Angry Birds Seasons Trick or Treat Level 3-3 Walkthrough

One strategy for Trick or Treat level 3-3 is to fire a Yellow bird straight ahead through the first pumpkin pig, causing the first bridge to collapse. Fling a Red bird into the bottom pumpkin pig and the vertical blocks beyond, causing the main bridge to cave inward. Snipe the remaining pigs, if needed. The score in the video below is 102,280.

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Comments (137)

left of center says:

I scored 117,110. The right half of the ‘building’ collapsed without me shooting any bird! Weird, but very helpful :)

chris says:

after many tries at the same spot in the video, one bird did it all

Crystal says:

same here it took only 10 times but i did it……. u have to take yellow bird n hit right under first latern causing the tower to collpse foward n then the blocks take out wood killing all the pigs…..

wrw01 says:

1. Yellow Bird grazes the top of the pumpkin and goes under the first lantern on the left. Sometimes it came very close to a one bird solution without hitting the pumpkin. There must be a “sweet” spot in there because the entire structure collapsed. It took a while to hit the right spot but finally AB’s magic worked.
2. Red Bird = bonus
3. Red Bird = bonus
4 Yellow Brid = bonus
I did not see what happened in the right side of the structure but that is hard part to get it to collapse entirely. Seems the top hollow stone is needed to fall to the right but did not see what exactly happened.
Also the self collapsing top hollow stone on the right still works but did not seemed to provide much of an advantage. The entire right side did not collapse for me. Gained almost 3k in points.

kimmiecv says:

Thank you @wrw01 :). Once again for the details! I’m going to add a few things I noticed, maybe this will help. The hollow brick on the far right has to fall in such a way that it clips the second larger box like structure right on the tip where the two boards meet, if it doesn’t you won’t get the collapse of the right side. Although on Very rare occasions I’ve seen debris break the horizontal board next to the far right pumpkin pig and it will collapse. Haven’t seen it collapse any other way and I’ve been at this for hours! Also you tend to get that block to fall correctly only if you go over the left pumpkin and into the boards under the lanturn as mentioned above. It’s very frustrating because the board under the block determines where that block will fall or if the block will disintegrate before it hits that corner! I hope these details help a bit more, I’m still trying to make this stupid levels score a better one and I wish you luck, seems mine is on vacation! :/

Kathy says:

Ooohhh.@Kimmiecv I cannot get the right side to fall..the 2bird solution in video does not work..looks like FujiToast got a lucky shot…I see no 2 bird strat here..and my one bird as @wrw01 says. Is not working….Help!!!

kimmiecv says:

@Kathy I’m on this one Again as well! It’s a really hard level. The best you can do is follow wrw01s instructions and my extra details, nine out of ten times if it all collapses you have 1 or both of the bottom pumpkin pigs still alive! :/. I’m going to invoke the you know what for both of us because No fujis video doesn’t work for us mortals not once have I gotten it that way! Here goes……WWwHHhiiiinnnneeee!!!!

Kathy says:

Double that @Kimmiecv it looks so easy NOT
Whiiinnnneee !

Kathy says:

Arghhh @Kimmiecv here i am again!! O.k i got the one birder:) BUT my luck only 107k WT!!!

Angryguy says:

@wrw01 you’ve done it again! wasn’t even trying anymore because i was so sick of the level, tried your strat one last time and everything collapsed, just needed one red bird to finish the level off, got me 108k, thanks!

wrw01 says:

@angryperson Thanks again. You may want to consider posting your scores on your Leaderboard. Just a suggestion.

Kathy says:

Hey @Kimmiecv just had a thought..maybe I been aiming at wrong it the One right in front or the One in video?

kimmiecv says:

Don’t aim for the piggie @Kathy you have to aim well I aimed for the pumpkin as soon as the bird is shot I activated him to hit through the pumpkin and hoped he’d hit just the right spot to get a 1 birdie. It took me days to get every piggie dead with one shot! I noticed I’d never gotten enough points unless I hit the pumpkin too! This one was IMO the hardest level to do. :/ I hope this helps, if not maybe I could narrow it down more, just let me know! Good luck!!

Kathy says:

WOO HOO! ! 121540:) think that’s it!! One more check then o think outta here @Kimmiecv ..:) followed as closely as I could the biggest key is like @wrw01 said ‘graze the pumpkin. The dots from your aim should go just slightly over pumpkin self collapse is no help at all.
off to BP to celebrate ;)

wrw01 says:

@kathy WTG!!! Thanks for the mentions and glad I could help. I was glad to leave TorT but happy with my scores and rank. It took a lot of work. Nice job Kathy. You have the P & P to succeed.

kimmiecv says:

Yeahhh we otta here!! Awesome score @Kathy nice way to end ToT!! @wrw01 is an amazing strategist and we are the better for it!! :D

Kathy says:

YES!! thank you both @wrw01 and @Kimmiecv ;)

boops says:

thank u 1 bird 116,020

wanda says:

124100 one bird. thanks so much for the help!

suju says:

true , the right side collapses before shooting the first bird ,thought it was a fluke ,might have to restart the level a few times and wait a few seconds ,it works !

Rick says:

123.610 – 1 bird!!!! same way (smash the pupkin, but doesn’t brake the horizontal wood with the yellow bird)

ohforfive says:

It seems as if my two bottom pumpkin-pigs have a self preservation mode. The number of hits they take without sustaining any damage is impressive and the one on the right rolls itself under the protected area whenever it is threatened. I sure would like some of those pigs they have in the videos that explode whenever they get touched by anything.

ohforfive says:

I knew complaining would get me a good score, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly! From 105580 to 120570 in 10 minutes.

Did anyone else notice that the bottom right pumpkin has two pigs in it?

Fell down on the left side giving me almost all destruction and cleared the rest with the other bird. 117k.

Excuse me, that would be the right side.

LuvBnMomy says:

117,410!! WOW!! One shot… The first shot in the video, then I just waited a few seconds and watched in awe as the rest just slowly crumbled! LOL

luvbnmomy says:

How in the world did I do this? LOL For the life of me I can’t get this one birder again. I’m hitting that first yellow bird exactly like your video, but that right side won’t budge at all. Can anyone help please? I’ve spent 2 days on this!

alexmiller says:

Well, on mine, the right side won’t move either. Below AMslimfordy says it still works on his game, but others I’ve read are in the same boat as me. The right side is no longer unstable and can’t be brought down by either red bird. I’m not sure anyone is going to be able to help you if your right side is like mine, unless we get another update that de-stabilizes the right side again.

alexmiller says:

I should add, I solved it on my Roku, which has an older Seasons with an unstable right side. I just can’t do it on my iPad, so it’s not like I can’t figure it out or am playing it wrong.

Same here!! I revisited to get an above “average score” – took me 2 days to do but finally one birdie & great satisfaction!!

MVNLA2 says:

Has anyone seen partial or total self-collapse since Back to School update? If so please reply in forum

No, and the tap with the red bird on the second job does not work. Have done it perfectly at least 50 times. Can’t get though the level with 3 stars!!!

MVNLA2 says:

Thanks for the comment. What do you mean by “tap with the red bird”?

I don’t know what he meant, the red bird doesn’t have a special ability except yelling when you tap the screen while it’s in mid-air. As for the self collapse, it was fixed in this update. I had to find and old version to install and get my 121K score. I then updated back to 2.5.1. Only works jail broken, sorry.

WereWolf69 says:

@tnatiuk17piano, Actually he’s yelling because you’re slowing him down by tapping on the screen or clicking with a mouse.

The Little Red Bird along with his Big Brother, don’t have any alterable qualities as the other Birds do. All they do is fly, period.

sal9 says:

I think he is simply referring to the red bird’s second bounce over the pumpkin.

alexmiller says:

Yeah, I’m sure that’s what he means. In the video, the first red bird “taps” the support for the right hand structure, which starts a collapse. That’s not possible now, because it doesn’t even make a dent.

I cannot solve this level at all, which is why I came here. I don’t have an older version, this is my fist time through Seasons 2011. I’ve tried all kinds of other angles, but I’m stuck at 94,650. Looks like I missed the glory days, as it seems like an impossible level now.

martyn says:

The walkthrough doesn’t work when you get the shot right for the second bird the tower doesn’t move. It seems they have tried to improve the level stability to stop it from killing itself but now made it impossible to get the 3 stars

I just obtained 3-stars using the method in the video. Absolutely not impossible. The right leg is still rather unstable.

alexmiller says:

I’m surprised to read that. Do you have the updated version? Because in mine, when the red bird hits the right hand structure it doesn’t move at all.

Most up-to-date version.

Jenny says:

I was able to get a 3-star score (101,830) after the update using an alternate method:
– I shot the yellow bird up high (tapping the screen immediately after I shot it) and destroyed the two rightmost pieces of wood. The right structure collapsed.
– I shot the red bird toward the leftmost pig. Most of the remaining wood pieces came down at that point.

It took some practice, but it is possible!

alexmiller says:

Dude, you’re my hero. 102,750 using your new method after about 20 attempts. It’s absolutely the right approach for the new reality of this level. Bravo..

Hung(a)ry Birds says:

First try with your method and i got 108k points.
Before it was 99k for a year.

NurseNanaK says:

Thank you Jenny! I’d tried the video plan for 2 days then read your post. Got my 3 stars on the 2nd try. :)

Candini says:

You are amazing!!! You have saved my sanity!! Thanks! I had the glitch too. Took about 25 tries and got it!

Congratulations Jenny you are my hero, thank you i got 100 K

Kathy says:

@jenny at which angle did you shoot yb? Was it like straight up..and how high..I am almost able to do it,but keep coming down too far or too close..pleaee help…I’m desparate for a new strat..LOL

Kathy says:

Got it @jenny nice shooting good eye tricky shot

Got 101k+ thanks;)

Marinchy says:

Thank you so much Jenny, after days and days of trying to bring down the main construction, I finally did it after just a few attempts using your method! What a relief :-)

klules says:

Thank you very much, nothing else worked for me until I tried it your way, It still took a little time but it was worth it in the long run. Thank you again

lmkf says:

Thank you for your solution.
Only one I was able to use and get 3 stars
Score 102,130

Tanks Alot! U r my Hero. A whole Weekend. Thanks to your comment I finally did it!!

axxieck says:

Found this moonshot strategy by myself, after get stucked between 4-birdies 99k and seemingly unreal (well, at least for my 1st lazy tablet playthrough) 1-bird solutions.

This is the best and sturdy method for getting 3 stars with humble 100-102k, but getting any higher (i.e. as two-birdier) is may be harder than getting 1-bird, because entire left part remains undamaged and single red bird has a very low chances to finish it. I tried different approaches with this 2nd bird, but with no luck and even with no ideas for best spot to strike in… May be it is better shot it by high arc to center of the first horizontal wooden plank, but may be not.

Our_mam says:

I finally got 3 stars and 102k by aiming high (boosting immediately on firing, shooting up off-screen and arcing down into the wooden plank next to the furthest pumpkin pig. It took several attempts to get the angle right and I must just have been lucky to get the 2 useless red birds to clear up. Well actually, you have to use 1 to break the pumpkin and then if you get lucky the 2nd red bird will get things to fall right popping the nearest pumpkin pig.

I hate this level with a fiery passion that has consumed my gentle soul. However I did finally pass it. Thank for your strategy, Jenny!

pelao23 says:

Ok, so I have the updated version and it really seems they have fixed the stability. I must have done about 50 times EXACTLY the same shot as video and when the red bird touches the wood, it just doesn’t collapse. But I also said that there is no way that it just is impossible now so, I have managed to find a new strategy. It is really much easier with a video but I do not have my iPad jailbroken so I upload a picture.
In the picture the white shot is for the yellow bird. There is a way that it goes through just as I put in the picture and the goal is to break the wood circled in blue (I’m colourblind). This should collapse all that side of the structure. So then, shoot the second bird in the yellow trajectory shown in pic to take care of the rest.
NOTE: The first shot takes a bit of luck but getting the hang of it, works about 1/5 shots.
Hope it helps for anyone stuck in the newest version. Also I just noticed another strategy posted for the “new” version by Jenny, just in case this doesn’t work for you.

RabidRobin says:

This is the one that FINALY worked after a month & half!!! Still took a few dozen tries. Couldnt have done it without the help of pelao23 or this forum! Thanks to all!!!

@pelao23 are you still flinging? Sure do wish your link to your image still worked!

I got 111740 using this method – 3rd try! Thanks!

Oops, was meant to be in reply to Jenny on Sep 10, ’12 at 5:38 pm.

H3av3nlysouljah0 says:

Lol, wow, Rovio did a number on this, it took me a while to notice (3 days of playing nonstop!!), but if u have the level zoomed out all the way and restart, you can easily see the boards around the right invisible pixel shift! U see the two horizontal boards shift into eachother and that seems to have made the right side much more harder to collapse! Not fair!

H3av3nlysouljah0 says:

Say word! I finally got it!! Using pelao23 strat, only thing that stinks is that it does take a LOT of luck, i was kind of already doing that strat before scrolling all the way down and reading pelao’s strat, but i would break that board he circled SEVERAL times and the stupid thing still wouldnt collapse!!! Not only do you have to break the board but the bird or One of the surrounding objects has to touch that invisible pixel…and the whole right side melts like butter! Had to use two red birds for the left side because the first would always hit the wood like it was a concrete block and do little to no damage! and barely scraped a 100000+! Phew!! You know ive actually beaten AB seasons on my previous ph and unfortunately since the save loads dont transfer with the games i had to start ALL over with ALL the AB’s! And i can vouch for one not wanting to try to beat this level a third time EVER again, best of luck to all!! On to the next =). …..tomorrow!

Giving up on this one. No matter whose method, I can’t make avg. It’s frustrating when a “glitch” gets fixed after so many people have already pulled in high scores and pushed the avg so high. I found @jenny had the easiest method for me. Thanks:-)

WereWolf69 says:

I’m sure there’s a 1-Birder in this episode just waiting to be found, I’ve almost gotten it twice already, but the right bottom pigs in a pumpkin keep surviving and necessitate a second or third shot to eliminate.

The shot I’ve been experimenting with involves launching the Yellow Bird up in the area of the king pig pumpkin, and that’s where the 1-Birder will soon materialize to raise my pitiful score once and for all.

Kathy says:

@WereWolf69 I’ve tried that also ..if you look up @wrw01 has posted a one bird strat..I’ve yet to get it..I wish someone would give me a 2 bird strat..none say where they shot the second bird..other than video which doesn’t work..musta been a lucky shot ..

kimmiecv says:

It depends completely on how everything falls @Kathy it’s just too random to sat where the second shot if needed should be aimed! :(. Sorry I can’t pinpoint it for you but it’s impossible along with this level!!!

Kathy says:

I’m giving upup for now..@Kimmiecv :( will have to come back ..getting bored doing the same level all day…love ya thanks for support ;)

kimmiecv says:

Can’t say as I blame you @Kathy been days for me with no better score. :(((

WereWolf69 says:

@kathy, I went back and kept on trying for awhile, I almost got the 1-Birder about 4 times, but the lower pig on the right keeps laughing at me, although I did manage to raise my score by another 2K.

The way to attempt it is to fire your first bird through the first pumpkin on the left and that usually opens a gaping hole in the structure beneath the pumpkin while the yellow bird continues to smash the vertical plank in front of it and all of a sudden evrything on the left side starts coming down followed by the right side as well, but there’s always 1 or 2 pigs remaining.

The only suggestion I can make is to just keep pounding the pumpkin on the left until something gives, and if that doesn’t work, then try a little above the pumpkin, I know that the sweet spot is in that general area, I just haven’t hit it yet.

Kathy says:

Thank you @WereWolf69 I am almost there..slower but surely..
I’ve following your advice and just keep flinging at that pumpkin ..I find a little above like @wrw01 says..just grazing ..the self collapse is no help at all..

BetLib says:

WereWolf69, I just got a 1-Birder after four hours of trying. I finally was able to get 3 stars (score 102000) by using the moon shot that Jenny and some others have mentioned. Then I decided to try to get above average. I don’t think that is going to happen for anyone soon. At least not until alot of people get below average scores that bring the average down. My strategy focused on the two cement blocks. I shot YB into the two boards forming a 90 degree angle below the left lantern. You want to destroy both boards. The left cement block falls left into the hole and hits the lower pig. The top cement block falls right and hopefully pops the far right pig and then breaks the board underneath. Then if the Rovio gods are in alignment, the right side will fall and destroy everything underneath. My score was 113760. Still not above average. For those AB players who have OCD and/or are masochistic, this is the strategy for you! This is a VERY frustrating strategy.

whittywit says:

This level was very hard! I tried all the suggestions on here and spent hours trying to hit the sweet spot, but it was to no avail. I finally found a solution tho!! Take the first yellow bird and sling him almost straight up into the sky (a bit to the right) and as soon as it leaves the sling hit the screen. It goes up super high and you want it to land on the hollow wooden block to the left of the far right pig in the pumpkin. It destroyed everything but the far left pumpkin pig but I smashed that by getting any left over blocks above to fall on it. Score ended at 102, 100. Was trying to get 3 stars on this forever and this finally did it.

AB says:

Oh my goodness spent hours on tis, 2nd try with you method! Thanks :-)

Well, firstly, I can only get the “shoot-the-moon” shot about once in every 50 or 60 tries! :-(
And secondly, even when I do get it and hit the hollow wood block to the left of the far right-most pumpkin pig, it only breaks the right-hand half of the horizontal board supporting that right-most pumpkin pig, (as well as the hollow wood block), also popping the right-most pumpkin pig, but the rest of the right-hand side structure doesn’t move in the slightest! :-(
I have been trying for about 3 months just to get 3 stars in this level, and the nearest I have managed to get has been 97,380 for 2 stars, and it took me all 4 birds to get even that!
By the way, I’m running Angry Birds Seasons v3.0.0, (C) 2013, ad-free, from Amazon, just in case anyone is wondering which version I’m playing. :-)

Finally, after about a whole month trying, I got my 3 stars!
100210, with 3 birds.
The “shoot-the-moon” shot is extremely difficult!
This is definitely the most difficult level I have encountered so far!
I now have 3 stars in all of Classic (not the “Red Feathers,” yet), and all of Seasons!
Now… On to Space…
There’s no end to it, is there?

Well, I remember this level from year ago pass. This is alternative I called Backdoor Way. For everyone – could be played by curious if after @wrw01 Front Way or film way.

YB high satellite lob = ignition at start. At far right side is the Wooden Man :). Near end of his one arm seat a piggie stuffed pumpkin. Cut an arm over rock area (aim to “hand”, no pig). YB fall to the left and hit man’s foot. All R side collaps. It’s repetable. On my phone I have black tree – nice point for start position optimization.

Mastering an satelite shoot is given bonus. It’s very usefull in many levels. It’s 3B / 3*. It gives over 100-102K scores :). Mayby more if someone use better front 2nd RB shoot (2B). For me it’s rather 3B – front points are needed.

SamsonKJ says:

I tried this level a few hundred times this week (on Kindle Fire, latest update including Winter Wonderham) and never once got a one-birder. Should I assume that all those leaderboard scores over 110k are from the pre-fix unstable version of this level? Is a one-bird solution still possible?

SamsonKJ says:

Followup: I tried this level on Google Chrome today, got a one-birder for 115k within my first five tries.

Deakster says:

This level was frustrating to say the least, the above video guide and other guides found online (old ones with entire structure collapsing after one shot) do not help at all. I barely got 100,360 (android phone) by using the moonshot method, aiming for the far right pig, clipping him and the board underneath him. If your lucky the YB will fall left after impact and the entire right side will collapse. If the collapse doesn’t wipe out every pig on the right, then restart and try again. After this, use the two red birds to get to the final pig and collapse the remaining bits of the structure to his right (shoot underneath the pumpkin). Hope this helps! Good luck and be patient!

Fred says:

Thanks Deakster. Had 3 stars on every level but this one on my Android phone. Finally got it after reading your advice. Got 102,110. 3-stars on everything in Seasons now!!!

keetos1 says:

I am so frustrated by this level, and angry that Rovio would change it to the point where it becomes (almost) impossible to 3 star. I am not trying to get the highest score, just 3 frikkin’ stars! I have tried all options noted above and have settled on continuing to try the “shoot the moon” method as I get the most success in collapsing the right side with that one, but then I either pop the left pumpkin/pig without collapsing the left side, or sometimes I can collapse the left side but don’t pop the pig (using only the red birds and saving the last yellow bird to get the 10K needed to put me over the top). Can anyone post a link to a video with the moon method? all the you tube ones I’ve viewed are based on the early “unstable” structure which no longer exists. The game is no fun when the frustration outweighs the enjoyment, and getting 3 stars is so difficult that even the experts here had trouble (much less the average player like me).

Wolfwoman says:

Me too, nothing works for me either :-(. I’ve got 96 some, but I need all the birds. I think that the red birds are useless, I just don’t know what to do with them when so much remains! I wish I could change the order of the birds as I’d be able to do it no bother with 2 yellow birds on the run ;-).

Philsey says:

I use a Nook,so there is no way (short of using a video camera) for me to make a video. I see that you use a Nook too. Zoom all the way in, pull yellow bird down until the tip of his “cheek” just touches or is a pixel away from touching the edge of the slingshot. Release and then IMMEDIATELY tap to turbo-boost him. That should get you close. Adjust your starting position pixel-by-pixel until you find the most consistent results for you. For me the “puff” from his boost is usually inside the fork of the slingshot. I have 105K so far, and I’m pretty sure that’s with two birds.

E-Star says:

In 2011 I got the one birdie described by many, not sure why I never commented here and showed my video, but better late than never right? in 2011 I got a score of 119100, but after my crash I played all these levels again and I think I never made a new video, but I did manage to get 123k the same way as I did in my video.

Here is my video.

JTB says:


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your video finally enabled me to better my score. (And your YouTube channel has a new subscriber!!!) :)

E-Star says:

You are welcome @jtb Your happiness was heard all the way over here in the Netherlands and it really make me smile to know there is one more subscriber waiting for my videos! thank you!

Kathy says:

Wahh hooo !! Thank you @e-star for your video:) once again you’ve helped me conquer the evil piggies:)

@e-star I am not quite certain from your comments, is your video from after the fix to the instability of the right side, or with the instability intact?

E-Star says:

I am sorry @bonneypattycat I watched my own video to try and jog my memory, but I don’t remember about the instability. All I know is this video dates back to 2011 so fairly early in the game.

Hi @e-star! Do you recall when you replayed the level for 123k if that was after the “fix”? I am just wondering if your strategy can still be repeated, even with much effort.

E-Star says:

@bonneypattycat Ah well I tried looking in my back up folder to see if I still had the video, but missed it for some reason while uploading, but unfortunately nope… but if it helps, my score was entered on February 15th, 2013. Also Kathy obtained a score above 120 and posted a comment on September 28th 2013.

That is interesting @e-star, as that would be after the update that is said to have fixed the instability that produced many 1-birders. I’ll give it a go and see if I can find any luck.

E-Star says:

@bonneypattycat it’s not an exact science as I could have entered my on a later date, but kathys score and message suggests you are right, it would be after the fix. May the birds be with you!

Thanks @e-star! At this time, this is the only level in all of Seasons, including the Santa Hat Glitch levels in which I had to play without benefit of the glitch, that my score is below average. Without the instability on this level, it seems a score above average is not possible. I hope I can prove myself wrong ;)

txteacher says:

Great Holy Ghost, I finally got 3 stars on this level! And it only took a day and a half of trying every strategy listed here, and then some. The original strategy posted in the walkthrough here is what finally worked for me, although I had tried it easily 100 other times with no success in even getting all the pigs.

Good bye, Trick or Treat level 3-3, you were the bane of my existence!

Philsey says:

I’ve got 105K high score. Is there any point in banging my head against the wall trying to go higher? Is there any way to get close to the current average score? Can the web masters provide an average of the scores posted since the “fix” to give me some idea where I stand?

E-Star says:

If you look up 2 comments, I have posted a video of a score of 119k, maybe that will help?
As for the “fix” don’t think there is a way to see an average of scores after a certain date, maybe @AMSlimfordy or @Sal9 will know for sure.

No, can’t filter by date. And even if you could, it wouldn’t be accurate since the time that someone entered their score doesn’t mean they obtained the score recently.

Philsey says:

Thanks for the response! I wasn’t really expecting one, I pretty much knew what the answers about the database would be. I was just venting. I don’t usually post emotional, knee-jerk kinds of posts. I usually take a deep breath and say “Will this really help, and will it get someone unnecessarily upset.” This level, however, is getting me frustrated and knowing that it used to be so much easier is aggravating.

Thanks for pointing out that your video is of the “fixed” version. The way it fell apart I assumed it was the “pre-fix” version. I did see the “50” score appear right where the little translucent fortification block was located when it was destroyed. I guess it’s just a matter of try, try, try, try, again and again and again…..

Kathy says:

@Burbman not sure if your still around but are you saying you used power up for your current score? I wouldn’t think that you would?

burbman says:

@Kathy, no I did not use a power up, I was just referring to which version of the game I was using, since there was some concern that the scoring on this level got harder at some point. And yes, I am still around, however my real life is keeping me out of the BP :(.

Kathy says:

Oh whew* wipes brow* lol just kidding @Burbman that’s what i thought i was just scared welost:( i shoulda know better;) we miss ya around, real life goes on pop in sometime so we know your alive;)

burbman says:

I just nearly got a one birder with the newest (power up) version of Seasons, just one of the two pigs sharing the lower pumpkin survived. Used a variation of @wrw01‘s method above, with the yellow bird going straight through the lantern to the single pig without a pumpkin in the middle. When I could get the stone squares to fall one to the right, and one to the left, I got the best result, and as noted, nearly a one birder. Definately not as easy as it once was, but certainly still possible.

BetLib says:

@Philsey I just saw your comment today. I have achieved 3 one birders in all after many hours of trying. Two were in the 111,000 range and one was 113,760 which is my top score. I have not been able to approach E-Star’s 119,000 score in her video. Occasionally, (when I’m feeling masochistic!) I’ll come back and try again. I call this level “Last Man Standing”! There have been times when his right arm is gone, others when both legs are gone and he is still standing! LOL! If I don’t laugh, I might cry. But then I remind myself its just a game. But darn, I hate to be beat by a game! BTW, I play on a PC, if that matters

Three days of agony. Eventually tried Jenny’s high lob method for 110k

Not a one birder, but I have given up,on getting the one birder. May torture myself some other day. Hardest level in Seasons….wow, very hard.

ds650 says:

Fire first yellow bird almost vertically and boost immediately. That bird will take out the far right, hollow wood block and the entire right side of the structure. Fire a red bird just about horizontally into the upper part of the vertical board, knocking those two into the pig and into the right verts, taking out the rest of the structure. Even if you have to use the other red bird, it will take you over 100k to complete three stars.

Esda says:

Thank you!!! After 3 days of trying to get 3 stars, I tried your technique and after about 10 tries it WORKED!!! Thank you, thank you!!!
I have finally finished Trick or Treat.

parmis says:

this is the hardest level i saw in my life :(((( i cant get 3star :((((

kimmiecv says:

@parmisss did you read wrw01s strat up top? Or if a visual will help look up a bit to e-stars video and click on it. They are worth a try if you haven’t tried them already. :)

parmis says:

I tried them all, 1000 times :(
my season’s version was 3.1.1
I updated it & my pc turned off :(( again when i turn it on season wasn’t there :(( this level make me unlucky :(
now i’m trying to install it again :(

kimmiecv says:

Ohhhh ouch!!! Hang in there @parmisss this level is the bane of just about every AB player!! You’ll get it, I’ll leave a little ‘L’ factor behind for you and hopefully that luck will kick in!! :)

parmis says:

i installed it again :(
*This application has failed to start because normaliz.dll was not found. Re.installing the application may fix this problem* :(

kimmiecv says:

@parmisss I wish I could give you some Devine advice but I followed wrw01s strat to get my score and if you’ve tried it I can’t add anymore advice than I did already in the above thread. Good luck to you!

JTB says:

I’m having a heck of a time trying to better my score of 116K. What gets me is how anemic the red birds are; if you don’t get this with one bird then you might as well start over.

JTB says:

I can confirm that three stars is in fact doable, despite the difficulty, by using the “yellow bird nearly vertical” method described by many above. I managed 107K a few moments ago but I still cannot, after three solid days of playing, come close to my current score of 116K. Hopefully this tiny bit of whining will help to rectify that.

Philsey says:

I was able, after countless attempts,to better my 105K score to 110K. Although I say countless attempts, I actually counted out 200 attempts to see how long it took to get to 200. Not very long actually. I’ve probably put in at least 1200-1500 attempts so far based upon that 200 count. The successful method was the one employed by @e-star. I’ve never seen the tiny “invisible” block on the right side get knocked loose like in E-Star’s video. That must have been a one-in-a-5000 shot. However, I was able to get the right side to collapse about once in every 50 attempts.

I agree with @betlib , this is going to be my “last man standing” level too. Meaning, once I get at or above average on all other levels and games, this is going to be the last one left…

klules says:

Good riddance to this level, it took me 2 weeks of fairly steady playing to clear this. I tried every method I could to finally clear. It took 2 birds and the score was 105. Glad to be passed this one.

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