Angry Birds Heikki Spa Walkthrough

Like its predecessors, to achieve a decent score in the Angry Birds Heikki Spa (level 4) requires the use of a power-up, which we’re using on the first bird. Initiate the power-up then launch Terence towards the checkered flag. The goal is to smash through the flag into the TNT, causing the tower to explode. With luck debris will fly towards the TNT on the platform, detonating it and causing the platform to fall, taking out the helmet pigs below. While I realize this strategy requires quite a lot of — well — luck, I’m pretty sure this is how people are getting scores in the 170 – 190 K range. My score in the video is 168,220. If you net a highscore I’d love to hear your strategy.

Note, to obtain the power-up you need a code, which is available by "Liking" Heikki's Facebook page. If you're not a Facebook user we recommend checking the comments on our main article, as there is a lot of useful info there. Back to the main Angry Birds Heikki walkthrough page.

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    By flizzer

    this is just LUCK to get over 160K or am I wrong??

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