Angry Birds Golden Egg Star Walkthrough Level 18 -

You gotta love the sombreros. Zoom out and use the Yellow bird to destroy to pop all the balloons so the TNT destroys the structure below. After that use the Bomb Bird to finish the job.

* Note, the first part of the video shows you where to find the Golden Egg. The second part contains the walkthrough to unlock the Star. Video by FujiToast.

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By verslaafde

how you get ham em high

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

You’ll need to update first. Whether the update is available or not depends on your device. It’s currently available on iOS, Android, and WebOS supported devices.

By loveangryangrybirds

how to update it ?

By Somebody with feathers

If you have an Android devide, go to the Android Market while connected to wireless network. There, select “my apps”. A menu will all your installed applications will show up, and those in need of an update will be marked. Angry Birds should be, so just select it to update it, or select “Update All”

By azaam

how do you know your device on pc ?

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By FujiToast (@fujitoast)

The PC is your device.

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