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  • just curious…


    i have 5 green bots

    14 red

    9 purple

    8 yellow

    2 brown (i think error when i was noob…)

    my strategy is to promote only the 1-2 best bots per squad and use in live events, the 4x bonus is the only way to gain some tokens without spend too much gems

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  • moi

    View the list over here to see a more detailed description of the colors.
    (The levels from high to low are Emerald (Green), Ruby (Red), Amethyst (Purple), Gold (Yellow), Silver (missing for you) and Bronze (Brown).)

    Btw, I think your strategy is the right one.



    5 Green

    3 Purple

    23 Gold

    All to the highest star for the current colour.


    A mathematician’s answer (i.e. exact, precise and [mostly] useless): 5,545%


    oh…. come on grim… just list your colors :D


    @davide That was just a teaser đŸ˜‰

    6 green crowned
    5 red crowned
    4 red and red starred
    7 purple crowned
    11 purple

    Total of 50 TFs have some promotion.


    7 green crown
    1 red crown
    5 red star
    6 purple crown
    6 gold crown
    1 brown 5% :D

    For few squads, wich I don’t like, I don’t have any promoted bot. Brothers in armor for example. Taking vacation from game those event weeks.


    5 green crown
    3 red crown
    14 purple crown
    9 gold crown
    40 silver crown

    The other 7 bots are also promoted between some gold to some red. I am working to have them all at gold crown as a minimum.


    @grimlockdown how you got 5,545% ? Can you please post a formula? Those 5,545% mean you 5,545% on your way, when 100% mean all 79 bots (for now) green crown?


    @papakarlo 1 green crowned TF has 210% promotion. I have six of them so they add up to 1,260%. Five red crowned TFs add up to 875%. Add those up and you get 2,135%. And so on down to six (single tile) bronze TFs which add to 30%.

    Another way of thinking 5,615% (which is my current total promotion) is that if there would be 79 slots in spark run, i.e. you can choose all of your TFs, then my promotion in spark run would be 5,615%. Currently I have 28 TFs that have no promotion.


    @grimlockdown oh, hard to understand. Hmm, can mathematician make a formula, in which we can place our colors to see who is a King Of Sparks :D Because personaly I don’t understand, who harvest more sparks-  some geek, who have 7 green crown and little others, or someone with 4-5 greens and many promoted others. Your system looks like absolute and simple to us. So we can crown a king for this topic :) Ofc this for fun, for honest people, anyway no prizes. Just curious, as @davide said ;)


    My current total promotion level now is 5,725% and I have used 3.9 million sparks.

    @papakarlo It’s impossible to calculate from promotion–% the amount of sparks needed. It was possible to calculate from the number and promotion of TFs the amount of sparks. But R/E changed the formula last spring as can be read from Sparks formula change thread. I know my total sparks because I wrote down the difference of the two formulas at the time the change happened.

    Actually, one thing didn’t change and that was the amount of sparks needed to promote a TF from zero to green crown (about 280,000 sparks).


    8 Green Crowned

    7 Red Crowned

    425k sparks sitting waiting for next target to upgrade

Home Forums Angry Birds Transformers Forum what is your total promotion level?

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