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Level 1-10n/an/a68,803n/an/a
Level 1-20n/an/a136,155n/an/a
Level 1-30n/an/a111,023n/an/a
Level 1-40n/an/a128,374n/an/a
Level 1-50n/an/a78,752n/an/a
Level 1-60n/an/a93,523n/an/a
Level 1-70n/an/a104,232n/an/a
Level 1-80n/an/a121,448n/an/a
Level 1-90n/an/a110,819n/an/a
Level 1-100n/an/a108,038n/an/a
Level 1-110n/an/a81,792n/an/a
Level 1-120n/an/a118,061n/an/a
Level 1-130n/an/a107,143n/an/a
Level 1-140n/an/a90,750n/an/a
Level 1-150n/an/a118,118n/an/a
Level 2-10n/an/a147,074n/an/a
Level 2-20n/an/a88,668n/an/a
Level 2-30n/an/a98,758n/an/a
Level 2-40n/an/a118,925n/an/a
Level 2-50n/an/a95,816n/an/a
Level 2-60n/an/a93,762n/an/a
Level 2-70n/an/a102,317n/an/a
Level 2-80n/an/a110,831n/an/a
Level 2-90n/an/a107,759n/an/a
Level 2-100n/an/a99,994n/an/a
Level 2-110n/an/a108,512n/an/a
Level 2-120n/an/a113,722n/an/a
Level 2-130n/an/a99,593n/an/a
Level 2-140n/an/a117,752n/an/a
Level 2-150n/an/a114,302n/an/a