• This update was satisfying, but also had many disadvantages. I love the Daily Events and the Slalom races. But I agree with you, @adrianchau, the stuff you mentioned is….. blah.

  • I’m Dr. Omega (@dr-omega) and this is your Angry Birds Nest News Roundup for February 24th, 2014. You can find all past news bulletins archived here.

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    Angry Birds GO! – GOing Places, or already GOne?

    Angry Birds GO! was only released a few months ago, but as we recently reported, there appears to be a Transformers-based update in the works for fall 2014. But is there another update in the works coming sooner? Nester @adrianchau found a batch of Series 2 Angry Birds GO! Telepods at a local toy store. Interestingly, some of the vehicles appear to be snowmobiles.

    Angry Birds Go Leaked Telepods v2

    Could this mean a winter update is coming as us in the West approach Spring? Rovio previously announced that a multiplayer option would be added in the spring. It’s possible that these Telepods could be for that update, just released early to stores (not the first time for Hasbro). Check out all of @adrianchau‘s Series 2 Telepods here.

    In the meantime, the latest update to Angry Birds GO! has made some configuration changes that have racers seeing red (the color, not the bird). I put it to you, fellow flingers, are you enjoying the game or are you finding it frustrating? Share your impressions on the Angry Birds GO! Forum.

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    Stellapods Video from the New York Toy Fair 2014

    As a follow up to our last report on the Angry Birds Stella Telepods, @greeny356 found a video from ChipChick showing the Stella Telepods in action at the New York Toy Fair. It’s also gives us our first good look at Hasbro’s Stella toy line up.

    @miezko also found this video and another which gives us our first confirmed names from the game: Luca, Willow, Poppy and what appears to be Gale (the Queen character). Also, the demonstration shows the birds being launched from a swingset rather than a slingshot. It will be interesting to see if this be the new Stella launching system!

    Great work you two!

    Coming full circle, the video below shows an almost verbatim demonstration from the Hasbro rep; however, it also shows the Angry Birds GO! Series 2 Telepods at the end.

    [video_embed id="3-y9dh3mlLM"]

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    AB Toons vol. 2 coming to DVD and Blu-ray

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced this week the release date for Angry Birds Toons: Season One, Volume Two on DVD and Blu-ray and it’s coming sooner than you think! April 15, 2014 will see the release of the second half of the fist season of Angry Birds Toons, including episodes that have yet to air on the Toons.tv site.

    In addition to episodes 27 – 52, there are several behind-the-scenes features and what appears to be a new, never-before-seen holiday toon called “Easter Egg Hunt.” For a full list of the special features, see the press release here.

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    App Development: Hunters vs. Hobbyists

    For the more technical-minded flingers and racers among you, Vision Mobile brings us an interesting article explaining the two methodologies of app development, using Angry Birds (Hunter) and Flappy Bird (Hobbyist) as the examples.

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    Bootleg Transformers

    With the possibility of Angry Birds mixing with Transformers, the possible permutations of that partnership excites the imagination as to “what could be.” To that end, ActionFigureChecklist.com offers us some tantalizing glimpses with two galleries of bootleg Angry Birds Transformers toys from China for your viewing pleasure. Here is a gallery of the more classic Transformers style and one more showing some bizarre superhero figure versions.

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News Roundup. Good night and good flinging!

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