Angry Birds Bugs & Glitches

Below is an actively updated list of Angry Birds bugs, glitches, and issues spanning all version and platforms. We obviously can’t know everything, so many of these are reported and/or updated by the AngryBirdsNest community, so if you notice something out of the ordinary leave a comment below and investigate. Please don’t leave a comment for a bug that already exists unless you have something new to report. Thanks!

Name EditionPlatformFixed
Total Bugs Logged: 49
Golden Egg #30 Sometimes Doesn't Pop UpOriginalAllv3.4.0
Golden Egg #8 UnobtainableOriginalAllv3.3.0
"New Year Egg" UnattainableSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Mooncake Festival Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Seasons Golden Egg 16 BrokenSeasonsAllv3.0.0
Both Christmas Level Selection Screens BorkedSeasonsiOS, PC, Macv2.5.1
Power Up Slot Machine InaccurateOriginaliPhone, iPod Touchv2.3.0
"Menu Popper" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.2.0
"Feather Picker" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.1.0
Scores Adding 5SpaceAllv1.1.0
Achievements Earned OfflineSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Where No Birds..." Not RegisteringSpaceiPhone, iPod Touchv1.1.0
"Gravitational Escape" Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Pig Bang" Score Addict Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.2.2
Double-Bonus BirdsRioAllNo
Mac Trackpad SensitivityOriginalMacv2.0.2
Nokia's "New Year Egg"SeasonsSymbianv2.3.0
Scores Ending in 9OriginaliOS, Android, PC, Macv2.0.2
Golden Egg 1 Missing from Mac/PCOriginalPC, Macv2.0.2
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)RioiPadUnfixable
Carnival Upheaval 8-5 3-star ThresholdRioiOSv1.4.0
Facebook/Twitter Levels Show No StarsSeasonsAllv2.1.0
Trick or Treat Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsiOS, Androidv2.1.0
Block Smasher Free BuggedFree, Seasons FreeiOSNo
Rio Loading IssueRioAndroidv1.3.2.2
"Stellarvore" Not RegisteringRioiOSv1.4.0
Seasons Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Rio Football FlawedOriginalPCv2.0.0
PSP Unattainable Golden Eggs (Rumored Solutions Within)OriginalPSPNo
"Bright Side of the Moon" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Star for Golden Egg 17 Only Once UnlockableOriginalPCv2.0.0
Seasons Greedings 16 FeatherSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"King of the Caves" LabelingOriginaliOSv1.6.3
Smash Maniac (Not Bugged)OriginaliOSNot Bugged
Rio Football Numbering InconsistentOriginalAllv2.0.0
Accordion Not WorkingOriginalMacv1.6.3
17 Melons in Beach VolleyRioiOS, Androidv1.3.0
"Bunny Hunter" FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Facebook Levels Won't UnlockSeasonsAllv1.6.0
Mighty Eagle Purchase and Use FlawedOriginaliOSNo
Only 14 Golden FruitsRioAllNo
Golden Eggs DisappearingOriginal, SeasonsAllNo
Seasons Golden Eggs MisnumberedSeasonsAllv2.0.0
Mooncake Festival In-Game Score Counter FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"Easter Eggs - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)SeasonsiPhone, iPod TouchUnfixable
"Summer Pignic - Score Addict" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv1.6.0
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" MissingRioiOSv1.3.0
Carnival Upheaval Achievements Not WorkingRioiOSv1.3.0
Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedOriginaliOSv1.6.3

Comments (2,213)

By Rachel

I got my three free tickets this morning on the mighty league and then they disappeared? It’s been on and off for the last two days. Very annoying!

By Steven Lee

Daily mighty league tickets do not always add to my current ticket total. Eg today 5current+3daily=5

Angry Birds original on Android Nexus 5X

By Martin

The special birds menu (with the lightning bolt icon) on the game screen opens every time I open the game or start a new level. It’s only done this in the last 2-3 weeks. It’s always expanded. It’s annoying.

Using original AB on IOS.

Rank: Deputized with 150 points
By heykrisnc (@heykrisnc)

Keep getting a message that my iPad 4 is incompatible with AB Match. Why? I was able to download it on my iPhone 6 with no problems

Rank: Flinger with 30 points
By toorich (@toorich)

I think this game is only compatible iOS 11 and 64-bit device.

By Phil Zealy

Came in second place on today’s Mighty league tournament the prize coins (450 coins) simply disappeared and were never added to my coins

By Zachary

Angrybirds Friends on Facebook not loading.Refreshed page and still crashing.

By Gladious

Dear Friends,
I am playing Angry Bird POP in level 1006 ,when I play at thus lvel it crashes and jump out of the game in its middle.what should I do?

By Backwardsboy

Angry Birds 2 level 1315. Magician pig reappears inside of log that cannot be reached.

By Belinda L Fries

Friday night I got a message that I needed to update Angry Birds 2 to continue to play it. When I click to update I get a message that says my device isn’t compatible with the update. I have a Galaxy S7, fully updated correctly. NOT rooted at all. Any ideas on why this relatively new phone isn’t compatible.

By Steve

Same here.

By Filipe Alexandre

Many times, Mighty league tournament prize, stars coins, and daily tickets aren’t handed out. The board with yestarday results is not show. Other times prizes are not added to current total.
This is very annoing because i can not buy power up’s.

By Tomas

Happens to me at least twiice a week always when I have 450 to 600 coins earned.

By Beth

It’s happened to me a few times in the last few weeks too… very annoying!!

By Rod

My mighty league won’t progress past feather league even though I have 6 Stars. It doesn’t matter how many times I complete the levels but it won’t put me on the scoreboard. It’s been like it for weeks!! Help!!!

By Carla Johnson

Playing Angry Birds on IPad mini about 4 years. Now whenever I open it, it starts with a tutorial, then just shuts down. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, still won’t work consistently.

By Michael

I have encountered something weird or I am a total idiot and I can’t understand how the game works. I downloaded the original game on Android and I can only play the Tutorial and the Mighty League. I can’t find the episodes anywhere in the game. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, playing online and offline but nothing works. Is the game bugged or do I need to do something?

By Filipe Alexandre

Egg number 8 is not accessible.
I hit on the headlamp of the smaller pig in the Mine and Dine Level Selection Screen but nothing happens.

The BirdDay 7 Golden Egg found in one of the BirdDay 7 stickers dosen’t appears same for the Golden Egg found in the Golden League sticker.

By Night Owl

AB2 Arena glitch.

I got to diamond league, and on the first day of the week I was #1 of the rank, and playing against other people with similar flock power. (I was #1 with 82points and #2 was about 74) I come back on the second day and the people in the rank have changed, every single one, and they are all of a flock power MUCH lower then mine. To be honest I didn’t think it was a big deal at the start. But when I start playing (always in the Arena) I find my self also batteling people with very low flock powe, I am about 188 and I am against people of about 48/24/68…. You would think that could be good as I could easily win against them. Mistaken, they ALL score double then I do, can you imagine a flock power 24 scoring 12,000?
It has been the same situation for all week.
Anyone experienced the same?

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