Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 6 Walkthrough -

Below is our gameplay walkthrough that will help you beat Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 6. The bandit leader may look innocent at the beginning of this level, but he is dastardly indeed! Every turn he summons not one, but TWO bandit allies. A good strategy is to continually focus their attention onto Red, protecting and healing him as often as possible.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By Toby (@tobyv)

Has anyone ever 3-stared this level? The video has only 1 star. The epic map has only 2. The best I’ve ever done is 2, and that was after using about 5 potions and ending with max health on all my birds. Is there a bug in the 3-star threshold score?

By Moochie78

I actually have a glitch on my game in this level. I use red paladin black captain(fourth hat) and rain bird chuck and if I kill a minion pig every time the others never attack I have gained tons of XP and Snoutlings on this level. As long as the head pig can summon a new adversary it just keeps going on. I’m not sure if this will work for everyone. I use the whip up ability on red and bomb birds and heal with chuck. If I make a mistake and the head pig can’t summon an ally then the others attack but if I can kill one minion each time I can play the level for a long time until I get bored. I get 4-6 blue stars of Xp and One Snoutling every pig I kill if I have a rested bonus. Anyway it’s a great way to level up and earn silver.

By Moochie78

Oh and I get three stars every time when I finally get tired and kill the head pig

Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By Toby (@tobyv)

NOT A BUG! I finally got 3 stars. You MUST knock out the main pig before he summons ANY help, though you can take a bit of time doing it. I used Tricksters (any Blues will do) with a LOT of burning veggie cake and raged them every turn to keep him stunned. My final score was 56599.

Rank: Sling God with 32110 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

@TobyV I managed to get the complete 60,000 points:

• Capt’n Bomb: Whip Up used on Red to increase max power by 60%.
• Lightning Bird Chuck: Lightning Fast used on Red to refill his health.
• Paladin Red: Heroic Strike! Yes, you need either a Golden Chili or Veggie Cakes, but the massive strike can take down the Rogue Leader.

Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By Toby (@tobyv)

@amslimfordy : Congratulations! But I think you left out a bullet:

• Use level 41 characters :p

Seriously, though, what are your birds’ stats, sans weapons? And what weapons do you have? I’m maxed at 25 with an elite Paladin, though I don’t have any set items yet. I’d never take him out with my Paladin alone in one turn, no matter how amped up (though I’ll keep trying).

By Zixuan

You’d need to be very stong indeed! Heroic Strike(Without 60%) needs to be 3015 damage. And full health means you either borrow a Facebook friend’s healer or a mighty eagle healer.

By Zixuan

And that is for before. Right now that is impossible(Bad News). Now you don’t have to keep him summoning to 3 star.(Good News)

By Mohd Abraan

Well the main pig can calls many pigs but after 8 more pigs are there alive it cant call using wizard i keep on damaging the monty the main pig.using matilda druid i heal myself and use the shield of samurai red to protect myself.

By Vector

I call my strategy “low and slow”, as I find this level awesome for grinding xp and snoutlings.

The birds:
Red (samurai): His only reason for being here is to put a shield on the rest of the birds, strongest shield always on chuck
Chuck (rainbird hat): For this battle only I call Chuck “The Doctor” mostly because he is the Oncoming storm as he is always about to make it rain! Heals every turn except every forth turn as this is his poison turn. This ensures the maximum ammount of xp and snoutlings are earned.
Matilda (druid): Matilda mainly serves as mass healer. Healing any bird that needs it. All rage chilis go to her to ensure team stays healthy.

Mind you don’t follow this strategy if you want 3 stars. You aren’t going to get it, use this strategy is you want to grind. Then you too will learn that just as with BBQ, low and slow is the preferred way to grind xp and monies from pigs.

By harrylin1984

My 3-star strategy for every ordinary people without using any potions or lucky coins items:
I’m at maximum level of 25, and have upgraded all concerned birds to Elite classes.
Combination: Red Samurai (Attack 234), Matilda Druid (Attack 256), Blues Marksmen (Attack 412)
Key points:
1) Using blues to attack first to benefit from its attack ability, so each successive attack gains around 100 more damage power.
2) Both Red and Matilda have weapons with stunning ability, use them both.
3) Try your best to kill the pig within 3 turns, so you only need to stun it for the first 2 turns, and prevent it from calling any additional pigs. (Of course you can choose to finish off it in 4 turns and stun it for the first 3 turns, but the chance is too low to gain 3 continuous stuns. Although 5% chance to stun for each weapon is not high, the real possibility to stun pig twice in a row is not as hard as you imagine. I only tried around 10 times before encountering such a case.)
With my method, the pig gives 26999 points, for a total final score 56999 and 3-star. And I have tested: if I still kill the pig in 3 turns, but stun it for only 1 turn, and let it call allies for 1 turn, the score it gives when dying is only 8999. So the gap is huge: a 18000 difference for the final star. So prevent it from calling pigs is the key.
So, summary of what you need:
1) Enough attack power (level up, and/or strong weapons, and/or Dojo upgrades) to kill the pig in 3 turns. (The pig’s health is 4388 in v.1.0.10, so my bird combination can just finish it in 3 turns.)
2) Red’s & Matilda’s stun weapons.
3) And some luck to stun the pig for the first 2 turns.

Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By Toby (@tobyv)

@harrylin1984 : Nice post! I think you may have gotten a bit luckier than you realize, though. By my calculation, your chance of stunning on the first turn is 9.75% (1-0.95^2). To do it two in a row should only happen about 0.95% (0.0975^2) of the time, or about once in 105 tries. However, considering that I’m the guy who spun the wheel 800 times to test its balance, that seems quite reasonable [grin].

Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By Toby (@tobyv)

Yeah, it’s kind of crazy that the only way to 3-star is to keep him from summoning, and he summons in ONE turn! I’ve 3-stared everything on the map, plus the first 2 caves, and no other level comes close in difficulty.

By Zixuan

Now you don’t have to keep him from summoning to 3 star.

Rank: Shooter with 800 points
By Danke_ (@danke)

Using only Mage and Spies, you can achieve insane amount of Regeneration. Samurai may be chosen to reduce the damage gained from the rogues. The strategy it’s pretty straightforward: First round try dealing as much damage as possible on the Monty, use Spies’ Glee to heal, use rage chilli on Mage, protect with Samurai when there are more than 5 Rogues alive. The Monty’ll be killed slowly by the Spies (when there’s no need for major healing) and the Mage. On average you’ll regen around 125 HP per round (This value can get insane after a while, reaching 500 HP per turn. Note: Expect values around 325 HP per turn when using the rage chilly on the Mage)

By punkdawa

I only 3-stared this twice on hundred tries, here is my strategies:

What you need:
– any Blues (you just need the Egg Surprise)
– 3 or more Burning Veggie Cake (depend on Egg Surprise attack power)
– choose 2 other birds which have highest normal attack

What to do:
1. attack with 2 other birds (be sure they filled 25% or more chili)
2. use Burning Veggie Cake to fill chili
3. use blue bird and attack with Egg Surprise (it will stun and attack)
4. repeat

What you need:
– Bard (Heavy Metal)
– luck (you need to always stun it using Heavy Metal, i’m only did it once)
– choose 2 other birds which have highest normal attack

What to do:
1. Heavy Metal the pig
2. add more damage with other birds
3. repeat the Heavy Metal
4. listen to heavy metal after 3-stared it

By snake_rattler

Here’s a strat if you DON’T want to get three stars. It’s just a funny start I wanted to share.

Use: Paladin, Cannoneer, and Marksman
Turn 1: Attack with all three birds (use Heroic Strike if you have golden chili)
Turn 2: Use Ambush on Red, Counter on Red, and Devotion on Bomb.
This will ensure that Red will always be hit, 2/3 times the Blues hitting with Ambush, and 100% of the time Red is countering, healing himself.
Rest of battle: Renew Ambush, Counter, and Devotion as needed. Attack Monty with Blues then Cannoneer. Always attack with Red because countering doesn’t heal Red enough to survive.

Hope you like it!

By James

Finally, I got 3 stars. No item was used. No headgear upgraded. (Date: Aug 7, 2014)

At level 19, I used:
Red (Paladin, Steel Force, Singing Shield; HP: 777, Attack: 182)
Matilda (Princess, Crying Harp, Handy Sachet; HP: 602, Attack: 144)
Blues (Spies, THE SLING, Warbling Horn; HP: 460, Attack: 304)

Focus fire on Bandit Leader. Matilda’s attack makes all pig attacking only Red. Then, heal Red if necessary. Red used Heroic Strike when the red chill is filled. At the end, finished the leader within 10 rounds. (Did not count how many, but should be around 6 or 7.)

Rank: Flinger with 60 points
By BankyEdwards (@bankyedwards)

Got three stars at level 13/14, can’t tell for sure.

Take Rainbird Chuck and heaviest hitters you have. I took Bomb and Blues.

First attack Monty with all your birds.
As soon as he starts summoning his sidekicks, keep attacking.
Chuck’s acid rain will gradually damage newly summoned enemies and kill them off.
Just ignore those smallish thugs and focus on Monty.

He was down before any of my birds got attacked. No apple juice, no veggie cakes. Just brutal force.

By KMan

Very easy 3-star!!!

Use 2 birds – chuck wizard and blues spies. Attack the rogues, Monty takes damage with every hit too. At level 25, it takes about 6 rounds to kill him. =3 stars every time.

By Dawn

I’m only at level 16, but when I use chuck wizard and blue spies together they take so much damage that one or both of them die before I can even kill 1 rogue. Any ideas?

By kerstin

may be i have a another version. i can’t pick 3 birds … has somebody a clue for doing it with 2 birds? btw i needed to open a friendship gate to get there

help appriciated!!

By Su Zixuan

You use 2 birds and a friend(mighty eagle/ merchant pig/ Facebook friends) to defeat the level and you either use 25 lucky coins or ask a friend to open it.

By Dawn

Why can I only use 2 birds on this level? All the walkthroughs show 3, yet my game only allows me to choose 2? Does anyone know how to beat this level with only 2 birds?

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

Dawn, the level was modified by Rovio recently. You can barrow one of your (Facebook) friend’s birds to win the battle.

By Su Zixuan

Now this level is being a friendship gate and for most people you only have merchant pig to use as a friend, so the recommended strategy is samurai, cleric and merchant pig. First attack with all birds(and use rage chili on red if you have golden rage chili), and the next round use healing shield and attack monty with all birds. Keep repeating this and you can use matilda to attack when the healing shield is still active, and use rage chili on merchant pig when your birds are low on health(use it when you feel like you’d need to) and keep attacking monty until he is dead. Then finish off the other 6 rogues(monty can only summon up to 6) and that should award you 3 stars.

By Jackson Fox

This walkthrough needs to be updated. The game changed the amount of birds that you can select from 3 to 2, and allows you to select a friend’s bird instead (or Piggy McCool). Therefore, selecting each bird from the guide is only possible if a friend happens to have the third bird that you need with the correct class.

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