Angry Birds Space Now Available!!

At long last! At very long last! Angry Birds Space has landed for iOS, PC, Mac, NOOK Color, and Android via the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. We will definitely know more as we delve a bit deeper into Angry Birds Space, but here’s what we know so far. The initial launch of Angry Birds Space includes:

  • 60 gravity-defying levels: 30 from Pig Bang and 30 from Cold Cuts. The Angry Birds Space leaderboard is online and ready for your scores. Walkthrough pages are also up, so feel free to provide your strategies and help us track down those minimum 3 star scores.
  • 30 brain-teaser, extremely difficult levels in an episode called Danger Zone. Our video walkthroughs are available, but we warn you that they are very challenging. On iOS, Danger Zone is an in-app purchase, though level one is already unlocked, so you can try one level before you chose to buy the episode for $0.99. On PC, Danger Zone unlocks if you pass all 30 levels Pig Bang. It is available for free on Samsung Android devices. As for other devices, only time will tell.
  • A Golden Eggsteroids episode, which are the Angry Birds Space equivalent to Golden Eggs. This episode is locked by default. It unlocks once you’ve found your first Golden Eggsteroid. When found, Golden Eggsteroids unlock bonus levels, some levels pay homage to a few classic 1980’s video games. This is reportedly Rovio’s not-so-subtle nod to its video game predecessors.
  • For iOS there are new achievements via Game Center. For the first time we’ve actually created some video walkthroughs that can help with some of the hard achievements.
  • Poppable space suits (bubbles) on the home screen and throughout the game (i.e. check out the credits).
  • New animated bird help menus that help you understand the different powers.
  • The Space Eagle is making an appearance (see more below).
  • Quick tip #1! Frozen pigs will pop on their own.
  • Quick tip #2! To unlock the first level in an episode you need to hit the “Play” button and watch the first comic. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to the very first level.
  • Quick tip #3! If you hit an Eggsteroid, like the one on level 1-9, you’re automatically transported via a wormhole to that Eggsteroid level.
  • Quick tip #4! Lazer Bird isn’t affected by gravity when he’s targeting (after tap), but after impacting something gravity will exert force.

As you can tell, Angry Birds Space is launching on many platforms at once. Here’s a quick breakdown on the different flavors and their subsequent cost. Regardless of what version you chose, I’m sure the few dollars that it sets you back will be well worth it. In most cases it’s cheaper than a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

  • iOS: There are two flavors.  The SD version costs $0.99 USD, which is identical to the other Angry Birds apps in the past. The HD version costs $2.99 USD, which includes retina support for the new iPad (colloquially, the iPad 3). At this time, it is unclear if there will be a free and/or trial version like the other three apps. Angry Birds Space for iOS will run on iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod Touch (3rd, 4th gen) and requires iOS 4.0 or later (iPad requires 4.2 or later).
  • Android via Amazon Marketplace: There is a free ad-supported version, a $0.99 ad-free version, and a $2.99 HD version for Kindle Fire (nice!).
  • Android via Android Market / Google Play: Just as above, there is a free ad-supported version, a $0.99 ad-free version called “Premium”, an a $2.99 HD version for tablets. Requires Android OS 1.6, just as before.
  • PC: $5.95, a dollar more than the other Angry Birds apps in the past (the extra dollar may be for Danger Zone being included). There is also a demo available which allows you to play levels 1-1 through 1-15 of Pig Bang.
  • Mac: $4.99 and requires OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Understanding The Mighty Space Eagle

The Mighty Space Eagle has arrived, although it’s not exactly what you’re used to! On iOS at least, we first see the option to use the Space Eagle on level 1-11 of Pig Bang. The Space Eagle pops out of the sardine can through a wormhole and quickly blasts the surrounding area before returning to Earth. There are a few important differences though.

  1. You must have at least one unfired bird in the slingshot to use the sardine can.
  2. Most notably, the Space Eagle isn’t buy once, unlimited use. Rather, it’s treated more like a power-up. On iOS you receive three trials and then are prompted to purchase more. You can buy 20 cans for $0.99, 80 for $2.99, 280 for $7.99, or 980 for $19.99. We should also mention that you can earn Space Eagles via gameplay, though probably not enough to make significant progress in feather collecting.
  3. Using the Space Eagle does NOT automatically pop all pigs and clear the level, like it does in the other versions of Angry Birds. You must keep flinging.
  4. We’ve heard reports that the number of birds you use actually affects your destruction percentage. In the past the birds could help you, but didn’t directly affect your percentage. This is unconfirmed.

Let’s Find those Golden Eggsteroids! Clues Abound

Update! We’ve found all five Eggsteroids and our Complete Angry Birds Space Golden Eggsteroids Guide is ready and waiting if you need it. The Golden Eggsteroids leaderboard is up as well, so head on over and enter your scores.

If you want to track them down the Golden Eggsteroids yourself, we’ve outlined the clues we’re aware of below. If you aren’t interested in sleuthing for clues, our Complete Golden Eggsteroids Guide is available as a shortcut. Okay, on to the clues we know exist so far:

  1. One hint is available by participating in MTV’s “A THIN LINE” campaign, which we wrote about a few days ago.
  2. Several hints will available via Walmart, both by their Facebook page and by physical Angry Birds Space merchandise. Supposedly their Facebook Page will be updated with a clue today. But that’s not all. Per this USA Today article, “three more clues will be hidden in a new line of limited-edition plush toys, T-shirts and candy that the retailer will begin selling on Sunday. The 5- and 8-inch plush birds ($9.97 and $14.97, respectively), $6.97 T-shirt and Space Fruit Snacks ($2.18) could have clues on the price tag, in the packaging or within the shirts.”
  3. Furthermore, T-Mobile stores within Walmart will offer a free level to those who buy an Android smartphone. We’re not sure at this time if this is an exclusive level or some type of unlock.

Lastly, I should also add that all Samsung users have access to a bonus Golden Eggsteroid. Since it’s not available for everyone it’s not included on our leaderboard.

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