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  • Got to the second VH stage but of course I picked the wrong Card x-(

    And if I’d known before,that there is no guarantee for a Viking Hat I would have never ever spent 1000 gems to get to the 1st VH Stage!!!



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  • Eagle Eye

    Thanks for the warning. Just one more thing I will not be spending gems for…not that I could ever make it to level 20. I get a pig on level 2 every single day.


    as far as I know,the hats are at fixed place.

    from left to right 1,2,3,4
    10-3 red
    20-3 blue
    30-1 chuck
    35-2 bomb
    40-3 matilda
    50-2 silver
    60-3 Terrence


    I got my red at card number 2.

    For the last one it should be Terrence!


    The hats positions are not fixed. My red hat was at pos. 1.
    Like always with Rovio it‘s chance.


    Looks like you can play TOF multiple times per day for 60 gems each additional trip.

    My first trip only received Red. Next trip, i received all Viking hats except Silver and Matilda and spent a net of 1500 gems.



    it seems that everyone gets his own fixed spot, so keep a record if you missed the viking hat.


    Maybe everyone is on one of several cycles, like the quest cycles from Clash Royale.  If so, I got:

    10 Red – Card 3

    I will update this later.


    FYI – you will be able to buy the hats with pearls after the event is over.  Here is the official support page on it.


    First attempt and I got Viking Hat for red at second card. Lost only 15 gems (2 pigs but I won 55 rubies). I’ll wait for tommorow. I won’t spend 60 gems for another try. I don’t trust Rovio anymore.



    I collected prize from Boot Camp and peeked the guy that stay at first place. Yeah, he is wearing all Viking Hat Set. Nothing to do there.


    First time that I really want to play TOF and I got a pig at second floor, I think I’ll wait until tomorrow too, I don’t want to start spending a lot of gems in this… at least not yet.

    Vogel Birdson

    Maybe the ToF is engineered, as discusssed in the other thread…

    … Because in a bizarre twist, yesterday I got to level 10 and picked correctly for a Viking hat for Red, and this morning got to level 20 and got a Viking hat for Blues. I did get a few pigs on the way and quit after I got the hats, but that is certainly very unusually lucky!

    Viking for Red

    Viking for Blues



    You state level 60 gets you the set but I completed it to 60 and have two missing.

    Just a scam to rob your gems, don’t bother


    1. Yea, it’s not guaranteed, unfortunately.

    2. Some of the people in the “Boot” Camp already have the full set after 1 day,


    Red and Blue on 3 as indicated for me.

    Overall, monumental waste of energy by Rovio. The average non-creative-accounting player can barely save for a 25,000 hat, let alone 3 or 4 of them, or waste enormous resources finding them in Tower of Fortune.

    (hint: I’m averaging 60% or more pig on level 2 on the tower over 30 attempts)

    Besides when most everyone has 2-3 hats then it’s pointless to think there is an advantage. I jumped from 395 to 415 and I’m now seeing opponents in Arena that defy explanation and require 5 spells and a continue to get past. It was like that of course in the past, but anyone who thinks it’s a great idea may want to rethink.

    The Viking hats do look good tho.

    Mechanic Pig

    Red on 4th card with hitting NO pigs.


    Apparently the positions really are fixed spots for every player but they change every day.

    This is from yesterday.
    – Red: 3 ( got it)
    – Blues: 3 (missed it)

    Today I chose card 3 for blues but it was in card 1, I also got chuck at card 2 but missed it, so I took a second try and this happened.
    – Blues: 1 (got it)
    – Chuck: 2 (got it)
    – Bomb: 4 ( got it)


    Hey guys.  First time poster.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the Viking Hat is ONLY worth (x3 +x10) WHILE the promotion is going on.  After that they are only worth x3.  I just read it in the fine print, after I had spent a ton of rubies just to get 4 of them.  To me, this whole promotion has been very misleading on the part of Rovio.  I wouldn’t have spent any rubies on this if I had known the hats are worthless to me after the challenge.  All of my x3 sets are full and I’m working in completing my x4 hats, so my my Viking hats will basically be useless soon.  Terribly misleading.  Because of this, I’ll end up losing 40 flock power, since they are the only x10 hats that I have.  Money grabbing Rovio.


    I got red on 1, blue on 3, the rest, I don’t recall due to picking too fast since I was on a streak. Blue I got last since I missed him on 3 the first time. I spent between 1000 and 2000 to continue after hitting pigs, but i kept hitting 810 gem cards so i kept going. I ended up with over 4700 gems from the cards, so i came out ahead by 2000+ gems, not to mention a bunch of spells, feathers and pearls.

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