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  • I am matching like crazy and initiating plenty of sabatoge but haven’t won more than 6 or 7 battles in 2 days. Lose, lose, lose!! ARRRGH!

    Is there a reason all my matching is giving me low scores?

    Thanks –

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  • Mighty Red

    @aub4life It’s most likely because the opponents have better items (S or SS items). The better the items, the bigger the chances of winning.


    I have SS items and have enhanced them to the max. But, no matter how much I match, I get in the 400’s and all my opponents are in the 700’s. You can’t tell me that their matching in 300 points better EVERY time.

    I am losing 90% of the tome now the last two days.

    No fun anymore :-(


    This is not a case. The problem is the Bejeweled-like puzzle.
    Sometimes the opponent can yield 4 block link 12 times in a row (and I got mad and threw my tablet out and got arrested).
    Even Stella can win with “CCC” if you’re lucky enough to yield 4 block link more than 5 times more than your opponent.


    @aub4life, I had the same trouble in the beginning of the week. Well, I wasn’t losing 90% but maybe a little more than a half, but it still seemed like 90%. It lasted for a couple of days and then the situation returned to normal. I didn’t get any new equipment, so I just don’t know.

    And remember that as you level up your rivals become stronger. I rarely get an opponent with 10000+ rating when I fight with 25+ level birds. They are all somewhere in top 5000 and their birds are well equipped and this doesn’t make my fights easier.

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