Angry Birds Piggy Farm Level 34-1 Walkthrough

The series that keeps on giving – welcome to our third installment of walkthrough videos for Piggy Farm.
The first level was a little tricky to get just right, but check out the video for a 129K 3* experience.
First send Hal just over the structure, looping back to get the ledge under the stove and the stove itself.
Next, Matilda bombs the top hay bale and slams into the left wall of the barn.
Send Bubble right to the middle and activate, scattering debris everywhere.
10K bonus for little red.

Welcome Back!

Feel free to leave comments below, but don’t just post your scores – that’s what the leaderboards are for.

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Comments (13)

Rank: Master Slinger with 7445 points
By DrRoadRunner (@peter-fanning)Score: 142,010

Boomerang over main structure, reverse so that it comes in under the stove, the lower it lands before exploding the better. Watch for the roof, important it comes down on this or next bird. I next took Matilda in low and took out left hay bales and pig, the OB into the middle of the remaining debris and cross fingers. Yay new levels!

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18080 points
By steely59 (@steely59)Score: 142,070

124,520 = 2*
125,780 = 3*


Rank: Sling God with 30000 points
By bernersenn (@bernersenn)Score: 141,080

@steely59 got it, thanks

Rank: Boss Hog with 14165 points
By knichy (@knichy)Score: 140,570

@steely59, should I bother going through to look or any thresholds, or didja get em all 8*)

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18080 points
By steely59 (@steely59)Score: 142,070

@knichy So far I only have 1 – 6 so pls go ahead ;)

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16070 points
By josephine (@josephine)Score: 139,160

Had better results with the reversed Remi as a first shot, through the hanging pig under the bananas on the right. Mathilde drops her egg just in front of the hay and ricochets into the pig on top if it is still there and also gets the little guy next to the barrel on the left if that survived. My friend Bubbles like the walkthrough et voila 139K. Not a top score but good enough for me for now.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16080 points
By crash (@tmax)Score: 159,400

This video link is my strategy…. It resembles @josephine description.

Biggest piece of advice I can give is try to detonate orange bird at the location of the dividing wall or just a tiny tiny bit to the right of that…. I mean a tiny tiny bit

I’ve cleared 150k 3x now, my second best being 155k so I am sure that means many of you should be able to get 150+

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16080 points
By crash (@tmax)Score: 159,400
Rank: Sling God with 43720 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 148,520

@tmax Thank you for the video. Could not get the orange bird to do the clean sweep on the left side. Maybe a matter of luck or the activation of the bird.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16080 points
By crash (@tmax)Score: 159,400

Okay a few other tips… Get the golden wrench with boomer and sometimes you can drop egg on front tiny pig, and sometimes its better to clear the haybales in front of the tiny pig so that other stuff is free to roll on top of him.

Also, very important tip… I think my best successes has been when I can get bubbles a little higher rather than lower as be passes or is in the plane of the wall… If the wall isn’t there, pretend that it is.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 19315 points
By CaptREC (@captrec)Score: 142,170

Thanks for the vid @tmax. That kinda looks magic, the instantaneous disappearance of stuff with bubbles. Glitch?

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16080 points
By crash (@tmax)Score: 159,400

I don’t think so. I have able to get 155k and 150k on two other attempts. Just need to hit the orange bird at the right time

Rank: Boss Hog with 14300 points
By Pointdexter5 (@pointdexter5)

Confirmed valid, 155, all comes down to how he returns to clear the bottom

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