Icebreaker Troll Marsh Level G1 Snotball

Troll Marsh Level G1, Snotball, is part of the “Goat Side Quest“. To unlock this level, you must retrieve the goats in Level 7: Isle Of Goat. Our strategy is to slice the treasure chest to spin the ball counterclockwise, knocking the goats and chest into the shepherd’s boat. Now spin the ball to get the Vikings into their boat. For par, ignore the goats and chest and focus solely on the Vikings.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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By thegreatsleeper (@thegreatsleeper)

2 Cuts

Cut the troll off the ball and the viking on the ice, to get him on the ball, in one cut. Then when the ball rotates clockwise you can get all three vikings off with one more cut.

This takes a few tries, the viking has to fall on the ball in the “right” position.

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