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  • I have had this a few times now and quite possibly cost me this round.

    On the game screen it shows (for example) 1510/1550 but the leader board shows 1480?

    Lost first place and no hope of getting the new Prime. I am starting to detest this “game”.

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  • Pampeans


    I believe you’re referring to the “challenge box”. If this is the case and using your example:

    1510 = the number if items (e.g., red packets) you have shot

    1550 = a goal that relates to the “prize” (right below)

    Prize = the number of tokens you will be awarded if you shoot 1550 items (e.g., red packets).

    1480 on the “today’s competition” screen (leader board), = the number of items (e.g., red packets) you have shot during the competition.

    If 1480 is on the same page as the “challenge box” (at the very top right) = the total number of tokens you have been awarded during the competition (used to purchase EOP).

    Hope this helps. You have plenty of time to win EOP.:)


    Here is what I had

    Current Challenge Box


    Todays Competition


    I had this earlier These are examples

    Current Challenge


    Todays challenge

    980 (gave me 4th place)

    Played 1 more round

    Current Challenge


    Todays Challenge

    1200 (gave me 1st place). In other words, it shot up to 1200 and came in line and both numbers read the same.

    The 2 numbers should match, I am not referring to the holed coins



    You’re right. Using your example, if the challenge box has 1530/1550 then your number on the today’s competition leader’s board should be 1530, i.e. The numbers should match.

    If they don’t, take a screen shot and report it to Rovio.



    I THINK the same thing happens to me (though I cannot confirm it is the same issue you are having).

    Multiple times, I’ve finished a level and closed the game. If I open the game up again within a couple minutes, my latest score is no longer posted on the leader board. But after playing another level, my old score (plus the score from the new level) shows on the leader board again.

    I think it has to do with the method used to refresh the leader board.


    Good to know I am not the only one.

    I know this was an issue back in the very first challenge, I though it got sorted.

    Thank you


    I think the Challenge score is stored locally on your device, and the Competition score has to update to the server. So depending on how many people playing at a given time, it may take a few minutes for the Competition server to properly reflect what your score is for that day. But it should eventually catch up to what your device says for the Challenge score.

    This is why Rovio suggests that you don’t play when it gets close to the end-time, or else when finally tallys are done they may not get your final additions in time as there are usually lots of people logged on around then.


    That is awesome news. Thank you!

    So I finished 5-10 minutes early (after forking out my 3rd round of 100 gems), when is a good time to finish?


    I think I lost first place today thanks to this.



    I can’t answer that. I’ve been giving myself around an hour – but that’s not because of the server updating issue we’re discussing here; it’s simply because of the time of day that I’m in my car so I can’t play :p

    But in theory, there’s no reason why the 5-10 minutes you’ve been giving yourself shouldn’t be enough.

    Are you also making sure that you completely close out of the app, or is the app still open when you hit the end-time? That’s something else that Rovio mentioned, which was to make sure you were totally logged out.


    I can’t recall if I force closed the app or not.

    I can’t leave it the hour as I am getting my butt kicked on every challenge. The current round (gongs) the leader has 580, I am on 360 with 5 hours to go.

    Mind you these guys that shoot up to first place are typically in 4th place and within a few hours are a good step ahead.

    I am on the angry birds daily players facebook and people are winning with low numbers.

    I tried the late start trick, but that doesn’t work for me either (losing even more holed coins).

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