Why is Angry Birds 2 always freezing or running slow ??

  • Hi everyone can anyone help please….?

    When I am playing the daily challenge or the arena the screen freezes and I have to shut the game down and restart the game losing a life and any pizes I have won. Also when I  fire birds off they sometimes fly in slow motion or freeze in mid air. It is not my Iphone X as its new and has still over 60gig of memory to fill, is this a clitch in the game and is anyone else having this problem ?

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  • Hamlet McFly

    On my Galaxy Tab s2, the game will sort of lag and stutter at times, never had it freeze altogether, though.  But the lagging and stuttering can screw up my shots.  On my phone, Galaxy s7 edge, the game runs fine all the time.


    Both of my devices are over 2 years old.

    Larry B-Bird

    Mine is doing the same thing and the boot camp is freezing



    Rovio forgot to optimize the game so it consumes even more power. It’s not a heavy game, a game with such graphics should run perfectly on a 20 years old computer.


    I click on pause button everytime i launch a bird.


    my win 10 version was doing this every day.. Then Windows did an update and totally crashed the game. Had no choice but to do a reinstall – and I don’t do facebook. Lost 2 years of progress. Rovio is trying to recover it, but its been 2 weeks now.
    Apparently they are having a Lot of issues.


    They never optimized it on win10.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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