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  • Anyone else notice that the sparks promotion levels changed with the new update?  I was excited because I hit 20,500 sparks and I was finally going to be able to have 5 green crown characters for a spark run. Went to promote my last character and max promotion now costs 30,000 sparks. Checked my others and there are no new levels. What a bummer.

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  • moi

    You’re right that they have changed the number of sparks to get a new promotion level.
    Although I could only check this for a limited number of levels, I found:


    0->5%                   50 sparks (used to be 500)
    35->40%              300 sparks (used to be 2100)
    60->65%              600 sparks (used to be 2550)
    100->105%         2000 sparks (used to be 2950)
    120->125%         4000 sparks (used to be 4500)
    135->140%         6000 sparks (used to be 6000 6500)

    If this tendency is continued in higher levels, it isn’t strange that you have to pay such a high amount of sparks.
    The reason why they’ve changed is not clear to me.
    The discrepancy between the number of sparks needed for a promotion at a low level and promotion at a high level has only been increased. I thought it was outrageous already, but as we see now, it could be worse.


    May have to think twice before promoting Devastator then.


    So it looks like they’re making it easier for low-level players, but more difficult for high-level players.

    The Dark Knight

    @moifirst & @optimuspig One more reason to hate even more this continues loop of game.


    I don’t see a problem here… It will cost me less spraks to promote my birds. Rather have a lot with lower promo then 5 with green. This way every event is more fun.


    Thank god I upgraded Hound to 200% before the update…


    I wonder if it’s still the same cumulative number of Sparks to go from 0% to 210% (278,550), which wouldn’t be so bad.

    Although it’s going to suck once they raise the maximum promotion again.


    Using @moifirst’s data and data from my own TFs I ended up that the new amount of sparks to fully promote a TF is 288,400 sparks. But this is only an estimate.

    But this makes a huge difference for the lower promoted TFs. Previously one needed about 20,000 sparks to promote a TF to silver star and now only 2,500 sparks. The promotion–% of a silver star times 4 is about the same than emerald crown.


    some good guy can update the promotion excel sheet? good for me that still have only 7 bots promoted at 105%


    I expect this was in reply to the feedback related to “why don’t we use newer/different birds more often” … Most replies I saw indicated the lower promotion level reduced the score result for the newer birds.


    Making it easier to promote at lower levels may encourage players to use different birds. But it may make no difference either – you play the birds you like, ones proven to be effective.


    For Bronze crown promotion is total 950 sparks:

    5% – 50 sparks

    10% – 75 sparks

    15% – 100 sparks

    20% – 125 sparks

    25% – 150 sparks

    30% – 200 sparks

    35% – 250 sparks

    For the Silver crown from Bronze you need 3300 sparks:

    40% – 300 sparks

    45% – 350 sparks

    50% – 400 sparks

    55% – 450 sparks

    60% – 500 sparks

    65% – 600 sparks

    70% – 700 sparks

    Total amount of needed sparks from 0 to 70% ( Silver Crown ) is 4250 sparks.

    75% – 800 sparks

    80% – 900 sparks

    85% – 1000 sparks

    90% – 1250 sparks

    95% – 1500 sparks

    100% – 1750 sparks

    105% – 2000 sparks

    Total amount from Silver Crown to Gold Crown is 9200 sparks. From 0 to 105% ( Gold Crown ) is 13450 sparks.


    i need 807 000 sparks to promote all my bots to Gold Star 😀 if @lewie4 confirmed that there won’t be any new level over Green Crown soon 😉


    Well, I was too curious to see what all levels of promotion actually cost after this change.
    So I wasted a large number of sparks to promote one bot to the max.
    The result is:
    cost of sparks 5.jpg
    The new amount of sparks that are needed are shown in red (just right of the old amounts, which are shown in black).
    To my surprise, the total amount of sparks needed to promote a bot to a certain level of promotion is always less than it used to be, except for promotion to promotion level 210%, which costs a little bit more now.
    Btw, the differences between the needed amount of sparks for promoting a lowly or moderately promoted bot vs. a highly promoted bot for just one level, are now (as said before) larger than they have been before.


    The cumulative amount of sparks needed in the old and in the new situation as a chart

    Old sparks vs. new sparks (cumulative) chart

    The lines meet at about 205 % and I left out the 210 % point.


    They’re right, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.


    Thank you both guys for this work :)


    Thanks for the compliment. This really makes me feel good.


    So in conclusion, now we need more Sparks.


    If I’m understanding, the suggested process now is “Promote first, Upgrade after”

    So before you can really see what the bot is worth you need to use sparks to increase promotion level and hope it’s not wasted.

    For those of us who’ve spent years to upgrade our bots, too bad, it’ll cost more.



    thanks a lot to moifirst and grimlockdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now is very easy to understand


    This is bad.

    Events are now going to be far more competitive than before.

    There will be significantly more TFs promoted up to Gold, and even Purple or Red than there were before.

    There used to be a huge score difference between #1 and #20 on the leaderboard.

    Expect that difference to narrow significantly now.


    The biggest difference between the old and the new sparks cumulative count is at ruby (red) star (about 42,500 sparks). With 42,500 sparks one can promote a TF (from zero) to amethyst (purple) crown!


    Hello everyone, long time lurker and newly registered member.

    As @optimuspig pointed out events are expected to be more competitive from now on, but this new “spark scale” will make easier for everyone to attain at least 7500 tokens. Which lately it has been my goal for the weekly events.


    @asen No plans to above green…for now!!

    @grimlockdown Good work guys! I can confirm that the numbers you reported are accurate :)

    We hope the changes we’ve made will help the newer players compete, allow the older players to experiment with different characters and make the events more competitive!


    Dunno @Lewie4

    For me, it seems I won’t get any characters to green now. That level is completely out of reach.

    Anyone who’s gaming the game will have all their green promotions and keep winning spark runs and weekly event days. Most of us don’t earn enough to play at the high levels.

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