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  • Man, I don’t know what it is, but this time around I am having a really hard time beating Tinker Titan. I didn’t have so much problem the last time he was the boss for an event. I am trying to figure out the difference. I think it is mainly that his own attacks seem to hit much harder, taking out almost all of my birds at once each time he shoots!

    I am max level with nearly all classes, although many not elite. All bird masteries in upper twenties or early thirtees. Out of three battles so far, I did beat him once, but wowzers! Not sure I’ll get enough medals for the prize this time!

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  • metztli013

    He definitely seems tougher this time around. I’m not having any issues with my birds surviving, but it takes a few rounds to beat him down because his health is high.

    But……I’m not sure if I’m seeing things correctly or what because earlier I could swear his health was like 75k+ and now, it’s 67970… Maybe I looked at it wrong? Or has his health actually gone *down*?


    @metztli013 we had an Epic message 2 actually within the space of 10 minutes. His health was reduced.


    I think what’s making it harder is that the Titan attacks more than the past events.

    The Trick this time is to Stun him when He’s about to use his Charge Up Move ( that’s when he calls out help and they either attack or Charge a Turn on their attack ) , so it slows down the damage output by the Titan.
    When you Stun him , It negates the turn he calls for help.

    Tricksters and Cannoneer are Good Birds for this fight.


    Also, for those who picked up the Treasure Hunter class at Valentines. His counter reset can save some damage as well, especially when paired with a Chuck Rage attack so it gets a couple chances to work during the player turn.


    @bubbley Oh, good. So I did see it correctly. And possibly not as crazy as I thought I was =P Thank you. =)


    Makes me sad that I will lose out on the Elite class, but I just can’t beat this guy any more than 1/4 times.


    Not even win a battle, get KO’ed after 2 turns random attacking, lose a elite


    Maybe it’s a cunning ploy by Rovio, hoping that people who don’t win an Elite class n the event will buy LC’s to buy it?


    @suzyq I think a large number of players bought the Elites that were recently on sale. Actually I think it’s mastery they want players to buy. The real problems are for players with high level low mastery and that problem exists everywhere in the game and in all the events.


    Yes, I bought all the other elite classes I was missing during that sale.


    I have noticed something different about this time around (versus previous Tinker Titan events) that I am almost 100% sure of, because I remember making note of it in the past.

    In previous events, when the Tinker Titan spawns a new drone, it has always had Summoning Sickness (yep former M:TG player) – in other words, it just spawns but does not attack or use it’s power on the same turn in which it is summoned.

    In this event, when a new drone spawns, it is able to immediately attack. Or it is able to fill it’s countdown timer by one – which makes it effectively so that it doesn’t have to wait two turns to use it’s power but only has to wait one (the first time).

    I am pretty sure of this, and it would be a reason why this event seems tougher this time around.

    In other news, I did find a strategy that works so I am winning a bit more. It is to use the Venomous Trio (Rogues, Rainbird, Druid) and Samurai. On the best turns, you can attack with all four. On the worst turns, you heal with Rainbird and Druid, shield-protect with Samurai and attack with Rogues – and usually still do some damage to the Titan because of the poison effects already on him. On the VERY worst turns, you use health potions to keep one or more birds alive. And maybe sprinkle in some rage cakes too. Maybe, just maybe I can squeak out the Elite prize, if I have enough energy to do it in 3 days instead of the full 4 because of how few times I won yesterday. We shall see.


    Sometimes the drones don’t have to wait at all! I just had a “Hasty” spawn, fill up both bars of his attack and actually attack on the very turn he was spawned! Hasty indeed!

    Winning Guy

    I’ve never played this Tinker Titan thing before. Bummer that it used to be a little easier and I missed out!


    Yep, the Titan is much tougher this time although my birds are strong enough that I can beat him everytime. But I lost one bird on the very first battle which should not have happened ;) I wasn’t expecting its attacks to do this much damage. I’m level 70 and my weakest classes are at Mastery level 65.

    But I just got Elite Samurai an hour ago and I’m 5th in my (winning!) team. Ran out of a pretty big stash of FE this morning so can not re-spin the wheel much today.

    I’m using a mix of some my strongest and some other classes I want to level up :

    – Elite Pirate M68 (it is my highest mastery Bomb class)
    – Elite Bard M68 (my Witch and Druid are M70)
    – Elite Treasure Hunters M67 (My Tricksters is M70)
    – Elite Paladin M69 (my highest mastery Red class)

    If I can stay in the top 6 and my team keeps winning I should level up a few classes with this event!


    So with the strategy I posted yesterday, I do believe I will get the necessary 10K medals and the Elite class.

    A couple other observations. @tinostar11 said “I think what’s making it harder is that the Titan attacks more than the past events.” Definitely true. I had a battle where he attacked almost every single time, not only doing damage to one bird but also knocking that bird out. Effectively I was playing with only 3 birds almost every turn.

    Another annoyance that has plagued me recently. Often when I aim to attack a drone that is right next to the Titan, I end up attacking the Titan instead! Their attack zones are too close.

    Same goes for healing my own birds. Red is in the top position. When he gets knocked out, he is sitting DIRECTLY BEHIND Matilda which is in the second position down. I use Rainbird to try to revive him and I have to be very careful or Rainbird ends up targeting Matilda.

    Oh yes. And then there are those red Fiery drones. They do nearly as much damage as the Titan except TO ALL BIRDS AT ONCE! Hate those things….

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