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  • Today’s Sunday, and its also the last day of Arena season 1.I went to see if Rovio had discribed the prize or not,but nothing had changed in the arena.I’m very curious about what do you think about the final arena prize.

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  • Neomerlinmagic

    From what I understood, the prize is a frame around your avatar and getting kicked back down to wood league.


    What I want to know is, if I am in the top 3 for this week, do I get the final prize for the league I am currently in, or the next league I would advance to?


    One thing I’m doing is scrapping a lot of old arena items. A possible outcome after the season is over is that all items you had amassed go away and you start from scratch. Might as well get the snouts and friendship essence for items you no longer need.


    Before the restart, I hope Rovio will give us a surprise as other events did.(Like huge amount of MP, Snoutings, or even LCs…..)


    Given the amount of cheating in the first league, Rovio shouldn’t give any price at all.


    I’ve been curious about that as well. I’m currently in 2nd place of Gold League. Will I get the gold prize or the platinum prize. Considering that the board still shows promotion to the next league. I think it’d be false of Rovio not to give those people their promotion. But… ever since PvP was introduced, I’ve found that Rovio has lost a lot of my trust in these issues.


    @neomerlinmagic Oh well, guess it’s just 5 more hours ’till we find out for ourselves.


    @korath88 The wheel prize should still be your current league but the frame prize is probably going to be your promotion result (if you finish top 3).


    Just checked out my prizes, and I got a gold frame and a gold trophy, even though I’ve never reached the gold league, and came in 6th in the silver league. Also, I notice that the next season has started.


    Got a nice diamond banner and trophy

    Played a few season 2 matches, damn the battles are so easy now.. being matched against wood gear people is not funny (not a challenge AND not funny for wood people matched against my birds).

    What’s strange is that the top points on the wheel are no longer 175.. Was that only in the higher leagues?


    Here is the answer:
    Diamond frame and diamond trophy.


    @henjovr Yes wheel point rewards increase in higher leagues.

    Angry Johnny

    Anyone else notice that the daily objectives now are reset at the same time that the league ends? Now we have 24 hours to finish the new objectives. This seems more fair :-)


    The best I did was 9th place in gold league, but I got platinum trophy.


    Can anyone can show me please print screen with Platinum League prices, I never saw it :( and i’m wondering it’s worth to bother to get there.


    I’ll treasure mine always.


    …are you kidding me Rovio! Played my ass off for 14 weeks, dealing with cheaters and finishing first in the Diamond League and my reward is a stupid frame, a lame trophy and 3 items in which I already have. No LC, Snoutings or even a Special class. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FRICKEN KIDDING ME! And on top of it all you put us all into the wooden league to begin again. What the hell is that about. STUPID STUPID STUPID !


    I didn’t even get the frame. I earned over 80,000 points to get 2nd place and make it to the Diamond league and I didn’t get the accomplishment for reaching the Diamond league either. I got the 3 items from the spin, but that was it. Now I’ll have to play at least 5 weeks before I can get to the Diamond league and until then all items from the GAPM will be practically worthless to me even if they are set items since my current set items will all be better.

    Resetting everyone back to Wood is a VERY STUPID idea and it isn’t fair to new players or players who didn’t reach as high since players with low rank birds will have to face rank 10 with better equipment that they can’t possibly get no matter how much LC they spend.


    I got the Gold trophy despite finishing seventh in Silver.


    I also got a prize one up from my actual league. I was middle of the pack in platinum and got a diamond trophy.


    The description of the trophy states that it also gives points for heroic arena deeds so I’m thinking this explains how some are being awarded trophies above their highest level.
    I wonder what constitutes a heroic arena deed.


    I believe that the reason some people got a higher reward than what they achieved is actually due to fact that while you never got top three on your own board, you did get top three on someone else’s board. Note: I was in Gold League while competing against people in Diamond League who didn’t need promotion.



    @neomerlinmagic The players on your leaderboard with higher level frames around their pictures had probably reached the higher leagues at some stage and got demoted back to gold. The frames would have been awarded for the highest level reached.


    You’re right, except that another ABN member told me that Kestrel371 was in his diamond league on week 13/14, so he was at least in platinum on week 14/14.


    @neomerlinmagic @kerravon Two weeks before the end of season1 kestrel371 was in my platinum league and ended in 1st place, already presumed it was a diamond player then. Seeing your screenshot, worst case because i’m not sure if frame is highest level reached, you had four virtual diamond players on your board.

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