Angry Birds Pop! Update Adds a New Area: Hog Wash

Angry Birds Stella Pop! Hog Wash

Angry Birds Pop! Bubble Shooter received a new Level Pack: Hog Wash (v2.9.4) adding 40 new levels — available worldwide on Android via Google Play and on iOS.

From the Play Store:

The pigs are enjoying a relaxing mud bath in a secret spa deep in the forest. Let’s put some bubbles in their tub! Wait. Not like that…

What’s New:

  • New Area with 40 new levels!
  • Soothing Spa theme!
  • New Special Pop – Pop Fruit!

Let’s Play Videos:

So what do you think? Have you played the new levels? Did you enjoy it? Are you looking to give it a try? We want to know!

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    Comments (13)

    Rank: Flinger with 50 points
    By Anna Mccormick (@anna-mccormick)

    How can I get red bird to get feathers, I understand that I need to be Red, to get feathers. Can’t get it off Stella


    Rank: Avian Overlord with 16320 points
    By Mighty Red (@mighty-red-1)

    @anna-mccormick You can only get feathers when playing as characters which are visiting. Visitor characters are typically available for 2 weeks. Red had been a visitor twice before an update that made him a default character. Currently there’s no visitor so you’ll have to wait for an update that will bring a new visitor before you can collect feathers again.

    By Kippyg

    With the new update it goes to logging in and just sits there. Game won’t open

    By Gary

    Mine too….

    By ritu

    Mine as well

    By roger

    Really {Admin Edit} upset can’t play, stuck on log in.

    Rank: Sling God with 20410 points
    By SweetP (@sweetp)

    Roger, your comment has been edited.

    This is a family friendly website, and there are many members that are children. Please keep your posts to a G rating.

    Thank you. Your @admins

    By R

    Thank you admin for taking good care of us. Regards.

    By R

    After updating the game is hung. I’m at level 878. It’s not opening. Switched off my phone thrice. Kindly check

    By A

    Sometimes we get less balls or the game gets stuck.
    Strongly dissatisfied
    After updates it’s stuck!!

    By roger

    I couldn’t continue until I downloaded update now I can’t play at all want load game

    By R

    Now where have the free boosters disappeared??

    By Cathy

    where do the pop fruits first appear in Angry Birds pop?

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