What pig enemys do you hate the most?

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  • epicMarksmen

    Top 5 worst:

    1.BRUTES ( Honestly, there are really a few healers that can accommodate normal levels with powerful brutes. Also, it’s hard to 3-star the brute levels. Don’t you think so?)
    2.SHAMANS ( After the updates, the healings don’t work when cleansing. So they forced me to bring Rainbird and Tricksters at the same time.)
    3. CERTAIN MINIONS ( Normally minions only attack lightly. But they becone very annoying when they fight together. Also, the negative effects from Desert Pigs and Snow Pigs are a bit OP.)
    4. KNIGHTS ( Well, I’m not good at fighting Ironclads. They took me too much time to beat them.)
    5. PIGMIES ( Their passive abilities make them stronger than Ninjas when the Chilli is full.)

    Zack Voyager

    1. SHOGUNS Seriously, who’s the sadist in Rovio’s developper team who had this idea ? Put an Ironclad guy in the middle of a ninja battle…
    2. SHAMANS I hate them. Because of the “Bad Mojo” ones, it took me 3 months to finish Cave 1 !
    3. POWERFUL GHOSTS WAVES Because of their idiot 2-turn ressurection, it’s almost impossible to beat them when they have much health !
    4. PRINCE PORKY + KING PIG + WIZPIG in KPC. First is a @#*$£ ninja-like enemy, second is completely useless, just to force you to attack for nothing, third is like a brute but with strong passive abilities.


    Shogun: He already does huge damage the way it is. Add that to the critical buff that he gives and he knocks out my Chuck in one hit :P.

    Witch Doctor: The no healing ability I can deal with. But he also does over 1k damage and gets even more with the rage passive. Another one-shot for Chuck.

    Primevil Frost Hog: Well first of all he does 2000 whole damage plus the boost from the chili but to top it off he stuns for not 1 and not 2 but 3 WHOLE TURNS. Even for a boss pig this is insane.

    Banshee: I usually don’t use cleansers for fighting ghosts so the poison is a bit of a problem.

    Ice Shaman: The fact that he can instantly heal 1500 health at will is horrible. What makes it even worse is that instead of attacking him I’m busy cleansing that Mimic effect so I can heal my own birds. There was a time I had to fight 3 of these guys in one wave. It was brutal.

    Mummies: 1 or 2 is fine to me but they usually come in huge groups. Due to all the stunning I’ve got a bird down almost every round.

    Cactus Knight: Well we all know that knights have very high health right? Well by the time he’s dead all my birds are poisoned taking 400 automatic damage per round.


    The Shoguns are the worst, especially in the Thursday dungeon. It’s taken me 50 weeks to figure this one out, but I’ve finally discovered that I should use Guardian on this level. the Guardian has damage that is a good cross between the ironclad and dodge nature of this level.

    The Brutes on the Saturday dungeon are also my worst. Hard to get the right mix of birds to take them down within the three turn charge. You have to hope for stuns.

Home Forums Angry Birds Epic Forum What pig enemys do you hate the most?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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