Angry Birds Epic Burning Plain Level 3 Walkthrough | Chronicle Cave 5 | Molten Mine -

Walkthrough strategy video for Angry Birds Epic Burning Plain Level 3 (Chronicle Cave 5 Molten Mine). In this blazing hot cave fire rains down from the ceiling and regularly damages all birds. Don’t worry though, we’ll show you how to beat the level, and do it without spending any Lucky Coins.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below. Be sure to check out the rest of our Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs here as well as join the conversation in the Epic Forum.

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By CatCloak23439

What level and class is this?

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By Victor (@victor)

Thanks for the walkthroughs, guys. But there is no point in making one for a difficult level with extremely high level birds. When I am at that level, I probably don’t need the walkthrough.

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By Genie001 (@genie001)

This walk thru is of no further context to the game. I am looking at two Master Ninja warriors in the first wave that completely annihilate me at level 25 with elite whatever birds I use. I highly recommend removing the no context version until someone can update to the new release. Highest I have gotten is to wave 6. Any help?

By Zeta

I used these three to beat this level:
Cannoneer, Druid and samurai.

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