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    New videos of the SOUNDTRACK just released on youtube! Very nice to hear (in fact I had covered the Pig’s Theme Song here), but it is rather disappointing to me too as I could’nt hear any inspiration from the original theme songs in any of the tracks…

    Here are some of the videos:

    Omega X

    Its very interesting as they decided to throw all of their cards on the table at once with the release of the movie with almost all pigs (King, Foreman, Chef etc) being introduced in this movie, as seen from the Lego sets, which also gave away the intriguing King Pig design.

    So the King pig has a kingly cape. Well it certainly fits with his character, but I’m a little disappointed that he is not bigger in size than other pigs. No real complaints about the chef or foreman, and I appreciate the foreman’s hat, thats a really nice touch.

    Heres my speculation: As this movie is a prequel to the game we know now (AB Toons), I would suspect that the king we see in this movie would be overthrown by the birds, and replaced by the King that we now know of (the conical shaped one =P).

    I previously speculated that we would only see the King/Foreman/Chef at the end of the movie as a post/mid credits scene (isn’t that what they love to do nowadays anyways? =P) leading an armada against the birds for the defeat of Leonard, whom I thought was the main antagonist of the film.

    Well we shall see I guess, but as a movie, Lego, and angry birds fan, I have VERY high hopes for this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)