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I became addicted to Angry Birds on my daughter’s iPod, where I set up my original profile reflecting the regional nature of Crystal as ABegger (AB for Alberta, the province in Canada where I live). Eventually my daughter complained about missing her iPod to the point where I had to buy my own and my new profile became ABeggerToo. I am always trying to increase my scores and enjoy using the nest to verify the strats I am using are the most efficient. I’m not electronically chatty, but enjoy sharing unique strats which lead to high scores. I have come to appreciate the contributions of regulars and the commeraderie I see displayed in the nest.

My avatar is an abandoned information kiosk north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Every time I drove by at 100 km/h, I was struck by how the hand painted question mark correctly captured my thoughts “what the hell is that?” After a tourism contractor made fun of the building at a public presentation, the question mark disappeared. To my delight the building remains, flanked by a tiny A-frame outhouse.






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