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Angry Birds addict since the first AB original available for iPhone. I have played on Angry Birds Seasons 2011 & 2012, and Angry Birds Rio. Unfortunately, i have had a bug on my smartphone so i have delate all of the AB games then re-downloaded them (big error!), so i have lost all of my scores, even the Mighty Eagles ones, and of course golden eggs… I could have cry !!! (Do no forget i am a woman ;-) I have start again all the levels and finished most of them, but guess i have lost a little faith and my scores (some of them were pretty good !) are only in the average for now.

I have started AB Star Wars 10 days ago or so, and became a member of AngryBirdsNest to get some help when needed and to share my experience with others AB addicts (and being glad that i am able to save my scores now…).

Thanks in advance for all your smart and helpfull comments, and thanks to AngryBirdsNest to have created this precious AB addicts community. Happy66





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