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My wife and I live by a lake in northeast Oklahoma. I enjoy boating and fishing so its a good place to live. I have had the opprtunity to live and travel to many different places around the world. In my earlier years I was a tour guide and travel agent in Europe. That experience makes travelling now much easier and less stressful. Hopefully she and I will continue to travel for many years to come. Next year we will be going to England, Wales and Scotland for 3+ weeks. I also enjoy taking care of and changing the landscaping of the land around our home. I retired much earlier than originally planned and try everyday to stay active, enjoy life, follow the golden rule and never take anything or anyone for granted. So far Karma has been pretty good to me. Along with my wife the biggest blessing to my life has been my four grandchildren. In the summer we love to have them stay with us as much as possible. They are fun to be around and are becoming seasoned travelers. The oldest is 11, the youngest is 7. The 11 yr. old introduced me to AB when I was recuperating from knee surgery and the rest as they say history. Best regards to all who read this and I wish you all the joy and happiness now and always. If you find yourself down….look up… there’s alot more room there to find what ever your looking for.



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