New Angry Birds Theme 10 Leaked Images!

Below are some leaked images from forthcoming 1.4.1 Angry Birds update. This update–which will be released any day–will include Theme 10 of The Big Setup and 15 new levels. Bring it on!

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By Andrew

Bring it on! I want more pigs!

By IloveAngryBirds

New angry birds update released today !!!!!

By Aurora

What exactly is “any day”? Is it “today, tomorrow, in 2 days…” or is it “in a week or two”? ;)


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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

I’m not sure it’s up to Rovio at this stage. I believe that the update is pending approval by the app store.

By Ian Robbie

Hi. According to the Wiki site (who have been right so far) the next update will be released right after the Youth Olympics which finish on the 26th August. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact time. I’m chomping at the bit to add to my 3 Star perfect game!

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Ian, what’s the link to this wiki site?

By Ian Robbie

Hi. Here’s the link –

I know about the dodgy information you can get on Wikipedia but they’ve been right on the releases of the other updates. Here’s hoping they’re right.

We’ll see tomorrow!

By Peacecat

Just curious, I don’t see any mention of an update on that wiki site. Am I missing it or was that information removed??

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

I don’t see it either. Never did, but I thought I was just missing something as well. Guess not.

By cannonball

It was on wiki earlier this week and has since been removed- perhaps somebody’s wishful thinking?

By Chris

It’s out – IT’S OUT!!!
15 beautiful new levels!
Gotta go and get all the three stars!

By Sam

I have the update 1.4.1 but the problem is I don’t have theme 10 why?

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

Have you passed 9?

By Sam

Yes I have 3stars on everything

By Kim

Me too. i cant play theme 10. it used to say “coming soon” until i did the update, now it just shows little locks but “coming soon” is gone. How do i unlock theme 10. i have 3 stars on all other levels and cant wait to continue.

By Wouter

Retina support? Pics look good btw!


Je suis completement ADDICT mais j’aime ça …

By Miles

iPad-HD version is out, hopefully iPhone will soon follow!

By IloveAngryBirds

Wooo hooooo they fixed the bug in level 2-2

Completed level first try with new update

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By Sam

Is the theme 10 out for iPhone ?????

By Brock Macpherson

Not only is the level 10 update available for the iPhone I have completed all levels with 3 stars. The most difficult was 10-15 followed closely by 10-8. There is at least one new Golden Egg.

By Maxx

when will theme 11 3 star videos come out

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

I hope soon. They take a little while to create.

By francesco

I have completed all levels with 3 stars as well as the 14 golden eggs and for some reason the theme 10 is still locked.
Can someone explain me what I missed?

By mlhii

Does anyone know where achievement 43 is? My list only has 42 listed including the secret one for launching a yellow bird straight up in level 6-14.

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