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Level M2-10n/an/a34,739n/an/a
Level M2-20n/an/a90,603n/an/a
Level M2-30n/an/a92,701n/an/a
Level M2-40n/an/a39,148n/an/a
Level M2-50n/an/a70,371n/an/a
Level M2-60n/an/a74,859n/an/a
Level M2-70n/an/a105,174n/an/a
Level M2-80n/an/a65,223n/an/a
Level M2-90n/an/a58,103n/an/a
Level M2-100n/an/a69,824n/an/a
Level M2-110n/an/a84,925n/an/a
Level M2-120n/an/a66,921n/an/a
Level M2-130n/an/a70,482n/an/a
Level M2-140n/an/a99,526n/an/a
Level M2-150n/an/a59,148n/an/a
Level M2-160n/an/a132,862n/an/a
Level M2-170n/an/a104,614n/an/a
Level M2-180n/an/a213,124n/an/a
Level M2-190n/an/a76,748n/an/a
Level M2-200n/an/a58,008n/an/a
Level M2-210n/an/a78,288n/an/a
Level M2-220n/an/a57,477n/an/a
Level M2-230n/an/a131,849n/an/a
Level M2-240n/an/a104,903n/an/a
Level M2-250n/an/a78,937n/an/a
Level M2-260n/an/a94,180n/an/a
Level M2-270n/an/a64,063n/an/a
Level M2-280n/an/a90,162n/an/a
Level M2-290n/an/a127,878n/an/a
Level M2-300n/an/a131,164n/an/a