Angry Birds Bugs & Glitches

Below is an actively updated list of Angry Birds bugs, glitches, and issues spanning all version and platforms. We obviously can’t know everything, so many of these are reported and/or updated by the AngryBirdsNest community, so if you notice something out of the ordinary leave a comment below and investigate. Please don’t leave a comment for a bug that already exists unless you have something new to report. Thanks!

Name EditionPlatformFixed
Total Bugs Logged: 49
Golden Egg #30 Sometimes Doesn't Pop UpOriginalAllv3.4.0
Golden Egg #8 UnobtainableOriginalAllv3.3.0
"New Year Egg" UnattainableSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Mooncake Festival Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsAllv3.1.0
Seasons Golden Egg 16 BrokenSeasonsAllv3.0.0
Both Christmas Level Selection Screens BorkedSeasonsiOS, PC, Macv2.5.1
Power Up Slot Machine InaccurateOriginaliPhone, iPod Touchv2.3.0
"Menu Popper" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.2.0
"Feather Picker" Not WorkingSpaceiOSv1.1.0
Scores Adding 5SpaceAllv1.1.0
Achievements Earned OfflineSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Where No Birds..." Not RegisteringSpaceiPhone, iPod Touchv1.1.0
"Gravitational Escape" Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.1.0
"Pig Bang" Score Addict Incorrectly ListedSpaceiOSv1.2.2
Double-Bonus BirdsRioAllNo
Mac Trackpad SensitivityOriginalMacv2.0.2
Nokia's "New Year Egg"SeasonsSymbianv2.3.0
Scores Ending in 9OriginaliOS, Android, PC, Macv2.0.2
Golden Egg 1 Missing from Mac/PCOriginalPC, Macv2.0.2
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)RioiPadUnfixable
Carnival Upheaval 8-5 3-star ThresholdRioiOSv1.4.0
Facebook/Twitter Levels Show No StarsSeasonsAllv2.1.0
Trick or Treat Golden Egg Flip-FlopSeasonsiOS, Androidv2.1.0
Block Smasher Free BuggedFree, Seasons FreeiOSNo
Rio Loading IssueRioAndroidv1.3.2.2
"Stellarvore" Not RegisteringRioiOSv1.4.0
Seasons Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Rio Football FlawedOriginalPCv2.0.0
PSP Unattainable Golden Eggs (Rumored Solutions Within)OriginalPSPNo
"Bright Side of the Moon" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Star for Golden Egg 17 Only Once UnlockableOriginalPCv2.0.0
Seasons Greedings 16 FeatherSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"King of the Caves" LabelingOriginaliOSv1.6.3
Smash Maniac (Not Bugged)OriginaliOSNot Bugged
Rio Football Numbering InconsistentOriginalAllv2.0.0
Accordion Not WorkingOriginalMacv1.6.3
17 Melons in Beach VolleyRioiOS, Androidv1.3.0
"Bunny Hunter" FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
Facebook Levels Won't UnlockSeasonsAllv1.6.0
Mighty Eagle Purchase and Use FlawedOriginaliOSNo
Only 14 Golden FruitsRioAllNo
Golden Eggs DisappearingOriginal, SeasonsAllNo
Seasons Golden Eggs MisnumberedSeasonsAllv2.0.0
Mooncake Festival In-Game Score Counter FlawedSeasonsiOSv2.0.0
"Easter Eggs - Score Addict" Valued Wrong (Unfixable)SeasonsiPhone, iPod TouchUnfixable
"Summer Pignic - Score Addict" Not WorkingSeasonsiOSv1.6.0
"Carnival Upheaval - Score Addict" MissingRioiOSv1.3.0
Carnival Upheaval Achievements Not WorkingRioiOSv1.3.0
Mighty Eagle Achievements FlawedOriginaliOSv1.6.3

Comments (2,140)

Profile photo of DG47Rank: Pig Leader with 11105 points
By DG47 (@dg47)

Long standing bug on Angry Birds Apparel-the pick axe on Ham Dunk 4-4 does not exist-at least not on my iPad! This “mission” keeps coming up-anyone else having this problem?

By Karen Newman

My game will not finish an arena event.

By Lesley caffrey

Hi my Andy birds seasons will not open on my iPhone 6 iso 10.0.2.
What can I do.

By TrWilson

Every time AB2 is revised/updated, it’s a disaster. Bi know it’s just a game but is there ANYTHING you can do to stop this. I’ve not been able to complete a battle as it continues to crash. Same with pig panic. I win but it crashes before awards received. Aren’t you programmers getting tired of the same complaints? Maybe you’re just smiling about all of us sots, as you put more and more money into your bank accounts.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 15210 points
By SweetP (@sweetp)

Sorry, we are not developers of any Rovio games. I suggest you contact and open a support ticket with your concerns.

By Neats

Me too! Just d/l this game and cannot receive daily challenge rewards. Crashes. Lots of work to get there then get nothing!

By Mario

Every time that I go into slot, it says “loading” and freezes there. I have reset my iPad and the bug continues.

By Nev

Sick and tired of my game crashing constantly and I have no service issues

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9790 points
By jrsquonk (@jrsquonk)

I downloaded and installed the ABO Bird Island update on my Android tablet. Now when I start the app up, I get a screen saying that an update is available and there is a “Download Now” button. I can’t get past this screen even though I have the update already installed. Now I can’t play ABO at all. Help!

By GloriaG

I’ve completed everything on AB Seasons but the bird wear quests. I keep getting a mooncake quest but since I already have all of them it won’t appear so I can’t complete the quest. I keep getting it every day besides the beat your score quests. I’m stuck and can’t move on to collect other bird wear quests. I’m awaiting an answer from Rovio but I wondered if anyone else has this problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Angry Birds Seasons
Wreck the Halls 1-25
I can’t see the right hand side of the room. EVER. So I can’t (except by total accident) clear the board.


in Angry Birds Seasons, Wreck the halls 1-25 I can only ever see the left half of the room / board. I can’t zoom out to be able to see what I’m shooting at on the right hand side of the room / board.

Profile photo of Elisa-day
By C. D.

I’m having the same issue. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution but I wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one this is happening to.

By Cindi Waldmiller

When I try to open Season on my iPad & iPhone, it goes to the “loading” and crashes. this has been going on since the Dec update. I sent an email but no reply.

By Bill Daniel

My angry birds 2 quits on my android tablet. What is going on? On level 281.keep having to restart.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1590 points
By Davetv (@davetv)

I can’t play any of the new pigfoot mountains levels on any of my apple devices. New 7 plus up to date and new mini 2 up to date. Help rovio what’s up??

By Lillian Howard

I can’t finish one game while playing in the arena . The game switches off and when i try to play again after the signing on angry Birds 2 will not let me complete a level and receives points . angry Birds crashes! i have restarted and done everything you have suggested. i get my demoted in the league. This isn’t fair!

By Tracy

On my kindle fire for angry birds seasons I am getting a lot of lagging and it constantly stops mid game and wants to reload and start the game over again.

By Spencer

I get a notification on the blue totem of a free golden pig spin, but after clicking it nothing appears. Do I not actually have them? Or are they glitching away?

Profile photo of Superbirdguy
By Alvin Zhao

Angry Birds Seasons Free is not working.It has a white square on the top left corner and nothing happens if I pressed a button.The Trick Or Treat theme is showing and I last played Trick Or Treat 1-1 Free and has seen the Angrybirdsnest guide to that level.It happened right after that.

By Anna Admans

Why can I no longer watch a video for a free bird?

By Xterm1

AB Seasins will try to open and just closes no mesage what can I do to restore the game

AB Friends just keeps sending messages we are extremely busy and will not connect to the server every time I try to use a power up item can’t play the game today yesterday it worked fine for 2+ hrs
Fix the server

By Emily

If I get a notification in my phone while playing the arena, the game will just end with me losing, even though I had several birds left. Even if the notification requires nothing for me other than to dismiss it. Its quite frustrating.

By Lars

When winning daily challenge if the treasure chest contains feathers for the same bird as the challenge awards feathers to, the feather content in the chest will replace the won feathers instead of adding to them. Happens in King pin challenges too

By A

Since yesterday’s update (3/7), the challenges / acheivements (at least for ‘four is more’ is ‘unclaimable’. The ‘claim’ button is present but clicking it just makes the total egg count sparkle without incrementing it. Haven’t bothered checking other challenges.

I think they were trying to fix some retroactive achievements (like total three starred levels not representing actual results) but broke something…

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