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EStarEStar 4:27AM Flag html tutorial to edit the given code by the nest to show images in the forum section

Go to your album and upload a photo or select on you previously uploaded Underneath the photo are 3 html options. Copy the whole code in the box next to embed Paste it in the commentbox (NOTE embed ONLY WORKS in the forum sections!) Find the -100×100 in the code and remove it (Don’t forget the dash in front of it!) The result of this action > the image will be displayed in original size, so probably TOO large!! To resize the image back to an acceptable size, you need to add a height or width to the image code in front of the /> at the end of the code, like so

Now check the result in your “Preview tab” at the top of the comment box, if it looks okay, press “Post comment” and presto!


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