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At long last, Angry Birds v3.2.0 has landed, bringing with it incredibly unique gameplay unlike anything we have seen so far: Egg Defender Mode. This episode, called Red’s Mighty Feathers, has been teased for weeks. First, Rovio announced that the Red Bird would be gaining a new power, then later giving a name to the episode. The update has landed for iOS and Android via Google Play, with more platforms coming soon.

Update 10 July: Rovio Accounts are working there way globally, having just landed for iOS and Android in the US. For more information, see our dedicated post.

Now on to the details. As we said above, the gameplay in this update is not like we are used to in the Angry Birds universe. So let’s explain exactly what’s happening.

  • Red’s Mighty Feathers includes 15 levels to 3-star, but a bit unlike normally. Foremost, stars are not awarded by score. In fact, there are no scores at all! Our walkthroughs are now live.
  • The first star is awarded for protecting the Egg from the Bad Piggies. The piggies come in several waves, usually one contraption at a time with a pig or two within. If any pigs manages to grab the Egg and return it to their lair, you fail the level.
  • The second star is awarded popping so many piggies in the level. You will see a “0/x” under the hurt piggy icon, meaning you must pop x pigs to earn the star.
  • The third star is awarded for achieving the first two stars, by using a set number of birds. You will see a number listed in the red bird’s silhouette, which is the maximum number permitted for the star. Under the silhouette will be an active count of how many birds you have used.

Unlike in Bad Piggies and Icebreaker, these objectives must be completed in a single try in order to obtain all 3 stars. For example, if you don’t pop enough pigs, the game won’t even consider how many birds have been used.

Possible issue? A few people have noted the inability to zoom — or at least zoom significantly. While I’m certainly accustomed to zooming a bit, I’m not sure if it’s a major loss here. Since you need only attack one contraption at a time, you don’t need to see what’s coming next. However, it should still be noted I think.

Red Bird’s New Ability!

As teased, the Red Bird has finally be given a special power. While in flight, you will notice a small red arrow pointing toward the pig closest to the bird. Tapping/Clicking will cause the Red Bird to attack that pig directly, changing its trajectory as needed! Essentially, this is a Lazer Bird with even better accuracy!

A few strategies can be used here. Foremost, the Red Bird will always travel in a straight line until it hits something, after which it will succumb to normal gravity. That said, take advantage of where TNT are located to try to blast those. Also, note that the contraption can be shattered without popping the pig within, which will force you to use another bird to pop him. So adjust your trajectory and angle to pop the pig after breaking through the contraption.

Final note on the Red Bird: This power is episode exclusive! You can’t go back to Poached Eggs and try to use this power, so our leaderboards are at no risk.

What Are Your Thoughts?

We would love to hear your thoughts on this update, especially given the uniqueness of gameplay. We are guessing that this gameplay is a teaser for a brand new game. Some speculate that it could be Angry Birds Go, but I don’t see much racing going on. Your guess is as good as mine though, so we’d love for you to respond to the poll below.

A few words of caution here. As the world’s largest and most dedicated Angry Birds community (no asterisks here, it’s absolutely true!), you can bet your bottom dollar that Rovio will check here for peer reviews. That said, both compliments and criticisms should be CONSTRUCTIVE. Any comments like “I love/hate it” won’t help Rovio improve anything at all. Explain what you like, what you don’t, what you think should be tweaked if anything.

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Rank: Sling God with 33760 points
By sparty83 (@sparty83)

While trying to get to like the new update, on the pause screen, there is a link to take a survey about the new update. WOW that was quick. Seems like Rovio may be reading the thread here and not liking what they are reading. And they shouldn’t.

As some of you know, I have a bit of an addiction to Angry birds (see the forum thread Angry Birds Anonymous if you haven’t already). The game play for this free update is, in my opinion, just horrible. The scoring, if you can call it that, is nothing like any version of AB. The game play is much too quick. No time to think or strategize. Everytime you fling a bird, it gives you the aiming point. I know you don’t have to aim there, so why add it?

No ZOOM!!!!!! There are plenty of levels where I find it much easier to see the entire level, especially where a tap to re-direct a bird comes into play.

In my opinion, if this had been a completely separate app, there would have been a large number of downloads today, but after seeing how the game is, that would have dropped off. (I’m guessing thats what happened to bad piggies and amazing alex). I just wish there was some way to get this update out of my original AB.

I have completed only 4 levels and I have absolutely NO desire to go back. I think Rovio may have cured me!

Rank: Sling God with 33760 points
By sparty83 (@sparty83)

Well, I gave it a second chance, and I still don’t like it. The aiming system is pointless. There is always an arrow showing where the impact will be. It starts off red, when it turns green, tap the screen. The tap can be anywhere, it doesn’t have to be where you want the bird to go, it goes where the green arrow is. What’s the point? The yellow bird will accelerate in the direction its going, and the laser bird will go to where you tap, but this new red will go where Rovio thinks it should go.

One thing I DO like is the scoring, well, actually the lack of scoring. Now I only have to 3 star a level and I am as good as all the great flingers in the history of the game. I have 3 starred the first 3 levels and now I am as good as:

to mock a mockingbird
manu malin
mudshark 70
Crazy Rider

To just name a few. For all the other great flingers that I may have missed, you have just been relegated to normal. We all are as good as you. My 3 stars match your 3 stars and no matter what you do, you will never beat my 3 stars.

Rank: Boss Hog with 14970 points
By bonneypattycat (@bonneypattycat)

lol, @sparty83!

I have only played a few levels, but doesn’t the arrow turn green after you tap?

Rank: Sling God with 33760 points
By sparty83 (@sparty83)

You are correct, it does turn green after the tap. But it still goes where Rovio’s pre-determined arrow is.

Rank: Sling God with 36695 points
By Dr O'Neski (@steviep147)

You missed me. Ahhh!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9830 points
By Chris (@chriss)

@sparty83: May I ask why my name is missing in this list?

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9485 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

right, i’m glad that rovio finally remedied the competi/addictiveness problems by removing the scoring (but still there are other problems to resolve like the killing of animals).

don’t find the idea for the gameplay of the new episode that bad/novel, just a completely different one from the other episodes, so to me it doesn’t make sense to combine this episode with the others. for the moment, gameplay leaves much to be desired (i’ve filled in the rovio in-game inquiry, making this more precise).

a small question: in game center my total score suddenly was 30k higher (i noticed after playing one or two levels of the new episode). where did these come from?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

I’ve seen a few reports of this but haven’t been able to pin anything to it yet.

Rank: Champion with 3945 points
By Fleshyskeleton (@fleshyskeleton)

Cuz u killed 6 pigs for 5K each

By Cevan

I really like the new levels, but I’d rather it be a new app rather than part of the original Angry Birds.

By Morph416

I think these new levels are actually pretty cool. Kind of a mix between, AB and BP.. with a different twist, but fun none the less.

Did suffer a start up bug tho.. first two times I launched the app, it crashed back to the screen. Third time was a charm, no restart needed.. and seems to be working ok.

Rank: Fling King with 4055 points
By cbird2796 (@cbird2796)

I complained about this type of scoring or lack thereof, with Bad Piggies. What makes the normal angry birds score so much fun is that you can go back to levels to try and improve your score and also compete with others on the leaderboard.

Like the Red Mighty and Bad Piggies scoring, once you beat the level there is no reason to ever play it again. That’s why I have played bad piggies in months and have even thought about deleting the app.

It seems like it would be easy to add a point scoring system to Bad Piggies and the Red Mighty levels. I think I would like these levels much more if they did.

Rank: Pig Leader with 11290 points
By SamsonKJ (@samsonkj)

I was really looking forward to new AB levels, so this switcheroo is disappointing. It’s not bad, better than Bad Piggies (the game, not the AB levels), but nothing special.

One negative: these levels have little replay value. Once you’ve gotten three stars, there’s no reason to ever play the level again. I like the open-ended AB scoring system, where there’s always room to tweak your approach, improve a little and climb the leaderboard.

The best part for me: this AB update finally fixed the pink bird bug on Kindle Fire. Now I can finally play levels like 19-10, 22-10 and 22-14 properly.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1990 points
By Fillmore1234 (@fillmore1234)

Haven’t posted here in forever, but I immediately revisited the site just to show my utter disappointment in this new update.

I must say, I am a big fan of both Angry Birds and Bad Piggies. Recently I’ve been noticing that I’ve been playing Bad Piggies MUCH more than Angry Birds, especially after noticing how difficult each recent AB update has been and how I would always have to visit back here and check out a walk through instead of being able to figure it out myself. Anyway, even though I love Bad Piggies, I was extremely disappointed in this new update, and all that was left of the addiction that I used to have in AB has been literally shattered to pieces.

A New theme song? Why was this necessary? I’m pretty sure everybody loved the original theme song, and to have such a popular song dramatically altered is the last thing Rovio should have done.
A New app icon? Why was this necessary? It honestly looks like something Jony Ive from Apple created. “We’ll have the Red Bird sitting in front of a blue gradient background that looks like it’s coming out from behind him! And get rid of ALL the details!” Sorry if that was a bit much, but it’s my completely honest opinion on it.

The worst part’s definitely the levels. Unlike the fast, fun pace of Angry Birds, you have to sit and stare at the screen for well over 5 seconds before you can actually see the Red Bird! And before you know how to do anything, you are immediately attacked by a Pig in a cart that is driving way too fast for the slowly moving screen to catch up to. The strangest part is how you have even less control over the Bird than in the normal levels, which I didn’t even think was possible. You just fling the bird in an upwards direction and tap the screen when the arrow is pointing at it, and then you have to do that at least two more times afterward because it takes so long for the dumb bird to break the box and kill the Pig! I’m even beginning to question whether or not Rovio is actually responsible for this, because I would have never thought Rovio would be responsible for such a mess.
And if it is some sort of Beta version, they should have definitely let us know. I would have definitely understood all of the faults in the new update if that was true, but it looks as though its the final version according to how Rovio is applauding it in the App descriptions. And that’s definitely contradicting the 2 1/2 star rating it currently has.

Maybe I’ll like it better if Rovio gives us back the original music (or an option to choose between the two) and fixes up the gameplay to make it smoother and quicker. But until then, I’ll just have to resort to expressing my disappointment. Looks like I’ll be back to playing Bad Piggies or something! :(

(And I’m just saying that there should be a fifth option in the poll that reads something like, “I’m quite disappointed in what the new update has to offer”)

Hopefully this long post doesn’t offend anybody and the opinions they have, since I am simply just stating mine as well! :)

Rank: Out of this World with 2985 points
By Chucky (@chucky)

It is great to see the feedback, even from those that like the update but much more from the people that dislike the update (for whatever the individuals reason/s may be) as it shows me I am not over reacting in how I feel about this update.

I have never seen so much negative feedback in relation to Angry Birds update (both here and on the FB wall) and it really does show me that alot of us are playing the game/s for the same reason and we do not want it ruined by something that I can only describe as completely random and nothing like what the game was based on.

I honestly would be interested to know if Rovio are reading these comments and plan to do anything about it? …or is the original game now ruined for me at least in that I will now have one section that I just do not want to complete….EVER! …..or, are they actually listening to all of this feedback and will either remove or change the update back to the way that it should be….Oh well only time will tell.

The funniest part of all of this for me is Rovio must have known the effect this was going to have on its playerbase as this is the only update ever (to my knowledge) that a survey was released at the same time the update was, asking us how we felt about the game….If you haven’t seen the survey, make sure you play the update, pause it, and ‘take the survey’ that is presented to you from Rovio and feed back how you feel.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9835 points
By Victor (@victor)

One of the problems with these levels is the degree of difficulty. I don’t enjoy them because I believe they are unfairly difficult. There’s a subtle difference between challenging in a fun way and frustratingly difficult. The learning curve in this game is too steep meaning that they failed to get me hooked.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5140 points
By JunkenMetel (@junkenmetel)

Very interesting to read other players’ reactions.

I think it’s an interesting variation, although the lack of zoom really bothers me and I find it extremely frustrating. I don’t mind the alternate scoring, per se…I’m all for Rovio trying out something new. If people don’t like it, they won’t play it, and they’ll make their opinions known, and Rovio will try something else.

Overall, I think it’s a concept that has possibilities, but needs refinement; it’s nowhere near the sophistication and enjoyment of the other games.

By Cevan

You do realize that you can’t zoom out because that would give you extra time to take out the pigs’ contraptions, right?

Rank: Sling God with 36695 points
By Dr O'Neski (@steviep147)

My comments on this were left on the posts at the leader boards section but seem to have done a disappearing act. I have emailed Rovio to tell them what I think of this level, not a lot, and they have been good enough to reply, thanking me for my comments etc.

This is an awful level and a slap in the face for those of us who were looking forward to a challenging update. I will ignore it for now but personally I think that Rovio may have lost interest in this original game and is anxious to promote it’s other lines.

Rank: Out of this World with 2900 points
By gavza (@gavza)

Words can hardly express how much I hate the new levels, which is the first time that has ever happened for an AB game. I hate the delay when you start the level before you can do anything, I hate the lack of scoring, and most of all, I despise the actual game play. Not sure I’ll even bother finishing these levels, let alone worry about getting 3 stars.

By Cevan

The slight delay when starting the level is so you can get a glimpse at what the first contraption is, and so you can prepare your red bird for the incoming attack.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1990 points
By Fillmore1234 (@fillmore1234)

This so called “slight delay” is almost 9 seconds! And even if you tap the screen to slightly speed it up it takes 5 seconds. This would be completely fine if these weren’t types of levels where you have to replay it multiple times in order to perfect the level and get three stars. You have to restart the level over and over again, and seeing that little animation over and over again is plain annoying!

And how are you supposed to “prepare” the Red Bird? I would absolutely love to know. You don’t even see it until the delay ends, and then you are immediately bombarded by a pig who is going way too fast for you to get ready! And then you mess up, forcing yourself to restart and watch that 9 second intro again, and again, and again. I somehow made it to level 4 but I almost threw my iPad at the wall twice in the process.

By Cevan

The delay without tapping is only 7 seconds, and the delay with tapping is only 3 seconds. You’re making this out to be much worse than it actually is.

About the preparing the red bird, I apologize, I thought they gave you a second or so to prepare, but it seems they don’t. That was my mistake. However, you still have enough time to analyze the weakpoints and fire your birds a few times before he actually reaches the egg. Most times you can even destroy the pig before he even gets the egg.

Also, you almost threw your iPad at the wall? Wow, you must be EXTREMELY impatient.

By Cevan

Alright, this comment is coming from someone who loves the new update, just so you know.

One thing I’m wondering is, why do people dislike this update? You have to give credit to Rovio for trying something new. Also, I’ve heard some people say these new levels are too hard, however I think other normal AB levels are MUCH MUCH harder than these new ones.

So yeah, just not sure what people don’t like about this.

Also, if you really enjoy the new levels, I’d advise you to go give Angry Birds a good rating on the App Store. They’re really suffering right now, and need the support.

Rank: Explosive with 2415 points
By Legosponge2015 (@legosponge2015)

I really like the update. However, I don’t like the new theme song, and some levels are really hard. But I like the new app icon. But, people, these aren’t really part of the game. These are just bonus levels! So please, everyone, if you dislike the update, just don’t go around protesting and chattering about how much you hate this. If Rovio IS reading these, their feelings could really get hurt. If you’re about to post the 89th comment about how horrible the new update is, please, stop right there.

Rank: Fling King with 4365 points
By grammyK (@grammyk)

@cevan, they should try new things in new games. Have you not read all the comments to understand what people don’t like. Rovio is rolling in the dough, not suffering at all. They need to understand their customers and maybe listen to them.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9830 points
By Chris (@chriss)

The levels are not really difficult. Most of them can be done with one or two birds “under par”. But it’s just that for me there is no fun.

Rank: Fling King with 4615 points
By welshwitch55 (@welshwitch55)

I don’t like the new gameplay, but I don’t understand what the fuss is about. I have my OCD about AB, but don’t see why folks are being overly sensitive . Who cares if they stuck it in ABO? Play it or don’t play it–what difference does it make? Rovio is trying something new like all creative people do, and it’s not being received well. There’s no sense in bickering with each other over it–this isn’t a political issue for Pete’s sake.

By Waxon17

The reason that I (and probably many others) care that it’s in ABO is that the later levels are almost impossible to 3-star, meaning that what was a fully 3-starred game yesterday morning, is now a game that is no longer fully 3-starred and probably never will be. I actually don’t mind the game. I just think the control system is atrocious and that it has no place in ABO.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6375 points
By AngryBirdsSpaceMaster (@spacemaster)

I feel bad for Rovio. They wanted to bring us something fun to do and they tried something new. It may not have worked, but doesn’t the backlash seem a bit harsh? Have a little sympathy, guys.

Rank: Champion with 3470 points
By . (@minh)

Yea, they just wanted to bring us something new and they didn’t know that we don’t like this so you guys shouldn’t mad at them. Plus, Rovio is used to do a lot of good things for us so it doesn’t matter if they do something wrong, you guys should give them a chance.

By Waxon17

Completely agree. They tried something new and it didn’t quite work out. We’ve all been there, I know I have – several times. So a little slack and some constructive criticism is definetely the way forward. Everyone on here should take Rovio’s survey (accessible from the AB pause screen) to provide them with this.

Rank: Out of this World with 2985 points
By Chucky (@chucky)

What is the point of offering feedback if all we say is….Not my cup of tea but well done!

That is as useless as telling them’i love it’ or ‘ i hate it’.

Rank: Champion with 3470 points
By . (@minh)

I think Rovio should add Power-Ups in this update rather than the other episodes because this one is way to hard and only PUs and help us to pass the levels, in fact, this episode don’t have score so we can freely use it without having any problem. And it seems unfair when they only add PUs to the episodes that have scores but don’t add PUs to this one.

Rank: Champion with 3470 points
By . (@minh)

Sorry, I meant: “…and only PUs can help us…”.

Rank: Fling King with 4450 points
By Lisa85 (@lablanche)

Like some already said, I too think that there is certain overreaction here and on Rovio’s Facebook page. While I’m not personally fond of the update so far (tried it a little on my Kindle Fire), I don’t see anything to feel so outraged about. Don’t like it, don’t play it. Other levels weren’t altered by Red’s new power, so I’ll just ignore this episode altogether or wait to have it on my PC’s bigger screen because of the lack of zooming.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people who do like the update, but don’t speak up because they’re shy or don’t use Facebook or whatever. Some started playing early (I started only a couple of months ago) and thus aren’t very shocked by the change in the gameplay.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18405 points
By JTB (@jtb)

@lablanche I agree completely; if you don’t like it don’t play it (and I’ve said elsewhere that I *will* play the levels simply because I wouldn’t be able to stand looking at an incomplete episode on my game screen!!! lol)

Flooding and attacking their FaceBook page with negatives is unproductive and just plain silly…

Rank: Out of this World with 2985 points
By Chucky (@chucky)

Offering feedback (as negative as the majority of it is), is unproductive in your world?

If people dont tell Rovio how they feel they will continue to churn this crap out, time and time again!

By Cevan

Due to all the negative overreactions to this new update, I think we should try and help Rovio out by giving them a good review on the App Store and positive comments on their FaceBook page.

Rank: Out of this World with 2985 points
By Chucky (@chucky)

hahahahaha, yeah because that make sense :|

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18405 points
By JTB (@jtb)

I’m probably re-iterating what others have already said so without being long-winded about it:
I don’t like the new game. In my opinion it doesn’t conform to the spirit of the original Angry Birds so I don’t believe that it belongs as an episode within that game. Scoring and strategy are integral to AB and this doesn’t seem to have either.
I do appreciate the work that went into creating the new look and feel of the levels; they do look very good. I find the game play, though, to be very, very slow and almost awkward in that aiming with the “arrow” isn’t always exact (to be fair, you do need to aim slightly ahead of where you want to hit a moving target).
I think Rovio should have created this as a stand-alone game. I can certainly see how some would enjoy this but it just isn’t my cup of tea.

Rank: Champion with 3345 points
By theanonymoussomeone (@anonymousomeone)

My honest opinion:

I don’t like the update. The objective is fun, but that’s all. Who puts explosives on the outside of their vehicle on purpose? It’s unrealistic because only Red is there. And how can the vehicle go backward with only one (forward) fan? They already made a youtube video so it isn’t going away. But maybe tweak some things- make the vehicles not despawn after killing the pig, give it some sort of scoring method- and I’m fine. But one thing I really want: Make the pigs not ugly.

The pigs in RMF are the not-ugly ones. On the chapter selection screen, as of this update, the pigs in the illustrations for Poached Eggs-Ham ’em High aren’t the older, more revolting design. But in almost every level for ABO and ABS, the pigs look ugly. I want them to revert to the kind in ABSp, that look newer and have emotions.

And they changed the music? I agree with President Millard @Fillmore1234. They at least should give an option between the 2.

But I like the new app icon. The old one, like the older pigs, was uglier. The first Utopia cut scene for ABSp had a better looking “gritted teeth”.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 17065 points
By GypsyBird (@gypsybird)

The video for Red’s Mighty Feathers is very enjoyable! I was not impressed with the new world for ABO though…this one belongs more as an update to Bad Piggies…carrying on for all the work the pigs did through the other levels in that game…with a full on battle between Red and the Pigs. While you can work towards getting 3* and picking up the eggs, it just isn’t the same as our beloved Angry Birds puzzle games…with scoring…Just not my thing. I don’t even like Bad Piggies, it really got boring after a while. These are nice game options for people just passing time sitting in an airport etc though. I’m sure a lot of people really like Red’s Mighty Feathers. Graphics are spot on as normal for Rovio developers!

Rank: Avian Overlord with 17065 points
By GypsyBird (@gypsybird)

I will add that this one is tough to get all the piggies with the least amount of Reds as possible! So just from the perspective of wanting 3 stars (without points), it is a challenge to play. I’ll probably only play this one while waiting for updates on other AB games or a new Challenge. Takes a lot more patience too. :-).

Rank: Master Slinger with 5940 points
By 78RPM (@78rpm)

That’s a little funny @gypsybird – you and I were writing the same thing that this should have been a BP update at the same time.
Great minds think alike!

Rank: Avian Overlord with 17065 points
By GypsyBird (@gypsybird)

Oh yeah @78rpm!

Rank: Master Slinger with 5940 points
By 78RPM (@78rpm)

To me, this should have been an update to the Bad Piggies game – not Angry Birds.
Don’t much care for it. The waiting and waiting for the 1st cart to come down the hill (usually) is just wasted time. And if you have no control over the aiming then why can you miss a piggie that’s running away from you. And there’s a few other things I don’t like that have all been covered here a lot.

What actually makes me furious though is now having to answer a confirmation screen to quit the game instead of just backing out. That is uncalled for and unnecessary.

By Radrage

Long time AB fan, first time poster. Just thought I’d share my thoughts. Here’s a copy/paste of my final section of the official Rovio survey (accessible grime the pause screen).

“Red just doesn’t seem powerful enough in this episode. The need for precision firing along with odd aiming functions makes the episode less than desirable to continue playing. Players want to smash stuff and pile up high scores & stars.

Ultimately, I don’t prefer the change in scoring or mission format. I won’t be playing this and will not purchase anything set up with this format. I wish you hadn’t beta tested inside a game we already love and expect a certain gameplay style in. What a mess.”

By Pete

The one positive is that it’s a nice link between AB, the Mighty Eagle and Bad Piggies. It ties everything in.

I too wish it was a separate game rather than an AB update. I have no desire to keep playing it as it simply isn’t the AB that I know and love. I may endeavour to three-star all of the levels simply because I’ve three-starred ALL of the iOS-based levels from every version of AB up to now.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6530 points
By ernor63 (@ernor63)

I had decided to keep my mouth shut on this issue. But after seeing the huge criticism (at the moment 3 out of 4 in the poll think this has been done in the wrong way by Rovio) I decided to express my feelings one more time.
I believe this is not about these 15 levels, no I and many others I think can live with them as they are. Play them if you like or just don’t care about them. The issue is much bigger, Here on ABN you can find the most passionate and loyal players. Players that would have spent a $ or two on new game without even reflecting about it like we all did when Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex were released, games many of us already have deleted as they take too much space from our devices. We help Rovio to its fame and growth, we recruited hundreds of new buyers per user by our obsession and by spreading the word to family and friends all over the globe.
For me the huge concern is that you still can’t provide any proof that you care about what we score addicts say and feel. I read all your replies on FaceBook that say this release is bad and they are very childish and don’t show any respect for these feelings. And @amslimfordy whatever your contacts on Rovio say, we don’t FEEL that they care about us and that’s the issue. This storm started in august 2012 when PU came into the device based games. Since then 11 months and no word or steps from Rovio instead managing mistakes continue (PUs in every game and this release).
I’ve deepest respect for the need to grow and find new ways to increase the income and am willing to pay my share. A health company is the only way for us to secure new exciting levels to challenge. We have solution just show that you care and listen. You owe us that and if not be frank and tell us that you don’t care. Silence will only make the angry grow.
But bottom line is and I say like some great flingers that has left the community has told me “we had our time and it was great fun…now it’s over and it’s time to continue and face the fact that we’re no longer a target group”
Thanks for the word and space to express my feelings

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Very well said @ernor63. I understand your feelings very well.

Rank: Boss Hog with 14935 points
By swellD (@swelld)

@ernor63 indeed. huzzah on that reflection!

Rank: Fling King with 4400 points
By lostgreybird (@lostgreybird)

After finally 3 Star all levels I feel that I can make a worthwhile review and commenting.

– Overall I like to see Rovio changing things up on a 3yr old game. With 3 games (ABO, ABRio, ABSeasons) all having the exact same Classic Gameplay style I don’t mind that they tried something new in one of the Classic style games. We’ll get a Classic style update in ABS soon I’m sure.

– Gameplay – The Gameplay is definitely different. At first I thought that the targeting style was unique and added to the difficulty level but after completing the game I think it would have been better if targeting was the same as Lazer Bird from Space OR hit the area that was intended when the screen was tapped. Rather than tapping when very far away and if the pig moves you completely miss him. The screen scrolling has to be much faster too. IMO this game needs to be able to be restarted faster than any other Rovio game because the risk of miss-fire is so great.

– Difficulty – The difficulty of this game was different IMO. If I had to use one word to describe the difficulty level I wouldn’t use easy, moderate, or hard. The first word in my mind is frustrating. Playing this brought me back to old NES days. Each time I had to replay 4 Pig Machines just to get to the last one I was having trouble with I couldn’t help but think back to me playing Castlevania or Punch-Out when I was little and would play knowing that each death mattered and that if I didn’t memorize the pattern of each level for hours I wouldn’t be able to beat it.

– Replay value – This game has NO replay value IMO. The minute I finally 3 Starred all levels I took a deep breath, felt my anxiety level stabilize again, backed up my progress with DiskAid, stored a copy of the file in my HDD, and put ABO back in my Rovio folder on my iPad.

– How to Improve –
1. Add a restart button on the gameplay screen that you double tap to restart the level
2. Get rid of the scroll over from the pigs after you play the level for the first time
3. Add zoom out but find a creative way to make it so you can’t still attack the pig when they get a certain distance away (ie. they get past a wall or force field).
6. Lastly, and the most necessary thing that needs to be added is…the ability to REWIND. With the ability to rewind (similar to Prince of Persia Sands of Time) would allow for less frustration with miss fires while quickly trying to get to the last machine again for the 100th time. This could also make it less frustrating if Rovio ever wanted to add a more machines to one level. The length of rewind is up to Rovio. What do you guys think of this idea, Rovio contact me.

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By Gab196 (@gab196)

LOVE the new levels!!
Are this levels available in King Pig modes?

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By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Unlikely, though I haven’t confirmed.

By wtphung

I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. It is just a different game. Simply not in the AB spirit. I am one of those who prefer the episode is not there at all even though it is free.
Now I have to treat it like some golden eggs. Unfortunately it is like an unwanted pregnancy with 15eggs in the stomach! It may end up with 45levels if Rovio launches another two pages! Ouch!
I am sure Rovio already expected this kind of response when they launched it.
Like all things probably 50% of people will not like it. In this case it is in AB which people love making the acceptance level way below 50%. People play angry birds because they like its concept. If it is different then it should not be there. If I like apple I buy apple and may not like an orange to go with it.
I have not played any games in any form for donkey years but have enjoyed AB to the stage of achieving 3stars for all AB, ABs and ABR.

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By 78RPM (@78rpm)

As I’ve thought about this just a little more, one thing did strike me: All the hours and hours of fun (and frustration) I’ve had playing all the Rovio AB games and how much have I paid for it?
Not a heck of a lot. Not a heck of a lot at all…

Rovio gets a pass on this one for me but I’m certainly not going to go off in a high dudgen. They certainly have a lot of chips left on the table in my book.

By David

Take the power from Lazer bird in Space instead of the power for Mighty Red (It’s how I call him) will be better.
Add Mighty Eagle here to skip the level.
Put zooming in the episode.
Make Piggies’ home visible so I can crash it.

Here are things I want.

And I think the .lua files can be transferred between every devices so can Nest give the links to download your progress??? (Just kidding HA)

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