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Like its predecessors, to achieve a decent score in the Angry Birds Heikki Monza (level 5) requires the use of a power-up, which we’re using as our second bird. Fire the bomb bird at left edge of the pigs floating in the air. Ideally this will pop them and the bomb bird will fall down into the gap between the first and second structure, causing quite a bit of damage. Now initiate the power-up then launch Terence towards the remaining structure, taking it down. If required, use one of the other birds to mop things up. Note, the lights are worth 5,000 points each, so it’s important to destroy them. The score in the video is 260,530. If you net a highscore I’d love to hear your strategy.

Note, to obtain the power-up you need a code, which is available by "Liking" Heikki's Facebook page. If you're not a Facebook user we recommend checking the comments on our main article, as there is a lot of useful info there. Back to the main Angry Birds Heikki walkthrough page.

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By Pocko

I think I got it. First shot exactly like in official video, but with more luck everything falls down. Then with helmet aim to the lights. That’s it. My score is 280110 and i am sure I can do more with this method.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6760 points
By username12345 (@blahalb09)

What a lot of people don’t realize is that when going at a fast speed, tires can do a whole lot of damaage. I flung bomb bird into the two tires on the first tower. Explode right when the bird makes contact with the tires. This should get you around 100-110k. If you didn’t manage to get enough damage, use big bro to hit more tires and cause more destruction. Shoot WB down to the base of the 1st tower(if it hasn’t fallen already) and use BB for the second tower. Clean up with WB as necessary. 243120.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6760 points
By username12345 (@blahalb09)

Just got 280650 with this strategy.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7370 points
By Angryguy (@angryperson)

did the same strat, except I didn’t need the last bird, got me 240k

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