Angry Birds Rio Pineapple Walkthrough Level 8 (1-8)

This video shows you how to get the hidden pineapple in level 8 (1-8). The crate with the pineapple is hard to see in this video. It’s at the top of the big pile of crates. To actually hit the crate takes a near perfect shot from the right able. Anyhow, check out the video if you need help, but honestly, this one is just going to take a few tries and some patience.

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    By scubaham

    I couldn’t ever get the angle in the video to bust the crate. Ended up finally getting it after two birds got it on the second bounce.

    By Tanya

    I’ve had a bird land on top of the crate a couple times but not break it. Guess it didn’t land hard enough. Very frustrating

    By Torsten Harris

    This one is just down to luck, simple as that. no skill involved. have tried probably few hundred times now with no success at all. very annoying.

    By Laura

    Having a very hard time trying to get the last one. I wish there was a way to break the crates.

    By OrksRevenge

    Phew, got this one as the last of the 15 Pineapples. Really hard to get – but i made it !!

    Rank: Flinger with 20 points
    By Cojo490 (@pig-leader)

    Finally all of the pineapples!!! This video was a big help.

    Rank: Avian Overlord with 16895 points
    By bikkit (@bikkit)

    agreed, thanks for the video!

    Rank: Sling God with 54275 points
    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    I agree that the video was a big help. It was difficult getting the blue bird past that rectangle stone block at the top. Took a while to get the correct angle. Kept hitting the stone or going to wide and missing the pineapple.

    By Aumi007

    Thnx m8.. Got it.. This video was gr8 help.. But sometimes the box doesn’t explode even though I land on it..

    By AngryAngry Bird!!

    tried more than 100 times…. finally got it!!!

    By brownmagic

    just looked at the time i ve been here for an hour and a half!!!1!

    By Casey

    I too have hit that box dead on at least 7 times and it breaks and disappears but no pineapple appears or gets registered as a hit.

    I noticed in the video the top of the pineapple sticking out of the box, however on my Droid Global there is no visible pineapple sticking out of the box. I wonder if there is a glitch in some of the downloaded game like a Droid vs. iPhone version that makes it different. Just an observation….

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    By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

    Are you sure you haven’t already obtained this Pineapple? Once you get it once, it won’t show any more.

    By Shannon

    Got this pineapple with only one bird. If you aim to hit the top of the stones, instead of deliberately trying to take out the bottom you can have the stones topple onto the labeled created.

    Rank: Sling God with 43450 points
    By Kathy (@kathy)

    I have hit the crate with birds..stones…I have. Landed directly on it rolled on it knock stones on it….it wont break, I can ssee the label so I know I haven’t got it yet..:( anyy ideas

    Rank: Master Slinger with 6760 points
    By username12345 (@blahalb09)

    It’s just a matter of how hard you hit it, but those type of boxes are pretty easy to break…

    Rank: Sling God with 43450 points
    By Kathy (@kathy)

    Ty blah I finally got it:) just needed some encouragement ty so much!

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