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  • Now that another event is over (and yes I do have Acidstorm now up to level 8 as well as both his accessories) I can honestly say that the comp felt boring as in we’ve done this before so nothing new except for a new character.
    I do wish now that we don’t have any upcoming events SO FAR, we can gain access to more areas of the island especially around the mountain or more of pig city.I also want there to be characters that can be unlocked with the pigs or you can choose a mission from one of the portals and try to get a new character that way.
    Finally my biggest problem with these events-GEMS-yes I know that can aid you in trying to be first, but you think about it and every time you skip the wait, the amount of gems doubles e.g the first skip costs you 10 gems, second costs you 20, third costs you 40 and so on. At the end you realise you just lost 70 gems or more over a simple place, now I understand if you have plenty of gems but if you’re like me I had close to 1700 gems, now after spending some on the comp and others for accessories, I am now down to 1047. Also I did buy some with the latest gem event thats happening now but still, you realise you could have used those gems for something else.
    So thats my final thoughts on the Acidstorm event-it was cool, the gems are still going to be my biggest problem with events such as these and finally the fact that 7 days feels like it is too short.
    Now we can all speculate whether Rovio will make more areas of the map accessible or they’ll make a new event with either a new Lockdown or Jazz character can be unlocked?
    Let me know what you all thought about this. :)

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  • Rhys4AUFC

    Well I managed to get Acidstorm but sadly fell 120 tokens short of either accessories (pity you can’t pay a little extra). A week was never going to be enough to unlock everything especially if you’re up against players who spent hours on this game.

    Perhaps I’ll not even bother spending the remaining 880 tokens for just lousy coins…


    Lucky you guys- the event servers went down 6 hours early and I never got my tokens like I was supposed to, way to ‘rain on my parade’, bugs!


    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they extend the event. So don’t go wasting your tokens on coins if you didn’t get everything. Just in case.


    My guess for the next 3 events:
    1) Re-run/Encore for AcidStorm.

    The next 2 can be interchangeable.

    2) An Accessories type event.
    3) Ratchet release event.

    Now #3 also brings the potential of a new squad being formed. Other than just throwing him in Cybertronians, I think they will make a new squad for him, where else would he be able to go?? (I really am asking). Reason I say Ratchet before the other “Coming Soon” character’s would be because he’s the last telepods (never released) to enter the game. If they don’t do him next I’d still expect something new, like Bomb as Drift (as depicted in the AB-T cartoons). Which still brings the question of a new squad. Based on the current pattern …#4 would be accessories & 5 would be one of the current coming soon characters. If #2 & #3 get reversed in order, then I’d expect #4 & #5 to also be flipped… Depending on how long that takes there should 2nd chance for Windblade… as October comes around then I expect for Halloween time they will redo something Nemesis Prime… as I also expect to see Rodimus reappear for Thanksgiving. Personally, I think because people paid cash for them before, they will probably still be cash bots. I have no clue what events would be surrounded those two releases tho.


    Then which variant characters from the hotrods squad will we get? A new Lockdown or a new Jazz?


    We will/should end up getting both but only Rovio would know that… I am pretty sure they haven’t thought about it yet. The statement is 100% guess work. I figure that they have a plan but the details are still to be worked out. Plus the timing of events throughout their other games. Add the issues with this event and that may throw off the schedule a bit.

    I’m figuring within 2 (maybe 3) weeks this will be reran for at least another 3 days to make up for things. I highly doubt that they will try to run 3 (AB-T) events within a month. We may only see one for each of the next 2 months as well as we may see 2. I am curious to see how they plan it out.

    If I were to guess between The Hot Rod’s, I would say Bubbles would be first because “Mustache Pig” already has 2 character’s in the game. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the first one of them come out for an event around Thanksgiving. Just lines up perfectly for the reintroduction of Rodimus, So that there will be less complaints about nothing new in the event around that time. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the second one didn’t come out until 2017.

    Hasbro hasn’t given up on this completely either, tho it may seem so. There was/is too may things that happened at once, so they had to shift their own plans. Originally, from what I’ve gathered, the TF5 movie was supposed to come out this summer…but stuff happens and it got delayed a year. It was supposed to be lined up with the 30th anniversary of the original movie. Instead they put out the turtles… also a year ago Rovio was not exactly in the best place financially and made a bunch of cuts and other business moves. Cost had to go down, revenue had to go up. So far from what I’ve gathered, they have been successful this year. Which puts things in a good position to have everything come together for the TF movie next year. However time will tell. The thing with the telepods being cancelled wasn’t a pure financial thing as in they were not selling or selling enough. Rather the game has evolved so much since the original release that the telepods don’t serve a true function as they once did. The functions that they would currently provide would be counterproductive to the business model. Like making people watch ads to replenish the health of a bot vs scanning a telepods. They would loose a lot of advertising money that wouldn’t balance with the sales from the telepods. Also, having these events right now also help them generate income with the release of the characters. It is believed that the telepods would also cut into that revenue.

    As for more playing areas… I believe, there are 2 that they are sitting on right now. Partly trying to figure out how to capitalize on the release as well as stretching things out until the release of (1st the AB movie & then) nearing the TF movie. Which would help revitalize the game even more. So in affect they are threading water until an opportune time is available. I believe 1 of the set of levels is complete, I’m not sure if the other is 100%. Also unsure about its’health. The ideas for levels, they are not short on but rather the funding for the development of other’s is. So for now we get new bots and accessories!


    My thoughts on this last event are not good one’s but if Rovio pulled their finger out for all future events then things would be different.

    “Area’s that need to be addressed”

    1. Parity of items to be collected as they are all over the place as they were ranging for 4 to 90
    2. During event runs block area’s where there are no items to collect. I had a 4 run event and 2 were in pig city and 2 in the valley and my score was ZERO.
    3. Sort out the way the areas are selected, I day I had 8 runs and they were the same place every time and it became so boring I stopped playing.
    The above are things I feel that need sorting and I expect others have more to add

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