank: Sling God with 55780 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 119,260

Red bird to the hanging pig, and wait for the eggs to drop!! 119k

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)Score: 119,070

I bounced Red off the angled part above the hanging pig. That seemed to get a few more damage points from his corpse hitting structure.

Rank: Boss Hog with 13210 points
By Eyestone (@eyestone)Score: 120,000

It is a bug in this level. The eggs in the left tube stop after some eggs. It is imposible to reach 100 k.

By MandyB

There is still a bug in this level . All the eggs will not drop in the first tube. Can you help?

Rank: Sling God with 34855 points
By ixan57 (@ixan57)Score: 118,110

Yip had 118000+ before my tablet locked up a year back.had to do factory reset. Now trying above avg catch up and can’t get above 101k eggs sticking in left tube,when it dose release not a high yield.wonder it it been altered in updates. If it a bug it still there on latest release

Rank: Boss Hog with 14175 points
By knichy (@knichy)Score: 101,710

@ixan57 does this still apply to you? Since I am newly completing these, I don’t have a historic high score, but I have yet to break 102, the eggs are always getting stuck and it doesn’t seem to have been the case in ancient times. you probably already have ABS open anyway ….

Rank: Sling God with 34855 points
By ixan57 (@ixan57)Score: 118,110

@knichy tried again. Unfortunately seems the same. A bit of persavalnce and you should beat your 102k and over time the average should come down as new nesters enter their scores

Rank: Boss Hog with 14175 points
By knichy (@knichy)Score: 101,710

@ixan57 thanks for looking, good to have verification from a “legit flinga” annoying, but now my OCD can let me move on knowing it’s not me, its them.

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 99,320

@knichy were you able to get all the eggs in both tubes to drop¿ the eggs in my left tube keep getting stuck :(

Rank: Out of this World with 2805 points
By psquare53 (@psquare53)Score: 118,020

The eggs in the left tube get stuck, sometimes after about half have fallen, sometimes only a few make it through. So since my original 118020 score got wiped out somehow on my iPhone, and I only can get 97K+ now, should I keep my original score on the leaderboards? I guess this is more of a philosophical discussion than anything else.

Rank: Sling God with 28070 points
By anton249 (@anton249)Score: 121,240

Unfortunately this bug has never been solved. I used an old version (v2.4.0) to get this result, bird on the upper side of the short wooden piece where the pig hangs:

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18405 points
By JTB (@jtb)Score: 119,040

Yup, the “bug” still exists. The best I can manage now is 101K. Oh well…

Rank: Boss Hog with 14885 points
By Brian N (@briann)Score: 119,380

Version 2.0.0 is good also though it’s a shame Rovio never fixed this one. Taking out the wooden handle just had me creeping up towards 120k.
If anyone’s interested this version also has the ‘you tube glitch’ (GE 12 found on level 1-7).

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