Angry Birds Rio First Glimpse

The first screenshots of Angry BIrds Rio have emerged. Check them out below. As we noted in our previous post, the pigs have been replaced by birds in cages, which presumably you’re trying to free.

Also today, Rovio announced Rio will contain 60 levels and will cost $0.99. There will also be a free, ad supported version, though it’s unclear if it will be released at the same time.

Update, check out the official Angry Birds Rio gameplay trailer here.

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    By canor123 (@canor123)

    Soooo… We must free the birds? Maybe I’M asking too much but will the same system work? I mean when we popped pigs we got 5000 points. When we free birds will we get points? Another question will the ad-supported version also be out for iOS? Thanks!

    By djdizzy

    if you look at the second picture there is a bird hitting a cage and 5000 is across the screen in white so i beleave yes you get 5000 or freeing the birds

    By AngeltheTechrat

    It seems its the cages that replace the pigs. You “pop” the cages just like pigs to complete the levels. It’s just that the cages have contents (the captured birds), that are released, similar to how all the little hearts are released when you pop a candy heart box in Hogs and Kisses.

    They were probably using that to prototype the “release” mechanic.

    By lubiemuchy1234

    I would like to be able to use the rescued birds.
    Forgive me for my poor English but I am a Pole

    By Aalim Chin

    Can’t wait for the new experience!

    By dennis3210

    It’s said to be released March 22nd… :-)

    Rank: DaBomb with 460 points
    By Shireen(AngryTech) (@shireen1993)

    WOW! that looks awesome…. It might be different without the Pigs but I know it’s gonna be good anyway =D

    By GamersLeak

    This game looks awesome, can’t wait!


    In the first the birds were out to recover their eggs stolen by greedy green pigs now its to free their fellow birds held captive by smugglers

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