Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Mooncake Festival Level 2-4

Destroy as much as possible of the center structure, then get the can to set on the very first stone on the left.

Have a different method for achieving Total Destruction? Let us know below.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    This one was a treat if you want a challenge and try something different. Used the ABN video’s last shot with the Sardine Can as my first shot with the Sardine Can. As a rule I obtain 100% twice with a new strategy prior to posting. Well this one looked “so easy” because my very first shot was with the SC into the same location and it produced 100%. “A home run with the first pitch.” So I thought. At least 30 minutes later, I obtained 98% and 99% many times. I will guarentee it does work but does not work each and every time if you want to do it a different way: The SC lands right next to the vertical stone post tight and in the vertical position. Just a clean shot. It does not bounce into position, it does not rest on the crack between the little and large stone bases, it does not land only on the little stone, it does not hit any wood, its does not bounce to the left a little after impact, etc. Every 99% obtained was a direct clean hit right into the stone and wood “pocket” with no other movement. The only other factor that comes into play is to pay homage to the “debris god” for the proper fall to take out the tea set and as much debris as possible.

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