PC Versions of Angry Birds Apps Officially Discontinued

King Pig recommends Xanax for Angry Birds

We are sad to say that the Angry Birds apps on PC have been officially discontinued. This is, of course, a rather upsetting piece of news that we feel obligated to inform our users about. While the official word comes directly from Rovio’s FAQ, this conversation was originally spurred by some users in a forum thread here on Nest. In particular, we’d like to thank @mixx for really getting the ball rolling in terms of credible information, though unfortunately it was a ball rolling downhill in terms of the storyline.

Here’s the snippet from Rovio’s FAQ (at the time of writing):

Why have PC games been discontinued? Will they receive further updates?

We have decided to discontinue development on PC games to focus on providing a better experience for these games on mobile devices. This change takes effect on November 13th, 2014. Starting from this date, PC games will no longer be available for purchase or download. Additionally, these games will no longer receive updates. To play the most recent versions of the games, please search for the mobile versions of the games on the app marketplace associated with your mobile device.

Again, we understand this is disappointing, but please don’t take this out on us. It was not our decision. Please read on, as we think there are viable options to consider:

  • All is not lost! Retrieving your data files on PC/Mac is actually quite simple. Transferring these data files to a mobile device (though not ideal) may keep your progress intact, allowing you to pick up where you left off! I recommend checking our Complete Backup / Transfer Guide.
  • In fact, you can start off ahead of where you left off! PC’s last update was on September 22nd, and a few apps have seen updates since then. And don’t forget about On Finn Ice, which is coming very soon on Angry Birds Seasons!
  • Mac: Also discontinued.
  • We have not yet received any official word about Steam support.
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By David G.

Well ABN, it was good while it lasted but this is probably the last time I’ll be visiting your site. Thanks for the tips and help over the last few years, but I’ve played every level to death available on PC and if Rovio is done with PC, then I’m done with Rovio.

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By löwenzahn (@liontooth)

Visiting the NEST makes sense afterall. Okay, sometimes you got a daily challenge with a level, you don´t have as a pc user, but i guess, there are far more old levels, then there will be released.

Sure, i´m saf about this, but hey…my cup is half full ^^

By David G.

I’d be more “glass half full” if Rovio had at least released a couple of updates with the discontinuation notice. Instead it was waiting, waiting, waiting, HA HA screw you, sucker.

Something I was going to mention in my previous post, and why I came back to comment again, what I think I’m most insulted by is that Rovio didn’t even have the decency to announce this themselves. It’s not on their news site or blog or anything. The individual product pages still say they’re available for PC and clicking on them just takes you to the Rovio shop page without explanation. If I hadn’t come by ABN to see if a seasons update was coming out who knows when I would have discovered this information. Shows me how much Rovio cares.

By John

Agrees, That’s why I done with Rovio and deleted all version of AB off PC.. Rovio have NONE respectable to any disability who can’t play with mobile with one hand, with PC they can do with mouse.. SHAMEFUL on ROVIO staff, period..

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By Dr. Sabya (@drsabya)

@kelani Regarding android emulators, BlueStacks is somehow difficult to use.
Its zooming in & out process sucks. Sometimes the bird runs backwards of the sligshot.
Requires a latest HD graphics driver & an advanced system with minimum 4GB RAM.
I think it will not be that much effective as PC.
But, where there is no option, there is BlueStacks.
Waiting for your video tutorial.

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By Dr. Sabya (@drsabya)

@kelani Definitely it’s a matter of regret for we PC users.
I prefer PC as my primary platform.
On a large screen with a mouse, the battle is pretty challenging without powerups.
I’ve 3-starred on each level of AB Series except some ABSW1 (Path of the jedi) & some AB Space levels.
I’ve all the backups for which I don’t need to play again, still missing the updates.

@asher At least they should provide PC updates for ABSW2, AB Seasons & AB Original.
I was waiting With no hope for PC updates of AB Stella & AB Epic.

I’ve an android phone to play only the latest updates of AB series.
I never use powerups even when on android.
Often feel bored on a small touch screen with the index finger.
@josm It’s much more difficult for an android Jelly Bean model for backup & restore without rooting.

With a single key of activation, one can use not only 3, but also multiple times & for multiple systems.
I’ve formatted my system 3 times, still using the key for activation after a fresh installation.
There is a beautiful way which I always prefer.

@amslimfordy @birdleader
Rovio’s decision for Angry Birds PC is like Google’s decision for Orkut.
Very very poor decision & also it’s the false show of strength by Rovio.
Rovio is directly hurting the popularity of Angry Birds.
Definitely they like iOS > Android >> PC
I hope Rovio not to endanger android in the future.

Our long-standing wait has to come to an end.
But our ambitions will never fade by such a weak decision.

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By Josm (@josm)

@drsabya i know, my device is rooted, thats why i can access that folder. forgot to mention

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By elle (@elle)

Is this why my league scores are now considerably lower than they were? I was top of my leagues for the past three weeks, but this week I cannot seem to get anywhere near the score of other players and I have bought a load of power-ups. Is this the end for successful competition?

By swarup

I am very sad that rovio has discontinued launching angry birds updates. So I request to rovio to continue it, please.

By Dawn

Angry Birds for PC discontinued?????!!!!! Thanks a lot!! I suppose this decision was made with no regard at all for those of us who can’t afford a mobile device, and are stuck at home with a PC because we’re handicapped, wheel chair bound, and/or bed ridden!!!

This is a ROTTEN,ROTTEN,ROTTEN thing to do!!! Especially for those of us PCers who have been faithful; not only playing ALL versions of the game, but also with purchases, and playing online… WHAT THE HELL… so just like that PCers are out in the cold?!@#$%%^&&**()(_)+++_))(*&^%^$%$#@!

I knew all along it’s all about the money for your company; yours is just like all of the rest of the game manufacturing companies; you don’t give a damn about “the little guy”, and probably never did!! I thought Finns were supposed to be hospitable… this action of yours proves just the opposite. It’s very inhospitable, inconsiderate, and very disrespectful.

I saw where one person was actually thanking you for the pleasure and said it was good while it lasted. It was very good; too bad it’s not going to continue. Angry Birds/Rovio is as cold as the country you ALL came from!!!

By Julia

Well said Dawn….I don’t use an android device nor have one. Big time game player and love AB’s. I do have a Nook but guess what…they quit updating AB on nook before AB toons. Really is pissy.

By Bob

Well it is a bad business decision. The cell phone version is a cramped version of the real version (PC). Rokio does not realize that it is the PC that got us addicted. But I have uninstalled it everywhere .. since playing it on the cell phone was a tease to myself for the reward of playing the full version on the PC.

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By zlyeptitsy (@zlyeptitsy)

What a monstrously entitled piece of nonsense! Rovio is not a charity. They are a small company struggling to turn a profit. If a particular platform proves to be very unprofitable, they are under no obligation whatsoever to support it in perpetuity. And the cheapest supported mobile devices start at under $100, affordable to all except the very poorest in Western countries.

Your knee-jerk willingness to bash not only Rovio, but all Finns and Finland disgusts me. If you never darken this website again, so much the better. Good riddance.

Rank: Shooter with 970 points
By Baddy2004 (@baddy2004)

I agree. Running just a game takes some money. So that is why many games is paid.

By dischi

To say, to keep items in a web shop to sell them costs so much money that Rovio can not afford it any more is just utter r… eal nonsense.

But surely the calculation of serial numbers nearly ruined the finances?
Or maybe the simple fact of having a payment system in place? Wait, I have got it! It may simply be a managers wages, who has to save enough to justify his wages.

Outsourcing the shop for PC? Obviously not as Steam would do perfectly fine but does not honestly get used.

Though every time a company “concentrates on core business” it soon hits the (global) market.

BTW I never received an update for the PC versions anyway.

But having read that, I am now happy to skip my next buy of Angry Birds gear for the young man. You can not expect to kick people on the leg without any consequences.

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By PJng (@pjng)

For Android tablet, you can use mouse to play game, but need to purchase USB OTG cable.
And you cannot use scroll to zoom in out.

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By Green Woodpecker (@green-woodpecker)

Sad news indeed, but not unexpected.
As the updates slowly dried up I switched more to playing on Android.
I much prefer my mouse and 22″ screen to my 7″ tablet but at least I have the choice of playing the old levels occasionally on PC.
I will await a tutorial on Android emulators with interest.

So long and thanks for all the pigs.

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By asher (@asher)

@kelani: I tried Andy roid yesterday and it’s a no go.
The software is quite buggy (a lot of crashes in a short time) and you can’t zoom out (ABO is crashing each time the mouse wheel is used even in the start screen).

Anyway, I switched to BlueStacks (http://www.bluestacks.com/) and everything is working fine. You can zoom out (Ctrl+mouse wheel), and when you maximize the window, AB is also maximized ;-)

I even quickly tried new levels for fun on the free version.

So I think that’s the way to go for now.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9590 points
By crivit (@crivit)

@kelani confirmed. I couldn’t even start the game with Andy without crashing. Bluestacks works way better and faster even with my inferior videocard. Thanks @asher for the details and good luck on the new levels, I’m sure you’ll get way more sick scores on Android as I got a few on my tablet with not so much playing time ;)

By Gbird

@asher You can use the Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom out in Andy roid. It’s a bit quirky but it does zoom out eventually. For me BlueStacks didn’t work as it kept asking me to plug in my Andriod device.

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By AEX10 (@aex10)

Well should have it coming,
It came out on phones first anyway. Feel sorry for the
PC users who put all their time and money into this…

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By sith's master (@swii)

The PC version was more simple to use. You could aim more accuratly on PC. I am very sad. Like David G I think this is the last time I visit the nest.

By Gbird

As expected Rovio just took down the download.angrybirds.com website. It just takes you to https://www.angrybirds.com/play?utm_source=download website instead.

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By justpast40 (@justpast40)

Wow, I hope Rovio reads these comments & realizes how incredibly unprofessional is their handling of this issue or “announcement.”

It would seem their decision to discontinue was being considered for some period of time, after all, global businesses like this don’t make spur of the moment decisions. While I’m sure consumers speculated, it seems from what I’ve read, Rovio gave no official warning. As a contrast, I think of Microsoft albeit a much much larger company & their having to discontinue support for various OS or software. In my experience, this is announced well in advance, meaning over a year, sometimes 2 years from the “official” date. I truly realize Rovio & Microsoft are in different leagues, but if you’re going to market a “for fee” product globally to consumers, you’re playing with the Big Boys & have a duty to your consumers.

While a 2-year warning for a game support seems unnecessary & unrealistic, if compared to how long a game is “in development,” would a year’s notice be realistic?

I’ve never played on a PC, but leading dedicated consumers to believe your updates are “in the works,” “coming shortly,” etc, almost seems to be deceptive if the consumer is or has paid to purchase your app. This is particularly true if a PC gamer purchased ABO years ago & then a year or so ago decides to purchase ABSW II based on their positive experience with the number of years Rovio supported ABO, only to find out that while ABO was supported for years, SW II is being discontinued 13 months later.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

@Justpast40 I’d love it if we’d gotten those notices, but it comes down to the fact that it’s just a $5 game. The gaming industry drops support for platforms and devices without notice all the time. There is a need for end-of-life notices for major operating systems with millions of business users, but games? not so much.

That aside, abandoning the in-progress updates is quite a slap in the face, and that’s what annoys me the most.. They may have opened themselves to some legal issues by doing that, but that’s just speculation on my part, and I’m not an expert in intl. law. :) Given the recent layoffs (most likely being the PC dev/support staff), and abandonment of other fringe divisions, I think they became aware they were losing money, looked at what was unprofitable, and dumped everything that fell into that category. It’s rude, but it’s just business.

By braden1127

Rovio, bring it back! Disclaimer: We did not steal the eggz. It is nothing personal but pigs eat pork,ham,bacon. Hope we make good BLT. Kind regardz, King Percy V of Pig City AKA Smoof Cheex.


You would think that they would at least finish the upgrades that were paid for and promised, “soon to come”. I have no intentions of buying another device just to play the games. 4 grand kids and our little get together’s are finished. Guess we will go back to Peggle. As far as I am concerned this is a major rip-off and there is no excuse for it. Anyone want to bet on the number of plushies and other crap ending up on eBay?

Rank: Explosive with 2445 points
By brandenburg5 (@brandenburg5)

I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for decades, and I’ve seen this before. Small company becomes wildly successful, makes forecasts that are not based in reality and then overextends itself. Any company that believes it will be “Disney 2.0” is clearly delusional.

A little searching led me to the 2011 article in Wired magazine. Rovio has had a difficult history, and the CEO who is now leaving left once before, after a quarrel with his father (who is Chairman of the Board).

Rovio could certainly have handled this change better, and the fact that it didn’t is a sign of how immature the company is. (That’s not to say that larger, mature companies always handle this sort of thing well, either.)

Companies (and their products) rise and fall. It’s a fact of life. Today perhaps it happens faster than before, but that’s true of a lot of things.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6355 points
By Skippy (@skippy)

I agree with JD on this one. I’m sad to see my PC Angry Birds go and I can’t justify purchasing a tablet just to play games. I wrote to them as I’m sure many others did, voiced my disgust politely and informed them that I was taught that if you start something you finish it…period! and got the same cookie cutter response.

That we are not going to see any of the promised updates is, as if we needed it, proof of Rovio’s unprofessional business behavior.

Rank: Champion with 3715 points
By Barbbjb (@barbbjb)

OK, guess it’s onward and upward. I checked out “Peggle”, but there’s no comparrison so besides playing the AB games we already have over and over I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for other similar games or just some other fun games?



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By Pigineer Mec (@pigineer-mec)

Aw. I loved playing Angry Birds and Bad Piggies on the computer! (It’s a shame that they never made a Linux port.) :(

By swac

Drat, was hoping I could at least play the final SEASONS level for PC, South HAMerica, but when I try to upgrade the game, using the installer that was saved in my apps file, I get a message that states “The file was corrupt (wrong MD5 signature). Restart download?” But no amount of restarting will update the game. They could at least leave the file up for those who hadn’t got to it yet.

By Charles

Finally pigs won the battle and took possession of Rovio.

Rank: Shooter with 970 points
By Baddy2004 (@baddy2004)

Haha not yet :)

So if it does, why is BP deleted?

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8345 points
By ABFran (@dm-franco)

It was fun while it lasted. I think it came to pass before confirming and to the PC versions of AB and later. I remember the first game of Angry Birds for PC Space was at that time played only version of Chrome. Then just download it version of Seasons, Original, Rio and then the other. Only’ve left the version of Star Wars II and Bad Piggies, the other the delete (but leave the saved progress). I hope that in the not too distant future Rovio change your mind and then have the PC versions of an update. Moreover, as can be that fail to perform as Star Wars II came out last year and only had 2 or 3 updates, plus other games ???


Angry Birds – V 4.0.0 – Lacking Short Fuse (Part 3) and Flock Favorites
Angry Birds Seasons – V 4.1.0 – Lacking Ham Dunk and Finn On Ice
Angry Birds Rio – V 2.2.0 – Well
Angry Birds Space – V 2.0.0 – Well
Angry Birds Star Wars – V 1.5.0 – Well
Angry Birds Star Wars II – V 1.5.1 – Lacking “Rebels” and the previous
Bad Piggies – V 1.5.1 – Well

Clearly the 7 games for PC, 4 were updated in time (currently as Rovio can update this later), while Seasons, Star Wars II and Original only 2 things you missed.

Rovio, returns to the PC version !!!!!!

Rank: Shooter with 970 points
By Baddy2004 (@baddy2004)

SWII: Lacking Revenge of the Pork
Bad Piggies: Lacking Little Pig Adventure

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By Dr. Sabya (@drsabya)

@kelani @les-toreadors @dm-franco @josm @asher

I’ve read somewhere in the internet that Rovio is going to surprise all the PC users with ABO, ABSW2 & ABS in the New Year.

I don’t know upto what extent this news is correct.
But if it happens, then it will be a great surprise for all the PC users.
So, we have to just wait with some hope till 01.01.2015.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

@drsabya Do you mean the missing updates for those games? That’d be nice, but I’ll be very surprised indeed if that happens. I’m thinking the PC development staff was probably included in those layoffs a few months ago. Additionally, the statement specifically said “no further updates”. It doesn’t make sense that they’d make an announcement that would anger all of the PC customers, only to surprise us afterward. Personally, if that’s what happens, I’ll be grateful for the updates, but I’ll still feel like I’ve been jerked around.

Rank: Boss Hog with 14280 points
By Josm (@josm)

@drsabya where did you read that?

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8345 points
By ABFran (@dm-franco)

@drsabya Surprised but the question is: Where did you extract or read it and if it is true???

By John

I can smell BS, unless Rovio is going announces about AB apps releases for PC again… ;)

Rank: Shooter with 970 points
By Baddy2004 (@baddy2004)

No updates.

Well, ABSW2 is almost done, but the Utapau part is missing.

ABO, maybe not.

For ABS, only TPD.

By Tree

Are you kidding me? I completely understand not selling anymore games on PC. That is fine with me. BUT… you don’t just stop updating the games that people have already bought. WTF? Epic Fail Rovio!!! I prefer the pc. If not I would not have bought all the games. Are you going to refund money?

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

The gaming industry drops support for platforms all the time. As a PC player, It’s upsetting, but not unexpected. If a platform isn’t profitable, there is no other option but to stop development for it. And no, companies typically don’t refund customers for that.

By dischi

Not sure, but the development of the games has not stopped at all. Just the copy and past in the PC wrapper has stopped. So either the wrapper has been really badly made for not accepting changes and needing adjustment all the time.
Not supporting the PC versions could mean that there are a lot of hacked trial versions out in future. So, getting peanuts on PC or loosing sales because of folks play for free in future? Plus the hacked off users that had spent their money already?

Because there are people jumping of bridges all the time does not mean it’s a healthy decision. And the result indeed is not unexpected.

By digggs

help!!! how to transfer angry bird’s pc progress to blue stacks?

By melanie

Big Mistake in my opinion…pc is just a better gaming experience…mobile device is too small for me. This will be my last visit here, I wish they would have given us a few send off levels instead of nothing. I saw the new levels like On Finn Ice and thought oh goodie..but I can’t even buy them. byebye Angry Birds

By adidas yeezy boost

I want to go there and stay there!!! Thanks for telling all of us how, Julia! Looking forward to more interaction with you!

By Sawyer

The Trailer For This Was Kinda Boring For Angry Birds Chrome Because It Frozed The Game On iOS And You Discontinued It.

By Greg

Is there a place to get the original pc games with updates up until the cutoff date? I would love to go back and play them all again.

Rank: Hardened with 640 points
By TheWinnerGuyCJP (@collin02)

Hey, Bluestacks exists, Play Angry birds on Bluestacks.

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