Angry Birds Christmas Edition Coming Soon

I’m happy to report that the rumors of their being an Angry Birds Christmas edition are true. Below is a screenshot of the soon to be released special edition.

Angry Birds Christmas Edition Leaked Image

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    By James

    I think I just wet myself…..

    By C.L.

    Awesome! I can’t wait :)

    By angry boid


    By nokiawiz

    my hands are itching to go at the pigs once again!

    By filbert

    I just downloaded it for Android. Must play!

    By ERicJ

    Anyone understand exactly how the “daily” unlock of levels is supposed to work? It’s ~9am local time on 12/2 and it says I have to wait 16h 46m to play day/level 2.

    It doesn’t seem to unlock a level each day but a new level 17h 10m after the last time you play anything in the game: Season’s level 1 or any Trick Or Treat level.

    Kinda disappointed in how that’s all coded. I expected the new level to unlock each day at Midnight. Now I can’t touch the Trick Or Treat levels if I want the Seasons levels to progress.

    By Nukem

    I finished the first 2 levels, left it for a bit and had 14 hours to go until the next level unlocks, I went back to have another go at the first two levels to see if I could beat my score, now the clock has reset to 17 hours.

    Like the previous poster says it should unlock at midnight, other than that I like the first two levels, just the clock counter seems a bit odd to me?

    By ERicJ

    What handheld are you using? I see the 17h10m bug on my Samsung Epic 4G. A friend using a Droid (original) does not have this 17h10m bug.

    If I do something as simple as open the the first [XMas] level again without even launching a bird, it resets my timer to 17h10m. Frustrating.

    By ERicJ

    Note that rebooting my phone allowed me to access the Dec 2 level today. Whereas before the reboot it said 17h 10m.

    Now it tells me that I have 12h3m until Dec 3 level. Same behavior as before that any game play activity will reset the counter to 12h3m. Reboot again and I get 11h26m until Dec 3.

    So there is definitely a bug that the counter resets to it’s value at time of last boot after any gameplay. But you can work around the bug by rebooting the phone. I’ve sent a detailed bug report to Rovio.

    By Nukem

    I am using an iPhone 4, restart phone to reset clock counter, it’s not just 17h 10m though, I get all sorts of random times if I replay a level, 14h 30m, 23h 45m etc. if I restart the phone it’s goes back to normal. Levels unlock at 8am GMT (UK Time)

    By ERicJ

    I think the time it shows is the time to unlock the next level the first time you play it on a given day. It will revert back to that time every time you play. Rebooting the phone will reset the timer to the correct value.

    This bug appears to be fixed on Android version 1.1.1, at least it is for me on my Epic 4G.

    By RawData

    Weird. I have new level unlocked every morning at 10:00 (GMT+2). I thought Rovio just selected wrong TZ for unlocking, because levels open 10 hours too late here. Opening other levels don’t change unlocking time in my SGS.

    By Nukem

    I wonder if the will correct the bug on the iPhone or leave it, it’s not so bad now I know how to get around it.

    Also it says “xx/75” so does that mean this version has 75 levels ? or will it stop on xmas day and we will have to wait for some more updates.

    Please be 75 :)

    By XoRt

    the xx/75 means there are 75 stars to be achieved, 25×3 = 75

    And i’ve had no issues with angry birds levels not coming on the day they’re supposed to.

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