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  • CaptainPinguina

    The most frustrating ones I can think of, along with why I dis them:

    *win “x” battles without healing: I had this one today, sure wish I had read this thread first! Does using sets like the blues’ “save me” count as healing? It can be a real pain to go through every item for birds & banner- items that “reduce damage by x % count as healing as well

    *don’t knock out any enemy birds

    *knock out all birds in 1 strike-not so bad IF you go first…otherwise you often don’t get your chance until one of the birds is already down

    *knock out the banner w/ rage chili-sometimes you’ve just gotta go for the banner & can’t wait for the chili to fill up
    *leave all 3 of your birds standing at the end- same problem as above, sometimes you can’t wait for a bird to revive, and if you try, another one’s down by the time it revives…


    *knock out all birds in 1 strike-not so bad IF you go first…otherwise you often don’t get “your chance until one of the birds is already down”

    That’s one of mine for today. And , I must do it twice. Luckily not the same battle; though I suspect that one is soon to show up.


    @edieringger Everything that is animated as green numbers counts as healing – this includes actual healing, the save me and phoenix sets, additional health from the banner (!), the resurrection emblem, …


    @edieringger @m-ich The statement about not using items that add health to your banner is incorrect both before and after the update. I use the Blessed idol which adds 20% health and completed the no healing objective both last week and again today. I know a lot of people find that hard, but I find that one of the easier objectives.

    I hate it when I get an objective that says I can’t use Chuck and Bomb which are my two favorite birds. Sometimes the wording isn’t absolutely clear since it sounds like you might be able to use one, but not both in a battle. To get credit you can’t you either bird in the battle.


    Both today and yesterday, they asked me to win with the Thunderbird class, which I don’t have. And they’re worth 3,000 arena points. Wtf


    Same for Seadog.


    I think they added some new ones in the update. Got an obj to win 5 with cleric (which is useless) AND thunderbird (which I don’t have) today. And with that #1 is someone else in my league.


    @napoleongl I got the exact same objective as you so I’m not going to make a run for the top 3 this week. That sucks because I wasted a lot of time last night earning 11,000 pts to take me from 10th to 4th. At least I won’t be wasting anymore time I this game this week. Other games let you temporarily use a character you don’t have to complete a daily objective.

    I was hoping the updates would fix the problem of getting objectives for birds you don’t have, but it is obvious Rovio wants to try and force people to spend money to be competitive, but after they nerfed all the arena set items why would people want to spend money since you can’t trust them to not change the rules later on.


    I got the Thunderbird objective and I’m not going to spend money on the 200+ coins I’d need to purchase it. So annoying because I’m hanging on to 1st place in Gold after hours of grinding, but who knows if I can stay in the top 3 without meeting a 3000 pt objective.


    I think the worst one is….
    KO all enemy birds twice and win the battle. This requires very good strategy, and it took me around 20 battles to achieve just one.


    I feel like this sometimes.
    bad luck brian


    I got Seadog objectives twice last week, but still managed 2nd place through hours of grinding.


    Seadog isn’t bad to get after all. Indeed, partner can give it one more action the next round, and the explosion damage is the highest as long as it’s HP at the max.

    Mighty Red

    I really hate the objective where you have to take out 3 birds in a single attack. It’s a difficult objective to complete, especially if one of the birds is Red, since his health is very high.


    Worst in order of apparent difficulty:
    1. Use the two classes: Spies and THUNDERBIRD! (This is definitely number one on everyone’s annoying items list when it comes to PvP objectives.)
    2. KO all with 1 attack
    3. Complete a battle w/o using Rage Chili
    4. Win battle w/o KO’ing any bird.
    5. All birds alive at end of match
    6. No healing


    Spies isn’t a problem (it’s now integrated into my normal PVP team, but I don’t have either of Thunderbird OR Sea Dog.)


    #4 isn’t that difficlut. The key is Blue Trio/Marksman.
    Once you applied the status to the target, every hit will give extra damage, so the hit from Red/Samurai and Bomb/Cannoneer will give total 16 hits (including marksman) ON THE SINGLE TARGET which can take the banner down in two turns without killing other birds.


    #2 isn’t difficult either. The key is multi-target.
    Deploy Red/Samurai with Dragon set, Chuck/Wizard with Lightning set, and Blue Trio/Spies with Remote set.
    This can guarantee to beat all birds in single turn.
    Install Mightily Eagle set or Sinister set on banner also helps.
    Install Vengeful emblem if you have it. This can blow all opponents when your member got KO’ed.


    for #4 above, I have used the following lineup with great success

    Samauri with Hammer set
    Cap’n with Scissors
    Skulkers with Save Me
    Also Golden Chili

    First wave (assuming coin flip win)
    Cap’n Buff Samauri
    Skulkers attack opponent banner
    Rage chili Samauri

    Continue using cap’n buff ability and making sure weak spot active on banner and it should not last more than a few turns with very localized damage.


    My personal reactions to the top 6 worst objectives:

    1. I can’t do this at all!!
    2. Arghh…this is hard!
    3. Come on…why not even ONE chili??
    4. I hope the enemies don’t beat all my birds fist…
    5. Okay, but still not very easy…
    6. Pffttt…give me a Lv. 1 opponent…


    I rate number 2 second because sometimes I set up a combo for this, but one bird is still alive. (Oh nooo!) The match-up isn’t even as annoying as these objectives. Not long ago, all 3 of my birds attacked a Knock Out banner in the same turn…and guess what? All of them got stunned!! This is getting ridiculous. Something that has a one-in-a-thousand chance of happening just HAPPENS?! This doesn’t make any sense…(even less sense than my terribly unlucky triple enemy ressurection, which has much more chance of happening…) How silly Player Vs. Player mode is… :-$


    @freckledpig147 After 2 were stunned, why risk a third attack against the banner?

    I generally have tricksters or rainbird when I go up against a banner with the knockout emblem, and save these birds until last. If one of your birds gets stunned when attacking the banner, you can dispel the stun using tricksters or rainbird. You can then attack with the bird that was stunned again. Yes, you get to attack again – 2 attacks in the same round.


    @kerravon Well, I assumed that it was completely chance-based and not predetermined (that wouldn’t be realistic!). I know this trick of getting more turns by getting stunned, but still, how was I supposed to know that that would happen? Probably one of the following:

    1. All chance values are predetermined, not determined when relevent (like a coin toss is “flipped” even before you enter the battle).
    2. I was just really unlucky.
    3. The calculations are wrong (somewhere I remember reading on ABN that Shroud went hyperactive and something that would have a 1/30,000,000 chance happened TWICE).
    4. The chance to get a bird stunned increases with every already stunned bird (I don’t get this at all).
    5. Accidentally retained values (stunning value was “kept” and that’s why this happened).


    Obviously an objective with a bird you don’t have is impossible to complete unless you are willing to buy the bird.

    Winning a battle without knocking out any bird is by far the most difficult one since that means the enemy birds get to constantly attack you every round. If you lose the toss, this objective can be extremely difficult without great items. How can anyone think that knocking out 3 birds in one attack is harder? Use Captain and have him cast Whip Up on himself while your other birds weaken the strongest birds. To make things even easier have Skulkers use tricksy trick on himself to give all enemies a weak spot. After that a level 41 rank 10 captain can explode for 2163 damage. That is enough damage to kill both rank 10 Chuck and rank 10 Blues at full health. If that still isn’t enough damage for you, use the underdog emblem and you’ll get an extra 40% damage once one of your birds is knocked out.

    There are two types of no healing objectives. For both you can use items that increase health like the blessed idol. For the no healing your banner objective it is ok to use hocus pokus items to heal your birds, just don’t use something like the sugar rush set or Rainbird’s healing rain since those will heal your banner.


    @freckledpig147 You were just unlucky.

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