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    @wingmanjuan thanks for the update! Looking forward to testing out Matilda with it! Hopefully this means legit players will no longer have to worry about being bumped into the “cheaters leagues”, and we can actually trust the legitimacy of the scores of our opponents.


    I have also noticed some interesting behavior regarding people dropping out of the league. Within the first hour of when this week’s tournament started, there were 37 people in my bronze league pool. This has dwindled to 25 right now. I have a couple theories, but no way to test what’s true. Possibilities include:
    – They were kicked for cheating. For example, the highest score in my league group just a couple hours after it started was 1,151,610, which was pretty high for so early on. The person had disappeared by the next morning. Of course, the scores very well could have been legitimate… that total is certainly doable, as the ABN leaderboards now show.
    – Some sort of rebalancing occurs when a new person plays for the first time in a week, if there’s not already a non-full newly-formed pool for them to join. I’ve never had it happen to me though, where I was rebalanced to a completely different group of competitors.
    – Any sort of glitch that resets someone’s scores/placement like Martin explained.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)