The Great BBQ Weekend Challenge!

Attention all Bad Piggies! Your mission this week, should you choose to accept it, is to build a BBQ! Check out the Official Pigs’ post on Facebook and the community-built grills to date! Some are small, some are expensive, others look like an industrial-sized furnace!

Bad Piggies Weekend Challenge 14 June 2014

“Victory Through Superior Freshness!”

This is something no pig has done before (exception of the evil Chef Pig of course!) for fear of being turned into crispy bacon, but for the good of all pig-kind, you must gird your ham and conquer your greatest fears in order to enjoy BBQ heaven! Come on piggies, no pain, no eggs, got that!?

Bad Piggies Teppanyaki

I love the smell of omelette in the morning!

Building dining rooms and kitchen equipment is not difficult at all in Bad Piggies. I made this teppanyaki style table grill and chair set some weeks back. All you need is some creativity to distinguish the cooking surface from seating areas unless your intention is to create some gigantic Pork Casserole!

For the fiery stuff under the stove/BBQ/grill/whatever cooking implement you fancy, just point some rockets downwards and click them individually so they don’t all go off at once and turn all your food into a blackened inedible mess…

Bad Piggies Pork Casserole

This is a huge Pork Casserole, because why not? It’s delicious!

Finally, as with all Weekend Challenge projects, it’s even better if you can create a story to go along with your wacky piggy creation, such as King Pig here being an Army Cook for a day – you know, for morale purposes!

Maximum military movie pun intended in the below video. Madness, you say? This is Piggy Island!

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