• Rambleberry posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    @wanda – Are you by chance still using a Kindle ( I saw old comment in The Ultimate Backup thing)? I saw your platform listed as Android, would that be what I use in my profile? I am using Kindle Fire HD. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi @Rambleberry ! I’m still using a Kindle Fire. I got an HDX 7 for my birthday, which is my third fire:-). They just keep getting better!

      • Lucky you! :D

        So, I would list my platform as Android in my profile then?

        I just posted this and other questions in the ABF forum, I want to try and post to Leaderboard.

        Any help would be appreciated. And did you ever backup your Kindle? If so, how?

        – Christine

        • @Rambleberry, I would list it s Android since the kindle fire is running Android.
          As for backing up, I used to use an app for backing up AB scores, but it only works for versions up to Ice Cream Sandwich. I just looked at starting over as a huge challenge :-). I wish there was a way to do without rooting my kindle!