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By Ellen Dwyer

I have been registered for several years yet my scores disappear, Seasons are lost in your cloud. When I go to download to continue playing, I end up with 0 when I have completed nearly all. The only games I haven’t lost are paid version Star Wars II and Star Wars as I sign in using this email. I have lost HD version of Space, which I have nearly completed x2. You put Seasons in your cloud and I can’t get it back and it shows a keyboard to sign in but won’t accept my email nor user name. I have completed (only 1 level not finished ) Angry Birds original 3 Times. What is the keyboard for? I am completely frustrated losing my power ups, rewards, birds, etc,and having to start over. Now your latest update to Friends won’t allow me to open and I connected that via Facebook (something I didn’t want to do but felt forced to) so I wouldn’t lose the power ups and slings I have purchased. I play most of AB games and have purchased a lot. I am registered. I play on only android. What now?

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By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Hi Ellen,

I think you’re confusing us with Rovio. You should probably contact Rovio Support for more assistance.

By gumsi liegise

I have download it but to my surprise I can’t even play the games , it was ask to provide me the code to unlock it. so what code do I have to give then

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